Top 10 Games like Spore You Must Play in 2021

    Wondering what are some of the Top Games like Spore? If yes, then I am here to help you out. Spore is one of the best 2008 life simulation real-time strategy games that most of us love to play.

    However, along with the game, there are quite a lot of people who are kind of bored with the game and looking for more games like Spore. So they can enjoy a different gaming experience.

    So in case if you are too looking for games similar to Spore. Then here is a list of Top 10 Games like Spore.

    So let’s just go ahead and check them out:

    Top 10 Games like Spore

    1. Planetoid 3

    Planetoid 3At first, on our list, I have the Planetoid 3. It is an RTS based game in space. In this game, you will be able to choose which kind of race you would like to do.

    As well as expand your empire. In addition to that, in the game, you will be able to train fleets of ships and improve the economy.

    As well as you will be able to declare war against others. The game also comes with two different kinds of resources which are the Keddanyum and Energy.

    2. Thrive


    Thrive is also one of the top games like Spore. It is an open-source game, which means you can play the game free of cost. As well as the game is available for Windows and Linux powered computers.

    The game related to the evolution of life where you start as an organism and eventually rise up to dominate the galaxy.

    In the game, you will find seven stages which include microbe, multicellular, awake, awakening, society, industrial and space. Also, you start the game as a small species but over time you gain intelligence.

    3. Kerbal Space Program: Editor’s choice in Games like Spore

    Kerbal Space Program : Games like Spore

    Up next, I have the Kerbal Space Program. However, this game is not free to play. Instead, you will have to purchase the game from Steam.

    In this game, you have take charge of an alien race called Kerbals. This game is more of an educational game as you are the charge of assembling an aircraft where you have to use physics and aerodynamics.

    Also, in the game, your job is to launch your crew into the orbit and check out planets. As well you will need to create space stations and bases and expand your space empire.

    4. Eufloria

    Next, I have the Eufloria. It is also one of the top games like Spore that you can play. This game is also an RTS game which is based on the concept of Dyson tree hypothesis. In this thing, a tree is capable of growing on a comet.

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    The game was released a few years back and it is one of the top games like Spore. The game is also set in space and your role as a player is command the lifeforms who are known as the Euflorians who live on asteroids.

    5. Flow: Games like Spore

    Games like Spore

    You can also have a look at this game called Flow. It was actually a flash game when it was started. However, later it came in the PlayStation 3 and since then to now.

    The game has gained a lot of popularity. This game works by guiding a worm-like a creature in an aquatic environment. However, the player’s role in the game is bit different. As it is on 2D so you will find planes stacked vertically on each other.

    6. Species: Artificial Life

    Games like Spore

    Up next, I have the Species: Artificial Life. It is also one of the top games like Spore available out there.

    Among all the games I have mentioned on this list, the Species: Artificial Life is the most scientifically accurate game that you can check out.

    The game helps you to understand what actually happened 4 billion years ago. The game sues principals like variation, mutation and even natural selections. So you can learn the terms of survival.

    7. Darkspore


    Darkspore is also one of the popular games out there. The games use the same creature editing that Spore uses. Hence the game is pretty much like Spore.

    The game is a science-based RPG game. In the game, the players will need to go around alien worlds. So the players can save the entire galaxy from the Darkspore’s mutated forces.

    Moreover, the game comes with quite a lot of unique features. Such as it has squad-based mechanics and multiplayer options.

    8. Endless Space: Games like Spore

    Endless Space

    Whenever it comes to the best 4X games, Endless space is one of the most popular games that you will get to hear about. The game is also pretty similar to Spore as it offers you the taste of battle in space.

    However, I have to mention that the growth concept is not as similar to Spore. In the game, you will have the choice of 8 different civilizations that you can use to dominate the galaxy. As well as there are a bunch of things that you can do it in the game.

    9. Void Hunters : Best among Games like Spore

    Games like Spore

    Next, there are the Void Hunters. It is a multiplayer action game. However, the game is not pretty much like Spore.

    But there are quite a lot of features which is quite similar to Spore. The main concept of the game is to fight against other opponents in the space. However, we do not get to see any concept of growing a unicellular organism into civilization.

    10. Darwin Pond

    Darwin Pond

    In the end, I have Darwin Pond. It is also one of the top games like Spore that you can play. There are lots of exciting things that are available in the game.

    Plus, in the game, you will find swimmers on whom you have to gain control and watch how they are going to evolve from a small scale civilization to a large scale civilizations.

    Final Words

    So those were the top 10 games like Spore. Now go ahead and check the games out and see how they are working for you. Also, if you have any more questions to ask. Then do feel free to comment below.

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