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    Have you ever heard about Furbo Dog Camera..?? Keep Reading

    Are you one of the pet owners who stay away from home most of the time and leave your pet alone at home?

    Well, if the answer yes then is time for you to meet the new Furbo Dog Camera. This camera helps you to keep an eye on your dog 24/7.

    The Furbo dog camera not just helps you to keep an eye on your dog but it also helps you to talk to them and give them a treat for their good behavior. Sounds interesting right?

    Just in case if you are planning to get this new camera then here is the review that you must read before buying it, plus some Furbo dog camera discount codes that will help you save some money on your order.

    So let’s just head into the topic without wasting much time.

    Furbo Dog Camera Review:

    The furbo dog camera sports a mug shaped design. On the top, there is a camera along with the speaker and microphone to make the conversation easier for your pet.

    Under the camera unit, there is a hole that throws out the treat outside and at the top, there is a round coved made

    Talking about the camera, well it is an HD camera that offers a video quality of 720p. The camera also comes with night vision so you can keep an eye on your dog when it’s dark and offers 4x zoom just in case if you want to look at something closely.

    The great thing about the Furbo dog camera is that it comes with an easy setup process.

    Furbo Dog Camera ReviewJust download the free furbo smartphone application on your IOS or Android device and you are good to go. The next thing to do is plug the device into the power and connect it to your home wifi.

    This camera also comes with a sensor that sends a push message to your smartphone whenever your pet dog is barking. This feature helps you to take more care of your dog.

    The device also uses dog recognition technology to send you your dog’s activity, or a person alert and dog selfie alert.


    The furbo device sports some pretty good pros that you need to know. So here we go:

    •       Great live streaming video quality.
    •       The device sports a solid built quality.
    •       It comes with an attractive design.

    Furbo Dog Camera


    Apart from the pros, there are a few cons that can not be ignored so here we go with the list of things that you might not like about this camera.

    •       The camera of the device is not adjustable.
    •       The speakers are kind of low quality.
    •       The barking alert may irritate you.

    Overall it is one of the good devices to own if you have a pet dog at your home. However, there are a bunch of things that need to be improved.

    But still, there are quite a lot of features that make the Furbo dog camera a recommended device. The live streaming works perfectly fine and comes with a reliable treat dispensing.

    What makes it better is that you do not have to be a technology expert to make the things work the way it should. The easy setup process does it all. However, you have to put the Furbo camera device at a place from where you can look at your pet dog.

    Also, you have to keep it safe from your dog. Although, there are no minor cons about the product and if you are a dog owner who stays out most of the time. Then this is the device you should get to take care of your dog.

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