Top 10 Free Album Downloads Sites With Superb Collection

    We often plan a house party or a beach party on special occasions such as graduation or birthday parties. And we all know how boring the party is without rocking music. Dance and music make the party come alive. We download all our favorite party tracks from the websites but not all of them actually work smoothly and some of them contain malware or virus which destroys your devices. If you want some beautiful sites for free album downloads on your device, you can get it easily.

    List Of Sites For Free Album Downloads

    #1. MP3 Clan

    MP3 Clan has the amazing collection of American music. Be it electro or jazz, Latino or Blues, MP3 clan contains all the tracks for your special parties. The user interface of this site is simply beautiful with all the categories of the music in a proper form.

    It is one of the best sites for free album downloads which you can try for making your parties memorable ones. In the search bar, you can type the name of the album, song or the artists for getting a particular album.

    MP3 Clan

    #2. Jamendo

    With more than 500,000 tracks of popular artists from all over the world, Jamendo is a good site for free album downloads on your Android devices. It has some of the best tracks collected from best albums. You can view the album cover while listening to a particular track. You can download many albums on any of your devices without paying any penny.

    There is a simple registration required to use this app. So, with Jamendo, the music will fill your life with melodies and rhythm. This site has many radio stations from which you can download your favorite tracks.


    #3. NoiseTrade

    The next is NoiseTrade which is a unique music site with different features from rest of music sites. If you want to be a musician in the near future, you can compose your own song with the help of music on this site. There are different subheadings on this site such as books, blog, and music which you can select according to your need and preference.

    It is very simple to search any song by its name or title of the album on NoiseTrade. What is more amazing than books with music? This site contains many interesting books on subjects such as science, history, and fiction which you read along with the music.


    #4. Ghaneli

    Do you want to tap your feet on some Arabic music? Download Ghaneli on your Android device. It is a site to get some of the best Arabic albums for your house party. It has a wonderful library of popular Arabic singers. It is one of the best sites for free album downloads which you can try for your devices.

    Ghaneli site has more than 2500 music albums and you have to widen your choice while selecting a music album. Ghaneli offers you some of the most popular tracks for belly dance. If you have never liked Arabic music, Ghaneli will make you like it forever.


    #5. SoundCloud

    You can now enjoy music at a totally different level with SoundCloud app. It has numerous songs by various artists. You can search a song by its name or album. The app also displays the top albums which you can download on your devices. SoundCloud app is updated daily with fresh and new songs so that the music lovers don’t feel disheartened.

    It is a nice app for free album downloads which is used by millions of people all over the globe. It has songs to make each of your occasions special and memorable.  This app works seamlessly on all platforms such as Android, iOS, Sonos and many others.


    #6. Best Dj Mix

    The next is Best Dj Mix which is again a nice site to get free album downloads for special occasions. It gathers the beautiful tracks of great artists which you can listen to anytime on any of your Android devices. Best Dj Mix offers a simple user interface for the music fans to search a particular song or album of their choice.

    You can download multiple albums for free of cost with the help of Best Dj Mix site. This site has an amazing sound quality which you give a real fun of listening to music.

     Best Dj Mix

    #7. Bandcamp

    Bandcamp will give free streaming of music and download it. It has endless tracks of the beautiful albums which you enjoy anytime and anywhere. This app is free to download on your Android and iOS devices and you can also do free album downloads from this app.

    Bandcamp also provides various radio stations on which you can enjoy amazing radio shows from different countries of the world. A special feature of Bandcamp is that it shows animated album cover while listening to your favorite tracks. You can search a song or albums with the most popular keywords.


    #8. Album Hunt

    Album Hunt is a right destination for free album downloads. You will get many keywords at the end of the site which makes it easy for you to find a particular song or album. Album Hunt contains some of the most albums of famous artists which you can download on your Android devices.

    You can either play online or download the tracks all for free of charge. There are many types of music you will get on this site such as Pop, Classical, Jazz, Blues and much more.

    Album Hunt

    #9. Free Music Archive

    Free Music Archive site has a systematic arrangement of different genres of music such as jazz, pop, classical, rock and others. You can search a song or album by the name or the year. There are also curators and charts which help you in getting the best tracks. You can also see recent blog posts on this site.

    There are many kinds of music such as classical, folk, instrumental, hip-hop, blues,and many other genres. It also shows some of the top songs which you can download for your parties and special occasions. Free Music Archive is a beautiful site for free album downloads.

     Free Music Archive

    #10. Last.FM

    The last one on the list is app which has become one of the most favorite apps for free album downloads for millions of user all over the world. You can also view your favorite artists and tracks charts on this site.

    It has a beautiful collection of various genres of music such as blues, classical, rock, jazz and many others. is a free app for downloading any song or album on your Android device. This site also shows the top-rated albums and tracks so that you don’t have to waste time in finding your favorite one.



    These sites and apps are the most trusted sources for free album downloads used by many people.  There are many tracks you will get on these apps for every occasion and they are a reason to party with best buddies. So now, make each occasion golden one with the most popular party tracks from these sites. The fun will never end with the beautiful music. Music comes to life with these apps and sites.

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