How to Find a Math Tutor for Your Child

    This school year is bound to be different thanks to the many hurdles along the way. Some schools are partaking in remote learning while others are having children show up to class. Some schools are even opting for a hybrid strategy, with kids showing up some days and not others. With all the confusion going on your child may end up falling behind in some subjects, especially math.

    Hiring a tutor for online teaching can easily provide the boost in confidence your child may need to succeed in the classroom. There is no doubt that the COVID-19 crisis had changed education as we know it. The change has not only affected children, but also their parents who either must find a suitable at-home teacher or stay home themselves. Finding the right online math tutoring may seem daunting since you want to find an expert to work with your child. Here are some things to keep in mind as you look for the right fit for your online learner.

    What makes a great tutor?

    It is important to note that nowadays online tutoring is not just a computer teaching your child. There are many services that provide one-on-one teaching. Most companies also offer 24/7 services that provide helpful study materials. Many tutoring sessions are now identical to a face to face meeting. There are different types of online tutoring, and these can range in price. The session can range from once a week sessions to an engaging software program. Before the worldwide pandemic, many tutors were either retired teachers or current educators. Now, there are many more teachers willing to teach from their own homes. Always ask a potential educator what type of lessons they plan to teach. For example, will they be posting videos or have a live-streamed lesson? A human tutor will be able to keep your child engaged throughout the entire math lesson. The child also benefits if there is a hard math problem and they need help working it out with an instructor.

    What should I check?

    You’ll most likely want to go with a private online tutor as opposed to group sessions because private teachers are usually experts in their field. It’s important to check the applicant’s credentials and what degrees they hold. It’s also okay to ask for references. The tutor will usually have visual aids, worksheets and even a lesson plan to show you during their interview. Before committing to an online math tutor, it is important to note the pros of hiring an online educator. For one, if there’s no tutor nearby, working with someone online allows you to broaden your search and find a personalized expert. Online tutoring is also great for those busy families who need flexibility in their lives. Now parents don’t have to run all over town. By finding your child a tutor, it will give them much needed structure during a very uncertain time while making sure that they are not falling behind in their studies.

    Weigh the pros and cons

    Getting an online math tutor is worth it in the long run for most parents. The families that will most benefit from it are those who fully understand their child’s academic needs and have realistic expectations. Most parents would like to see their child’s grades improve while they also become more confident with the material. Not only will your child be prepared for the next grade level, but tutoring can also improve skills for the advance placement tests that most schools offer. There are many free resources available online that may also help your student. If your child is good at teaching themselves, online instructional videos may help supplement the time in between sessions with a tutor. A fun education-focused website might entertain your child on their off days and support them in their academic needs. Above all, always check with your child about how they feel when approaching the subject.

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