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    Marketing is a gamut that requires a stellar strategy backed by a stellar service provider – and EngageBay fulfills both aspects in more ways than one.

    We would like to introduce a name that has been making waves in the world of marketing automation and CRM with a careful and rather fruitful combination of the two for the benefit of a number of customers the world over. In fact, when we say a number of customers world over, it might actually be an understatement since we are actually pointing at thousands of customers the world over. That is the success story of EngageBay. Additionally, the brand has also been a recipient of numerous awards that has have been able to cement their position in the market and help them rise to a position of authority when it comes to all things to do with digital marketing.

    So what is it exactly that makes EngageBay such a winning name in the industry? Let us cast a glance at the various aspects of the brand and its services as well.


    To begin with, we all know we need CRM and we all know that we need to render it in a framework that would cater to the overall strategy and vision of our own business. Yet, there are very brands that manage to do this and allow you do so with ease. EngageBay is one of those few companies that gives you all the technical support while you go about the task of setting up the CRM from their platform. With intuitive functions and many user friendly nuances, you can be sure that no task will go missing in their quest to provide you with a robust system that delivers exactly what your business needs.

    Apart from this, they are also able to bring you free CRM versions that you can try on for size before you go on and bring home the real and complete experience. This actually gives you a complete sense of what to expect and even demonstrates how evolved the services are. There are also a number of guides published by the company to demonstrate exactly what goes into the CRM and how you can use it for your maximum benefit. In short, the CRM platform that they bring you is customer centric and lets you make the best use of the same for your business.


    Now, this is the big one. CRM without marketing automation and marketing automation without CRM would both be incomplete, and EngageBay is one of the pioneering brands to have recognized and implemented an integration of the two. Correction – a seamless and very efficient integration of the two! With the marketing automation on offer here, you can be sure that you will get the best tools, technologies and trends to tap into, when it comes to building your presence online. The marketing automation extends to all the platforms including blog, website, social media, landing pages, email and so much more so that no opportunity goes untapped.

    Ion the digital world, it is easy to lose sight of your strategy because of the presentation of such random opportunities that you feel you have no time to tap into. And a company like EngageBay absolutely recognizes this. Which is why you get to customize your strategy and you even get tracking or analytical tools that help you see which effort is paying off and which is not. Apart from this, you are also given a number of guides that would help you make the most of each and every feature for the benefit of your business and to reach out to your ideal audience.

    Now, the marketing automation does not merely stop there. Once reach has been established, the entire sales pipeline is set and engagement takes place to drive the prospect towards conversion, where he or she becomes a loyal customer of your business. The tools here are highly helpful for any and every sales team in the world, and for any and every kind of business as well.

    The marketing tools are some of the best developed tools in the industry and they have been evolved here with much thought, information, testing and maintenance to ensure that there is constant improvisation.


    Now, this brings us to the cost of the product. If you look at the various competitors of EngageBay, you will firstly find very few that are offering such a wide range and full suite of services all on one platform. Most businesses – especially the small and upcoming ones – have to go through the inconvenience of adopting at least 10 to 12 platforms so that all their needs for marketing automation and CRM are met. And this does not always turn out to be very cost effective either. EngageBay truly understands what you need and how you need it – you need the full suite of services for better bandwidth use of your team. And hence, it has put forth a number of plans that suit varied kinds of needs that can come from any and every size of company – small, medium, large and everything beyond that.

    The best part of the affordable pricing models and plans is the fact that you can tap into all the features within the price range and this gives you the leeway to reach out to your audience in an unhindered way. This also helps you scale up your business – rather quickly and you can then easily upgrade your plan instead of having to move away from this platform to another (which, let’s face it, would not be the easiest thing to do).


    Lastly, let us talk about the quality and level of support that EngageBay offers to its customers and the businesses that adopt its platform and system. The constant support is always on hand to help you out so that you can concentrate on your core task while the technical details are handled by EngageBay!

    So all in all, this would easily be one the best and emerging platforms for all your CRM and marketing automation needs!

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