Email Verification ZeroBounce : Remove Bounces

    Email Verification ZeroBounce : Bounces and Spam Traps belong to the fraud management tool. The Internet Service Providers & Blacklist Providers are used these management tools to identify spammers. So they are able to block emails from them. The Email Verification service uses the technique of multi-layered that identifies the areas within your list, validate all email addresses and protect the sender from email-based threats.

    These are looks like a real email address but actually, these are not real and do not contain any information.The email verifier tool always connects within the mail server and checks the user’s mailbox exists or not.

    How it Works : Email Verification ZeroBounce

    It allows you to upload the list of email addresses and validated in a secure way. Your email address list will upload into your web interface. It consists following steps that are: –

    • Clean the invalid, spammy or non-operational mailboxes.
    • After this, no unsolicited email exists during verification
    • Finally, you get clean email list so that you can use this list effectively in your working area. The three main things to be verified that are Format, Valid Domain, and Valid User.

    Services for Email Verification :

    The email verification provides various services that are mentioned below :

    #1 Detection of Spam Trap

    The email service providers automatically detect spam emails in users’ mailboxes. There is one folder with the name of Spam in the mailbox. So the email verifiers redirect the spam emails into Spam folder without user interaction. Spam traps can be detected by rules and rules can make after the anti-spam system study. So through rules, we detect spams and can be removed by the automatic way.

    #2 Detection of Toxic Domain

    The toxic domains like a poison which can spread in your entire site. Through email verification, you can detect the toxic domains which are well known for abuse, spam and poison created emails.

    #3 Detection of Email Bounce

    When you send the emails to someone else then some emails will bounce. So the email verifier provides the help to detect those emails which will bounce if you email them.

    #4 Social Append

    The internet service concept is everywhere. So when you promote your business in the market via social media. Append the advertisement to the social media sites and easily reach to new audiences. So email verifier is able to identify the first name, last name, location and the age of an email.

    Tools to Remove Spam Traps & Bounces :

    #1 Return Path Reputation Monitor

    The email send into subscriber’s inbox depends on the sender reputation. If your IP has not good reputation then there is less chance to reach into the inbox and if they have a good reputation then they can easily to your subscribers. So to check the reputation, you can use Return’s Path Email Intelligence suite which includes Reputation Monitor & robust toolset. So this reputation monitor works on the deliverability measures of a sender’s IP. It offers recycled and pristine spam traps with the complete information about trap mailed, date mailed and other traps hit. So reputation monitor uses the strategy of monitor mailing to remove the spam traps.

    #2 Return Path Certification

    Only 79 percent commercial emails can reach into your mailbox. Some emails have reached in spam folders or getting blocked. So it leaves the deep impact on the success or failure of your email programs. So sender can certify via this Return Path Certification program and get the details about the unknown user, spam trap data from various sources, details about complaints from all over the world. So senders are able to detect the spam trap hits and remove them from subscriber lists. You can get following benefits from this certification that are:

    • Increases deliverability
    • Preferences for the treatment
    • Favourable reputation
    • More email alerts
    • Automatically enables images and links with subscriber engagement
    • Daily performance report.
    • 24/7 dedicated monitoring team

    #3 Windows Live Hotmail SNDS

    The full form of SNDS is Smart Network Data Service. This service offers you to increase understanding and improve your reputation on the It is a free service which is provided by the Microsoft. So users are able to handle recycled spam traps at Window Live Hotmail and It does not only monitor email reputation but also detects malware, Viruses, compromised servers etc. It also solves the problems of network administrators and provides the security while using the internet.

    #4 Recipient Verification

    It Checks the right format with the verification rules of the deliverability of the email address according to the RFC standards.

    Domain Validations :

    It identifies the valid domains and checks the connectivity with proper MX records and SMTP server. It also classified the domains according to their status such as inactive, suspended or expired during their working stage.

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