How to write a customized Resume for your Dream job

    Customized Resumes are like the staple in today’s job market. The importance of making a creative and well-planned resume is very crucial in today’s competition. And today we shall see a website which exactly does that for you, in a blink.

    Resume-Example is a great resume-building website, which provides you with an ample number of templates and examples to choose from. As been noted, most of the resumes which are averagely written or lack attractiveness are discarded by the Applicant Tracking System (ATS) at the first instance. The remaining ones are checked by the recruiters, who take just 6 seconds to decide, whether your application is worth their time.

    As a result of this cut-throat competition, having a resume that delivers your credentials in a flash is a must. Given that, Resume-Example is a great choice for you and saves you a lot of time and brain-storming.

    . What makes Resume-Example the best in the business?

    There are a lot of factors behind it, starting from its intuitive User Interface to amazing features. But in simple words, you can expect to get

    . Get an easy-to-use format to have your CV ready in 12 minutes or less
    . Create a professional resume even without experience
    . Choose from a large vault of templates for every career
    . Personalize the format and layout of your CV at ease
    . Download options available in different formats like DOC, PDF, TXT

    . Perks of using the CV maker of Resume-Example:

    According to a survey by Glassdoor,, Your CV faces huge competition whenever you submit for any job. Conversely, A good CV that makes the cut possesses correct formatting rules, font sizes, and most of all attractive looks.

    Resume-Example provides with you the above necessary features and much more intuitive stuff which will make your CV building experience easy. And below we will see some of its d=selling features.

    . Designs that help beating the Applicant Tracking System (ATS)

    Design plays a huge factor while building your CV. And our state-of-art templates make sure you nail on the design aspect, plus include the necessary keywords which help get your CV across ATS.
    Furthermore, all the pre-made templates include a basic format that highlights your job titles, education, achievements, and many more, so that you never miss any credentials.

    Given that, the templates come with fill-in-the-blanks features and the format and other important things are taken care of automatically.

    . Customized CV is the new trend in the world of resumes

    It has been noted, recruiters take more interest in CV’s which are creative and different. As they deal on a lot of CV’S on a daily basis, anything that breaks the monotone catches their eyes. It is also advised, to make an application according to the company you are applying for. And to be creative with colors, fonts sizes, photos, design, as well as use Grammarly for awesome writing skills.

    This as a whole will get you a good chance to score the job with your dream company. And in Resume-Example you get this all without any hassles, to make yourself.

    . Choose a Template depending on the job

    Choosing the right template for your job is of utmost importance. Each and every job has different standards. As the CV for graphic designing cannot be the same as one for a pharmacy. Hence the structure, format, and layout must meet the job profile. Resume-Example, allows you to choose specific designs from a dozen of careers, including medical. A technical, managerial, educational, creative professional, and many more.

    Given these points, you can just type in your profession and you will get an up-to-date design for your application. Or even you can personalize and optimize your favorite template for the purpose. This feature alone gives you an edge over your competition and saves you valuable time.

    . Your Best friend for boosting your career

    Apart from providing such valuable features, Resume-Example is a must for job-seeker, professionals, freelancers, or even students. Below are some of the advantages you get by using Resume-Example and also a complete guide on how to use them.

    1. After you log in, the builder will show you how to write every segment step-by-step.
    2. Follow the online builder and end up with an elegant and effective CV, with a guarantee to pass ATS at once.
    3. CV’s here at Resume-Example comes with no plagiarism or lookalikes.


    Resume-Example comes with a decent price package and subscription plans. Given below are the packages for your checking

    . Starter: 14 days of basic access, includes multiple template options, infinite choices of resumes at your fingers. Available for $1.45 then $29.99/month

    . Most Selected: 14 days of prime access, includes a spell checker plus all the templates on the repertoire. Available for $1.95 then $29.99/month

    . Advanced: You get to have monthly save options with all the benefits. Available for $9.99 then $89.99/year

    Final Thoughts

    So this was Resume-Example. One of the best things about this website is its ease to use. And you do not need to know any graphic design or format rules to make a good CV over here. Plus, with CV sample coverage over almost every career, it is a very handy tool for any jobseeker, who wants to score his/her dream job.

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