Top 5 Cryptocurrency Exchange Platforms in the USA

    Are you looking for a crypto exchange that is not only easy to use and secure but also offers fair transaction fees? There are hundreds of platforms that allow exchanging crypto in the US today. Most of them have been in existence for some time now, while some are only beginning to build their reputation in the US crypto sphere. 

    It is a good thing that there are multiple platforms offering crypto exchange services. But choosing the ideal exchange can be challenging. With that in mind, we’ve gone through a great deal of research to bring you this list of the top 5 cryptocurrency exchange platforms in the USA. This should help you make an informed decision. These are:

    1. Coinbase
    3. Gemini
    4. Poloniex
    5. Bittrex

    1. Coinbase

    Coinbase is undoubtedly among the biggest crypto exchange service providers in the world. It has been operating for over 8 years now. 

    Coinbase claims to serve over 35 million customers with a daily trading volume of over $2B. Coinbase allows trading fiat to crypto.

    Coinbase features include:

    • FDIC insurance is available for deposits in USD.
    • Coinbase user interface is clear, making trading easier, especially for beginners.
    • The Coinbase Pro version grants higher trading limits, lower fees, and complex tools for advanced traders.
    • It has an ‘instant exchange’ that automatically converts your fiat payments into bitcoins saving you a lot of stress.


    Another well-performing cryptocurrency exchange platform is It was founded by a group of crypto experts in 2017. 

    Godex is popular due to its speed of executing trades — ranging from just 5 to 30 minutes. They claim to complete more than 10,000 transactions per day. What’s more, Godex users enjoy some of the best rates on their trades thanks to the platform’s on-the-fly exchange approach. 

    Godex tracks rates from platforms such as HITBtc and Binance for quick and relatively cheap crypto exchanges. provides crypto-to-crypto swaps.

    Here are its standout features:

    • Users can trade over 200 crypto coins.
    • There is no maximum limit for the trading volume. 
    • The platform values anonymity, hence they do not require you to register or create any form of account.
    • An affiliate program offers you the 0.005 BTC welcome bonus. You also get about 0.6% as revenue share in future earnings.

    3. Gemini

    With the fees that can sometimes be as little as 0% on active trades, Gemini is among the cheapest exchanges in the USA. They claim to register over 300M in daily trading volume.

    Gemini provides insurance for all USD deposits.

    Gemini features include:

    • It is subject to strong oversight since it is based in New York.
    • It has its own stablecoin called the Gemini Dollar.
    • You can withdraw and deposit without any charges.
    • It is designed with tools for institutional investors.

    4. Poloniex

    This US-based exchange was founded in 2014. It is a favorite among advanced crypto traders due to its varying trading tools and altcoins. Poloniex sets itself apart from most exchanges by offering margin trading. 

    Poloniex provides different methods of trading cryptocurrency, which makes it a flexible exchange platform.

    Here are the key features:

    • It has low trading fees ranging between 0.08% and 0.125%.
    • A range of customer support options includes ticket support, email, and live chat.
    • It does not require account verification for smaller trading amounts.
    • It comes with tight security to comply with the US stringent regulations. 

    5. Bittrex

    Bittrex is based in Seattle, Washington, and is one of the top US exchanges. Bittrex stores 80% of all the funds offline. This makes security a strong competitive advantage of Bittrex, hence its popularity. 

    Its notable features include:

    • Flat rates of fees are capped at 0.2% irrespective of the trade.
    • High-speed processing of trades is ensured because of the elastic computing it is based on.
    • It offers a variety of cryptos to trade with. Bittrex supports 190+ cryptocurrencies.


    Cryptocurrency trading has become a trendy business in recent years. During this period, we’ve seen tens of exchange platforms being launched offering varying features. 

    The top 5 exchanges listed above seem to have almost similar characteristics. This is the reason they stand out among the bunch. Having highlighted their unique features, we hope you’ll choose your ideal one easily.

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