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    Clicky is a complete web analytics tool which allows the user to see every information of their website traffic.

    Whenever people get to know about any shop or business the first thing people do is do a quick google search. But if they do not get any information people to get less interested. That is why nowadays every business, does not matter how small it is, needs a website.

    But when you have a website it is extremely important to know when and from where you are getting traffic. That is how you can build your website better to be more informative for your customers. This is where Clicky comes into play.

    Clicky is used by nearly 990,000 websites from all over the world to get information about their online traffic. Real-time monitoring, analysis – all are included in their package. Let us take a closer look at the benefits and pricing of Clicky.

    Clicky – Review

    Clicky is a well-built tool which has all the relevant information you can ask for. There is segmentation of visitors which makes it easier to target a group of people or many people from a country. You can also filter and sort visitors to check if your website is working properly for most of the visitors.

    Heat Map

    Clicky has a feature called heat map, which is essentially let the user check where are people are spending most of the time on your website and in which tabs they are clicking.

    Twitter Analytics

    Twitter analytics is another featured which comes with Clicky. With that, you can get detailed information about how many times people tagged your account or used your hashtags. Not only for this month or year, but it also checks the whole twitter library to check your performance.

    Other Features

    Other than these, there are many extra features Clicky provides. You can track outbound links, get email alerts if anything goes wrong and get video analytics if that is something you want. The website is completely adverting free and you can add sub-user accounts if needed.

    To use Clicky you do not have to a web developer or a tech expert to understand what is going on. The interface is extremely simple and well organized. Also, as Clicky does real-time monitoring, you can check the traffic at any moment or from a past time.

    The only nitpicking I can do is although the overall interface is clean and easy to understand, the site does not come with a good looking interface. The icons and the design is a bit outdated, but I think the looks are surely not the main thing to focus when it comes to website analysis.


    Interestingly Clicky offers a free variant, which will allow you to monitor one website up to 3,000 page views daily. But it is a barebone version, so you will miss out on most of the features.

    To get premium features you have to go for the Pro version, which will allow you to monitor 10 websites up to 30,000 daily and gives access to premium features, other than heat maps and up-time monitoring. The Pro version costs $9.99 per month or $79.99 per year. If you want heat maps and up-time monitoring you will have to pay $14.99 per month or $119.99 per year.

    Lastly, if you need information on more websites or page views, you can get the Pro Platinum which costs $19.99 per month or $159.99 a year. With Pro Platinum, you can get analytics on up to 30 websites and 100,000 page views.


    A web analytics tool is necessary to run a website properly. Yes, there are a few alternatives, like Google Analytics, but none of them can match the feature set Clicky offers in this price range. Unless you do not own an extremely large website, Clicky will do the job perfectly for you.

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