Casino technology and how it keeps gambling fair

    Whether you prefer going to a brick-and-mortar casino or playing online from the intimacy of your home, you might wonder how casino technology works. Could people turn the system in their favour, thus disfavoring the other players and the house itself? Online gambling makes the situation rather easy: as long as you play with a licensed casino, you may rest assured that safe gambling is kept in the highest regard. This site is a good example of reliable selections  they compare and analyse only licensed gambling sites, so players can find the best no deposit bonuses, slots, table games and others. And speaking of slots, most machines actually have systems that prove to be foolproof against teach. By reading our brief historical-slash-technological treatise, you will see exactly how.

    A brief overview of slot machine security

    A few years ago, a shocking story made the frontpage on Reddit: a young woman hosted a vintage slot machine at her house. One night, an uninvited guest to a party played his hand at the slot and would have received a win. When the host refused to take out the cash, he began kicking and otherwise tampering with the machine, to no avail. Even in the early twenties, a slot’s mechanics were such that one couldn’t force it open and take more than he was owed. Regardless, casino technology went a long way some time after time.

    Not now, not ten years ago. The cheating-repellant technology has actually been in place for four decades now. Of course, back in the day, all clubhouses were land-based, and several savvy schemers found a way to trigger the jackpot button when it wasn’t due. At the time, machines were largely mechanical, and the shift towards electrical gaming devices made irregular play more difficult. This did not deter fraudsters who had been at it for a long time, such as the now-legendary Tommy Carmichael. However, even if his ingenious way to trigger an electronic jackpot by using light could not go on for long, and the authorities were soon hot on his trails.

    These revolution technologies are everywhere

    If electronic slots and intricate programming weren’t enough, security increased through other means, too. Non-Obvious Relationship Awareness, widely known by the friendlier abbreviation NORA, uses face recognition to identify players who might collude gameplay in a group – the infamous syndicate betting practice. So, nobody should think about influencing a session’s outcome – NORA is out to get them, and she has no mercy.

    Other than this mechanism, specialists developed RFID, which stands for Radio Frequency Identification Technology. (This one is not as easy to humanize.) However, RFID is extremely widespread – it alerts casino workers of any funds that have not gone through their scanning and verification, making it identical to the technology used in shopping malls.

    Online casinos’ protection measures

    Though we already mentioned that licensed casinos are remarkably adept at keeping gaming fair, there are a lot of issues they have to handle to maintain safety. Casino operators have IP-detection systems, which will quickly identify users who own multiple accounts. Duplicating one’s profile is a means of abusing bonuses, which is especially more jarring when it comes to a deal limited in number or time.

    Other than that, most gambling websites have technologies that identify VPNs (software that fools IP detectors into believing you are from a different country) and temporary credentials. Intricate as casino technology is, it needs a human touch – this is why customer service representatives carry heavy responsibilities on their shoulders, and they subject each user contacting them to a thorough verification procedure. The next time you reach out to support, be nice to them – they have a lot going on.

    To sum up

    The technological revolution we live in has impacted almost all fields, and gambling, both physical and online, is no exception. As such, you may play your favorite games without fear of third parties meddling with your experience and with the casino business.

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