Careers for Data Analysts

    Graduates who have a degree in data analytics can enjoy a number of lucrative careers in a variety of fields and industries. Not only is your knowledge and skill set in demand, but as a skilled professional, you will have plenty of opportunities to advance your career and branch out in many areas. Here are a few popular careers for data analytics graduates.

    Data Analyst

    The most obvious career choice for those who study data analytics is a data analyst. Data analysts can work in a range of industries. These working professionals collect, organize and analyze a vast amount of data. The analysis is then used to determine specific conclusions in business. They can help organizations cut costs, boost customer retention, and price their products and services. In addition, data analysts are also responsible for data-related management. To become a data analyst, one must obtain a relevant qualification either on or off-campus, such as a data analytics certificate online from Boston College. This four-course program gives students the skills to analyze data, comprehend analytic reports, and make data-related decisions. It is a suitable qualification for those who want to boost their current career in a relevant field or want to make a move to become a data analyst. Credits earned from this program can be transferred into the MSAE degree program at Boston College.

    Data Scientist

    While a data analyst assesses static past data and addresses specific challenges, data scientists use data to help predict outcomes in the future. A data scientist’s role revolves around optimizing overall business functions and operations. Data analysts can use their current knowledge as a foundation to build a career in data science. To become a data scientist, data analysts must learn about data science concepts, such as machine learning, data modeling, and building algorithms. In addition to this, data scientists should have adequate knowledge of programming languages like R and Python.

    Market Research Analyst

    According to the US Bureau of Statistics Labor, a market research analyst can make an average salary of $63,920 per year and a quicker-than-average projected employment growth (19 percent) from 2021 to 2031. Market research analysts help organizations understand the market and their consumers. They study factors that will help them assess a company’s potential product or service sales, such as customer preferences and business conditions. The work that market research analysts do can help companies create strong connections with new consumers and market more effectively to their existing consumer base. As most organizations and industries require market research, well-qualified professionals can enjoy job security and stability in this role. To become a market research analyst, you must be educated to a degree level. Some organizations will only take graduates with a master’s degree in a relevant subject.

    Data Architect

    Data architects can earn a favorable average salary of approximately $124,434 per year. Most working professionals in this role must obtain a bachelor’s degree or an advanced-level degree in a relevant subject, such as computer science. Data analysts have a good knowledge base to become a data architects, and can either gain more on-the-job experience or undertake further education.

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