How to Compress PDFs and Make Them Smaller?

    Generally, pdf files are not that large. There is no reason for a pdf file to be in hundreds of megabytes until and unless they contain high-resolution graphic content or images. Large-sized pdf files can be difficult to handle, and this is why we would recommend you to read this resource as today we are going to tell you about the different ways in which you can compress pdf files and make them smaller in size. You don’t have to worry about large pdf files anymore, just read this resource till the very end.

    If you don’t know about the exact size of your pdf file then there is nothing to worry about, adobe acrobat reader can help you determine the exact size of your pdf file. If you are not using a pdf reader program, then you can also right-click on the pdf file and select the properties tab. From there, you can easily help yourself in finding out the exact size of the pdf file. To reduce the size of the pdf file, you have to make sure that you use the right method or else the quality of the document can be severely affected. Below are the methods that can help you reduce pdf files:

    Use the PDF compressor tools

    The free pdf compressor by Duplichecker is a good reputed online tool in compressing pdf files without compromising the quality and formats. Furthermore, this pdf compressor is free and provides the best services when it comes to reducing pdf size. You should try this browser-based online compressor tool. The digital world has blessed us with many opportunities using which we can make our lives easier. The compress pdf tools are the best examples that you can look up in the current situation. There are hundreds of online pdf compressor available across the internet, but not all of them are capable of maintaining the quality of pdf file after compressing. That’s why we would suggest you use this reliable tool to compress pdf files.

    Avoid scanning PDF files

    A very common misconception in the digital world is that if you have multiple pages of content, then you can easily print all of them and then scan them together so that they can be exhibited as a single file. This can be done, but you must know that electronically scanning pdf files can create much larger size files than you can imagine. Whenever you need to combine documents, all you need to do is use the PDF converter programs on the internet, and these resources will help you edit and combine pdf files without increasing their size. You should avoid scanning content, and it should only be done if you have existing content in hard paper format!

    Save files as reduced size pdf

    Well, this is another way in which you can save your files in lower size. If you have scanned content and now want to save it in pdf, then you can take help from third party pdf reader tools to save your content into a smaller sized version. For instance, if you take help from the latest version of acrobat reader, you can easily compress pdf and save it into a lower size. In acrobat, you have to click on the file button after opening the content with it, from files move to the ‘save as other’ option and from there select the ‘reduced size pdf…’ option. Doing so will help you save your content in a relatively smaller size.

    Save space while saving the file with word

    If you are creating a new pdf file after jotting and putting together the content in word, then you can easily save the file size on this platform. All you have to do is after finishing, move to the File menu. In the file menu, you would see the save as an option that would direct you to a new window. In this window you can select the location of the file in which you want it to be saved, you can also select the format bar in which you have to select pdf. Now, after doing all of this you have to hit check the option that says ‘minimum size-publishing online’. This would help you save the pdf file in lower size. This is one of the best ways to do it. If still the file needs to be reduced, then the compressor tools can come in handy.

    Use a print to pdf tool

    Many other online tools can manipulate pdf files and reduce their size. You can also look for print-to-pdf files that can help you in the creation of the small-sized pdfs. Primo PDF is also one of the tools that can help you with this option. All you have to do is open the file with the tool and press the print button. From the list of available printers, you can select yours and from there click create pdf. The tool would print the pdf file and would also provide you with a smaller size file for storage. Quality can be affected by this reduction method!

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