How to calculate Linear Actuator Force

    Calculate Linear Actuator Force : The actuator is the mechanism of a regulating or control system. This system can work for different purposes and consist of various mechanisms (for example, a robot), and the movement of its constituent parts works due to the presence of actuators.

    The most common are electric, hydraulic and pneumatic actuators. To make it clear these are the types engineers work with usually. Today we will talk about a linear actuator and find out how to calculate its force. 

    Reasons for force calculating 

    The systems of linear displacement have become an integral part in the field of machine construction and production industry. Such systems are being used increasingly to achieve the maximum level of a given movement of machines and production equipment. Actuators are an integral part of the linear displacement system.

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    These are industrial electronic drives in which the rotational motion of the motor shaft is converted into a reciprocating one. Actuators in essence act as a reducing gear, thereby at times increase the traction force.

    Despite the versatility of linear actuators, when selecting them, it is recommended to pay attention to some aspects that determine the purpose, scope, force and other expected parameters of the actuator.

    First, determine which version of the move is needed. There are options for horizontal and vertical movement with different stroke lengths.

    Then you should pay attention to the level of the load to be set, taking into account the weight of the object (the maximum load is indicated in the characteristics) and the frictional force (the drives with the support at the rear of the engine are more stable).

    The expected speed of movement is calculated based on the load.

    Linear actuators can also be optional, depending on the capabilities of the programs and control conditions. If necessary, control the speed and movement, set commands with you, the ILD actuator is suitable.

    How to calculate linear actuator force?

    The similarity laws explain why the use of variable linear actuator is more appropriate in those applications where variable flow and pressure values are required. There is a number of variables, that will help you calculate the power and size of your linear actuator. The equations will look as follows:

    T = Total Linear Force (lbf)

    Ff = Force From Friction (lbf)

    Fa = Acceleration Force (lbf)

    Fg = Force Due to Gravity (lbf)

    Fp = Applied Force (lbf)

    WL = Weight of Load (lbf)

    U = Angle of Inclination (lbf)

    ta = acceleration time (sec)

    v = final velocity

    µ = coefficient of sliding friction

    g = acceleration of gravity = 386.4 in/sec.

    The process of force calculation

    Calculation of linear actuator force can be performed manually or with the help of force calculator for linear actuators. From the very beginning, what you need to do is decide about the size of a linear actuator, which you will initially need to calculate. Then you need to calculate its total force. You can get a result, summing all the forces together. Forces you need to calculate include acceleration, gravity, friction, and applied force.

    The result of the formula

    When you are done with the calculations, the result of the formula should look like this:

    T = 200 * 0.15 * 0.866 + (200/386.4) * ( 8/0.2) + 200 * 0.5 + 25= 26 + 20.73 + 100 + 25= 171.73 lbf

    Convening pounds into newtons

    In order to find out how much in pound-force per inch is Newton per meter, you need to use a simple online calculator. Enter the number of pounds per inch you want to convert in the left margin. Force calculation for linear actuators should help you perform this task.

    Sample :

    When you have done all the calculations, the equation should look as follows:

    T=26 + 20.73 + 100 + 25 = 171 lbf

    Why you should choose progressive automations?

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    Linear actuators can consist of various mechanism and serve for different purposes. What you need to know is where to find a proper actuator, how to apply simple calculations and solve the equations. Then you need to convey pounds into newtons to understand the power of your linear actuator.

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