12 Best Remote Desktop Software Alternatives For Team Viewer

    Everybody is looking Team Viewer alternative because when it comes to Remote Desktop connection, it is the Best Remote Desktop Software.

    Team viewer is a computer software package that is used for remote control, online conferences, meetings and file transfers between other computers. Remote desktop software’s are those which are used to manage the files on the desktop or another location and can troubleshoot your problem remotely. Also, we can say that Remote Desktop is a program which allows it, users, to connect computer to another computer.

    The main reason for which we use Team Viewer is Security and it should be properly configured. Your system may be at risk if an average user doesn’t configure the settings on the tool. So now we will discuss in detail about the Best Teamviewer Alternatives

    Best TeamViewer alternatives

    #1. Zoho Assist

    Zoho Assist is a comprehensive remote desktop solution. It ensures a secure and smooth connection to desktop computers, laptops, servers, and even mobile devices. With the help of this cloud-based software tool, a technician can support, monitor, manage, and troubleshoot remote devices without any prior installation. Zoho Assist is supported by Windows, Mac, iOS, Android, iPad, Linux, Raspberry Pi, and Chrome OS.

    Assist simplifies remote work with the following features:

    • File transfer

    • Reboot and Reconnect

    • Session recording

    • Text, audio, and video chat

    • Mobile apps

    • Diagnostic tools

    • Customization

    #2. ManageEngine Remote Access Plus

    The advanced remote access solution is suitable for small as well as large scale IT environments to assist and troubleshoot endpoints. The software is available in both cloud and on-premise platforms and ensures seamless scalability. It is a fully equipped tailor-made software for sysadmins and technicians to reduce the turnaround time for IT troubleshooting.

    Must know features of Remote Access Plus:

    • Advanced remote sessions with time-saving shortcuts.

    • Real-time reports of viewer and end user network stats.

    • Broadcast announcements to multiple endpoints in one shot.

    • Schedule or perform on-demand power actions like shutdown, restart, wake-on-LAN and more.

    • Establish different modes of communication: Chat, voice and video call.

    • Secure and unlimited file transfer.

    • High resolution and password protected screen recordings.

    • HIPPA, PCI and GDPR compliant.

    • Secure authentications include MFA, SSO and SAML.

    Supported OS: Windows, Mac, Linux

    Mobile app: Androied and iOS

    Explore the product and unlock the features with the 30 day free trial!

    ManageEngine Remote Access Plus

    ManageEngine Remote Access Plus1

    #3. Windows Remote Desktop Connection

    This feature has been built free for Microsoft Windows Operating System. You can find this setting in Control Panel which you can access from the computer Remote PC has a router which you need to be routed on port 3389 directly to your PC. It has some following features:

    • Easy setup and inbuilt in Microsoft Windows.
    • Best for less bloated remote desktop client.
    • Supports platform like Windows and Mac OS X.
    • Used for free, and in ultimate business versions.

    Windows Remote Desktop Connection

    #4. Me : Best Remote Desktop Alternative

    It is the online conferencing and meeting tool which allows multiple users to access from multiple locations, are connecting with each other at same time. This tool allows unlimited audio which means any person can join conversations via VoIP.It has following key features:

    • Available in mobile apps.
    • Can record audios and calls.
    • Schedules meetings in one-click.
    • It supports on a platform like on Windows and Mac OS X.
    • For basic VoIP it is free but prices for Pro and Enterprise plans are $ 15/mo and $19/mo respectively.Me : Best remote desktop software

    #5. Splashtop

    It provides free and paid desktop alternatives for remote desktop software. It supports Windows, OS X, Linux, Android, and iOS. It provides security at multiple If you want to use your tool for free, you can make the use of it up to 5 computers. Splashtop has following key features:

    • Manages your files and transfer them.
    • Audio and video streaming.
    • Supported on the platforms like Windows, OS X, Linux, Android, and iOS.
    • Basically free for 6 months, and paid after that $1.99/mo for individual use and $60/yr per business use.

    Splashtop : Team Viewer Alternative

    #6. Real VNC

    It has both free and paid versions for Remote Desktop client. It has served and client application called VNC (Virtual Network Computing) protocol that can control the computer’s screen remotely. It has cross-platform which allows you to make a connection with a remote computer or with multiple PC’s having behind public IP address. Following are the features of Real VNC:

    • Cross platform
    • Transfer files, chats can be done.

    Real VNC

    #7. Ammyy Admin

    This software can be used for both individuals and businesses. Though it is heavy remote desktop yet it comes in the very tiny application which is under 1MB. It has following features:-

    • Easy to install
    • Voice built-in feature
    • Text chats
    • Administrative systems
    • Most preferred remote desktop client for security point of view.
    • Supports on Windows only.

    Ammyy Admin

    #8. Ultra VNC

    It is the free tool has been built based upon Windows which can remotely access other systems. One you get your connection established, can work on another remote system. Ultra VNC has following features:-

    • Access to the Remote desktop can be completely done.
    • Files can be transferred.
    • Helps in troubleshooting the issues.
    • It supports platforms like Windows
    • It is used for free of cost

    Ultra VNC

    #9. LogMeIn Pro

    This software again can be used for individual and business purposes. Previously it was discontinued, but it remains the best alternative to TeamViewer. LogMeIn Pro serves following features:-

    • File transfers can be done.
    • Streams audio and videos
    • Can take prints on a local
    • Supported on platforms like Windows and Mac OS X.

    LogMeIn Pro

    #10. WebEx Free

    It is the premium and free tool used for conducting The person who is hosting the meeting can share his desktop and can pass the control of mouse and keyboard to another presenter. It has following features:-

    • Video conferencing can be done.
    • Meetings can be recorded
    • Messages can be protected with passwords
    • Supported platforms are Windows, Mac OS X, Linux and Mobile Apps

    WebEx Free

    #11. Chrome Remote Desktop

    This software is available for Google Chrome Simple installation and no add-ons cost. It has following features:-

    • Desktop access is based on Google Chrome
    • Fully secured access to files
    • Supported on Google platform only.

    Chrome Remote Desktop 

    #12. Mikogo

    This software is completely based on browser and no installation is required. It has cross-platform which is good for support, meetings, conferences and many other purposes. Mikogo has following awesome features:-

    • Browser based plugin
    • Documents can be shared
    • Files can be transfer
    • Supported platforms are PC, Mac, Linux, iPhones, iPads and Android mobile devices.

    Mikogo : Remote desktop software alternative

    These were our thoughts on Best Remote Desktop Software. Let us know your thoughts in comments, which one you like.

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