10 Best Motivational Videos on YouTube In the Year 2018

    Work done without the enthusiasm and motivation is always unsuccessful. YouTube is the best online video streaming app today and you can get almost every video of different topics on this site. You can watch cooking videos, music videos, TV series and lots of other educational videos for free of cost. If you want some encouragement for starting a new task in this year, you can watch the best motivational videos posted on YouTube before some days.

    List of best motivational videos

    These videos will give a different level of energy and motivate you to perform something outstanding in your life. Let us have a look at the best motivational videos on YouTube in 2018.

    #1.Amazing Advice for 2018

    This is one of the best motivational videos on YouTube these days. The video aims at teenagers and youngsters and motivates them to do forget their past and live in the present to do something good for the future.

    There are many speakers in the videos such as Darren Hardy, Gary Vaynerchuk and others who clearly define the goals of a student’s life. This video has received numerous views and likes. This video is a kind of educational video made especially for college pass outs.

     Amazing Advice for 2018


    #2. Motivation for 2018

    Motivation for 2018 is a video which tells you how to train your mind in every situation. It is one of the best motivational videos if you have some important exams in college and universities. The students often get nervous during examinations which lower their self-confidence amounting to some serious outcomes. This video targets at getting the success with hard work and without losing motivation. It generates a positive feeling in the minds of children and teenagers.

    #3. Wake Up!

    If you are sad anytime, you can watch this video which is really very encouraging. Wake Up! Video has got many views, shares,and likes. It tells the ways by which one can gain confidence in the life again after a sad incident.

    It suggests being active always for new challenges every day. This video has some really motivating quotes which will fill your minds with energy. It is an amazing video to remove the laziness and start something challenging each day.

     Wake Up!

    #4. All the Motivation you need for 2018

    This video is very helpful if you want to be successful in your life. It states that one step to failure is not the end result and you can still go ahead on your path to so something great. This video will surely give some important tips to perform better in your examinations. It is one of the best motivational videos for those who have lost everything in their life but still have the hope to go further in their life.

    #5. Start Nowbest motivational videos

    Start Now is one of the best motivational videos by Mulligan Brothers. It is a video which shows the mountains for which the runner chases. The message behind the scenes is that nothing is impossible in the world and if a person is determined to do his best, he can find the undiscovered talent hidden within him. When you tired of trying repeatedly, you should watch this video which will give a reason to try again.

    Start Now

    #6. Never Give Up

    The next on the list is Never Give Up video which is created for children and youngsters who are often afraid to fight the battles in their life. It explains the different situations in which the people lose their confidence and decide to give up in life.

    This video shows the journey of some of the sportsmen and how they gained back all the energy to perform better in any game of life. It is one of the best motivational videos which are very useful in today’s times where many children end their lives.

    Never Give Up

    #7. This is Your Year

    This is Your Year is a short motivational video which aims at cultivating the positive thoughts in the youngsters and teenagers. It tells you that you should never be tired of any task and move on in your life always with a hope to get good results one day. The video has beautiful graphics and visual effects to make the message more interesting and appealing.

    This is Your Year

    #8. Invest in Yourself

    The next video is one of the best motivational videos which provide you the ways to spend your spare time. This video suggests that you should invest money in books by which you can gain knowledge and inspiration. The relation of time and success is well explained through this video. You can really get some useful tips for doing something concrete each day rather than partying and spending time for no good work.

     Invest in Yourself

    #9. Don’t Allow Your Life to be controlled by these 5 things

    This is again a fantastic video by which you can get motivation and encouragement to perform better in your exams and life both. It explains the factors which can create obstacles in your way to success and how you need to remove them from your life.

    Don’t Allow Your Life to be controlled by these 5 things

    #10. 7 Things You should never apologize for!

    The last but not least is 7 Things you should never apologize for! Video. It is one of the best motivational videos by which you can get yourself. It suggests the ways by which you can handle difficult situations in life whether it is a job, relationship or career. This video has received massive publicity because of the effective ways to become successful in life.

     7 Things You should never apologize for!


    YouTube is such a platform by which one can clearly express its ideas and thoughts in the world. These are best motivational videos which you can watch to make the year 2018 better than earlier ones. You can remove all the negative thoughts by watching these videos and develop good and positive thoughts to move ahead in any field.

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