12 Best Microphones for Gaming and YouTube Commentary

    Best Microphones for Gaming and YouTube Commentary:  Technology is getting advanced day by day and we all want to buy something with advanced possibilities as well as easy to use. While playing your

    While playing your favorite video games, making youtube video blogs or podcast for all these you need a good microphone to get your voice right. With a good quality microphone not only you other will also love to hear your voice. No one can imagine playing their

    With a good quality microphone not only you other will also love to hear your voice. No one can imagine playing their favorite games without any possibilities of communicating.It is not easy to buy a good microphone this is because there is no possibility of tasting the microphones until you buy it.

    This can be possible only in case if your friend or any studio has it, only then you can hear the microphone sound or can borrow them from your friend to try them wheatear they are good or not.

    But we know this is not easy to borrow someone thing like this so here we will list best 12 microphones for gaming and youtube commentary.

    Best Microphones for Gaming and Youtube Commentary

    #1. Rode NT-USB – Best Microphones for Gaming

    This is great microphone solution if you want a USB solution that works for both Windows and Mac. This microphone comes with lots of equipment like mic mount, desk stand, pop filter, the pouch for storing and a USB cable. All these are available in a nice combo package. The headphone comes 3.5 mm jack that ensures the Zero latency for some great accuracy.                                                                          Rode NT-USB - Best​ Microphones for Gaming

    #2. Blue yeti – Best Microphones for Gaming

    Blue yeti is the USB Mica’s that you will love to buy. This USB mic has built a good reputation as a best USB mic which challenges a recording studio setup. This is obvious you don’t need studio quality sounds at home for your videos, games and more but if you are getting that quality sound at a low price you will definitely go for that. A lot of people have ended up very happy after purchasing this microphone. You can use this microphone for different purpose like for recording vocals, for gaming, for tracking guitars and much more. Blue Yeti microphone is now available for gaming bundle along with capture cards that show how much gaming community is using this microphone.

    Blue yeti - Best​ Microphones for Gaming

    #3. V-Moda BoomPro Gaming Microphone

    Most of the headsets had quite a terrible sound quality which makes it harder to get fuller sound imaging. But V-Moda BoomPro Gaming Microphone has amazing sound quality as compared to any other headset in this range. If you want to buy a microphone which includes headphones also the V-Moda BoomPro Gaming Microphone is best. This microphone is for gaming people who have audiophile grade headphone. It comes with a detachable cable and is quite a cheap microphone that offers best sound quality at that price.

    V-Moda BoomPro Gaming Microphone - Best​ Microphones for Gaming

    #4. Samson Meteor USB Studio Microphone

    Samson Meteor USB comes with a chrome finish and one of the best looking microphones. It’s blue Led light adds extra-terrestrial feel and it looks like the spaceship landed on your desktop. Samson Meteor USB microphone comes with USB cable and a carry pouch. It comes with an adjustable stand that you easily alter according to your desktop adjustments. This is the best microphone for gaming and will meet with your all expectations.

    Samson Meteor USB Studio Microphone - Best​ Microphones for Gaming

    #5. Samson Go Mic

    Samson Go Mic is the best-budgeted microphone which comes with excellent quality. This microphone is quite easy to handle and is travel-friendly. You can use this microphone for both Windows and Mac devices and is best for those who want to use it for not only YouTube videos but also for podcasting recording, interviews, online chats etc. this microphone offers two different recording patterns one is Omni-directional and second is cardioid. The frequency of this microphone ranges from 20 HZ to 18000 HZ and has a resolution of 16-bit which combines to gather to give satisfactory results.

    Samson Go Mic - Best​ Microphones for Gaming

    #6. MXL Tempo-KR cardioid Condenser Microphone

    MXL is the manufacturer in the field of microphones and has plenty of professional grade microphones like MXL 770 and MXL V67i. MXL Tempo-KR comes in the complete package which has the small tripod, shock mount with an easy setup. The set-up is really easy because it’s a simple USB condenser microphone which you can easily connect to your computer. This is not the cheapest microphone but it can be used for different purposes like for recording vocals, podcasting, gaming commentary, and much more. It comes in red colors which are quite unusual but will good on any gamers desktop.

    MXL Tempo-KR cardioid Condenser Microphone - Best​ Microphones for Gaming

    #7. Apogee Mic 96 k

    This microphone is the best microphone in the list which is best for use if you are using it for YouTube. The Apogee Mic 96 k delivers the same quality of sound that is very similar to studio sound quality. It can be connected to mac and windows devices very easily and enables to record high-quality sounds. This microphone is best for recording the YouTube videos because of its versatility for different types of voices.                                                                                                                       Apogee Mic 96 k

    #8. Zalman ZM-MIC 1 Lavalier HIGH Sensitivity Microphone

    This microphone is the best cheapest phone that is used for gaming. It’s a small wonder which is very easy to carry and also for the price it’s quite cheap as compare to its quality. It includes the only lavaliere microphone and the setup is very simple, you just need to connect the microphone to your smartphone or pc microphone jack. It’s really easy to use and best for a newbie who has no idea about the audio setup. It can even collect the sounds of slightest noise like fan moving, chair moving, mic adjusting and more.                               

    #9. Focus rite Scarlett Studio Pack

    If you are looking for a quality product that has both audios as well as headphones interface for recording your YouTube video then this is the best microphone combo package. This microphone will full fill all recording needs for your YouTube videos. You can easily connect this microphone with your windows or Mac devices. Focus rite Scarlett Studio microphone will give you best semi-pro quality for recording that is sufficient for recording videos at home.                                                

    #10. Sony ECM-CS10 OMNI-directional Lavalier Microphone

    This microphone is the advanced version of Zalman ZM-mic 1 lavalier mic and comes with stereo channeling. Stereo channeling means it will record audio in left and right channels by giving a way to stereo sounds just like the headphone that has options for left and right channels. Sony ECM-CS10 OMNI quality justifies its cost price. This is very handy to use as you can just clip on your shirt or collar and it’s good to go. This microphone is the best option if you want a good gaming microphone which takes lesser space and also very easy to store.    Sony ECM-CS10 OMNI-directional Lavalier Microphone

    #11. Razor Seiren Pro Elite

    If you are looking for higher -ended microphone for your gaming as well as for YouTube then this Microphone qualifies best for this category. This microphone has 14 mm built-in condenser capsules that can be tuned customise in order to offer four different recording patterns i.e. stereo, cardioid, bidirectional and omnidirectional. Serian Pro Elite also has built-in headphones amplifier that can work with any 3.5 mm connected headphones. You can count on accurate recording on any position while recording. The XLR output feature is the best part of this mic, as it will allow you to connect several microphones to the mixing boards.                                     

    #12. Blue Snowball

    This is the popular Mic from our top list. This smaller size blue snowball is highly recommended if you are planning to film YouTube video at your desk. Blue snowball comes with the dual pattern for recording options and can be used easily to access and transfer recordings on Windows or Mac. The 10 DB pad confidently enables minimization of distortion in high-level sound situations.                                                Blue Snowball

    So we have listed the best microphones for gaming and YouTube commentary.

    We would like to suggest you that before buying any microphone please check all the specifications and compare the prices and choose the best according to our need and budget.

    We hope you will found the perfect microphone for gaming and YouTube commentary. You need to understand all the possibilities of microphone only then decide which microphone you will go for.

    We have given you the idea for choosing the best and cheap microphone and it’s you had to decide now.

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