Top 10 Headphones with Mic for Video Calling

    Headphones are a pair of small speakers that can be worn around the head over a user’s ears. The designing of Headphones with Mic which becomes much easier to use when you are standing in a crowd, exercising, playing games etc.

    Top 10 Headphones with Mic 

    It also helps in Video Calling with co-workers, friends, and relatives. There are many Headphones with Microphone for Video Calling is mentioned below:

    1. VXi Blueparrott B350-XT

    It provides the best sound quality. It is easy to use, very convenient, lightweight, comfortable, stable fitting, and durable. It has various features that are the following:

    • Clear Sound: Wideband audio & Xtreme Noise Suppression
    • Wireless Freedom & Security
    • Multipoint pairing & Audio streaming
    • Steam music or GPS directions to the headset
    • Charge via micro USB
    • The standby battery is up to 24 hours
    • Flexible microphone
    • One button controls ON/OFF, call answer/end & pairing.
    1. Jabra UC Voice 550 Duo

    It is the best USB office headset(Headphones with Mic). It is very soft, well-padded earcups that don’t pressure on your ears so that it is very comfortable to wear for a long time. Many features follow as:

    • Best sound quality for voice calls as well as video calls
    • Great conference companion
    • Weight: 205 gms
    • Dimension: 18.8 x 14.7 x 5.6 cm
    • Two Speakers
    • Mute Function
    • Noise Protection

    1. Sennheiser PC350 Special Edition

    It is a binaural headset which offers block out of background noise, increasing concentration, efficiency, clear sound quality to both ears for understanding.

    There is a Self-adjusting ball mounted speaker capsule allow perfect fitting to the head. There are many features which follow as:

    • Headset with leather earpads
    • Quick & Safety Guide
    • One carry bag
    • 3 Coloured identified clip
    • 2pcs Foam earpad
    • Microphone windscreen mounted
    • Precision positioning: 300o adjustable microphone boom
    • Unique comfort pads

    Headphones with mic

    1. Plantronics HW261N

    This speaker has a binaural design, so that headset speakers cover both ears and gives superior sound quality. It supports all Plantronics amplifiers. The features of this Headphone are the following:

    • Noise-cancelling microphone
    • Lightweight, Outstanding Comfort & Reliable
    • USB-to-headset adapters
    • Used WideBand Technology
    • 2 Year Replacement Warranty

    1. SteelSeries Siberia V2

    Headphones with Mic: The design of this headphone is solid and well-shaped. It has inline controls which are used for pausing your sounds, taking calls, adjusting the volume and a retractable microphone for all calls. It has various features that are mentioned below:

    • Good sound isolation
    • Mid-tones &
    • Headphone frequency: 18 – 28,000 Hz
    • Microphone frequency: 50 – 16,000 Hz
    • Cable length: 3m
    • Leather ear cups
    • Weight: 590 gms
    • Dimension: 26.9×23.9×11.9 cm

    1. Microsoft Lifechat LX-6000

    It is a Binaural headset which provides clear stereo sound. This headphone has not required any software for playing & plugging. It is sturdy, lightweight, flexible and comfortable. Many features are the following:

    • Noise-cancelling Microphone
    • Comfortable 270o Adjustable Boom Mic
    • Ultra-Wideband Digital Audio
    • Cable Length: 85.6”
    • High-speed USB 2.0 interface
    • In-line Mute & Volume Controls
    • Weight: 141.6 gms
    • Dimension: 6.14 x 6.91 x 2.36

    Headphones with mic

    1. Logitech Wireless Headset Dual H820e

    It is a wireless headset and identical design that is simple, good looking and professional. An inline remote allows you to control the volume and mute the headset as well as take calls. It is very comfortable to wear on the head over the ears. It has the following features:

    • Great sound quality
    • Excellent recording quality
    • Adjustable microphone boom arm
    • Stereo headset with two earpieces

    1. ASTRO A50 Wireless System

    Headphones with Mic: It operates at a higher frequency. ASTRO wireless mix amps provide clarity and range with less interference. It offers many features which follow as:

    • ASTRO Wireless 5.8 GHz Transmitter
    • 0m USB Power Cable
    • 5m USB Charging Cable
    • 0m Optical Cable
    • DOLBY DIGITAL 7.1 Plug
    • Multi-System Compatibility
    • Inline Mic controls
    • Weight: 998 gms
    • Dimension: 22.9 x 10.2 x 22.9 cm

    1. Koss CS100 USB

    This headphone boasts a high-quality It communicates via an electret which combines with high noise sensitivity that reduces sound distortion for clear conversations. It contains many features that follow as:

    • Single USB Plug
    • Noise Reduction Microphone
    • Foam Ear Cushions
    • Frequency Response: 30 – 16,000 Hz
    • Adjustable Headband
    • Lifetime Warranty
    • Oxygen-free copper voice coils

    1. Panasonic RP-HXD3W

    The design of this headphone is clean, comfortable and simple supra-aural design. The soft and rubbery material is used for its padding. It has various features that are the following:

    • Inline remote control & Microphone
    • Solid bass response without distortion
    • Volume control buttons
    • Single cable adapter
    • Lightweight
    • Cable Length: 3.93 ft
    • Frequency response: 10 -25,000 Hz
    • Weight: 163 gms
    • Dimensions: 19 x 9.2 x 21.3 cm


    Headphones with mic

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