15 Wireless Headphones For Running, Gym And Workout

    Best Wireless Headphones for Running: It can be really tiresome to be at the gym and working out without live music. Workout, running, and gym can be extremely boring without music.

    But, is it possible to listen to your favourite track without dropping the headset and without getting tangled with the wires?

    Of course, it is possible. There are many best wireless headphones for running that can be used for various workout types.

    Best Wireless Headphones for Running: Runner’s World

    Here is a list of 15 amazing wireless headphones for all the body freaks:

    #1 The Bose SoundSport Pulse

    There are many wireless headphones available on the market that claims to be worn at anytime.

    But not all of them can be worn at the time of the workout. Here comes the role of Bose SoundSport Pulse, an amazing wireless workout headphone that can be worn at the time of the workout.

    The wireless headphone comes with an amazing feature. It can track the heartbeat of the wearer. The device sends alerts to the wearer about its battery life as well as the pulse rate.

    The Bose SoundSport PulseThe headphone has been designed to keep you motivated at the gym. Wearing the headphone you can optimize your workout without missing a beat of your favourite track.

    The device features the best wireless earbuds, best headphones for running and wireless headphones for running.

    #2 Beats Powerbeats 3

    Beats Powerbeats3 is a wireless headphone with a power backup of about 12 hours. It is available in six different shades to match your style. The Powerbeats3 is equipped with Apple W1 technology.

    Beats Powerbeats 3The technology enables the wearer to use the headphones right through the screen of his/her Apple phone.

    However, Apple users need to have an iCloud account as well as iOS 10 and macOS Sierra to control the device from the screen of the phone. What’s more? The device is water and sweat resistant.

    You can even swim wearing the amazing wireless headphone. Have an urgent call to take while in the gym?

    The Beats Powerbeats has an inbuilt microphone that helps you make phone calls during the workout without taking a break.

    In short, the device features the best headphones for running, wireless headphones for running and best wireless earbuds for the type of workout.

    #3 Urbanears Hellas Rush

    Looking for the best wireless headphones for running?

    Hellas is a sweet friendly headphone, which means you don’t have to worry about its safety at the time of the workout. We all know how sweaty it gets at the gym; your headset has to be really good at protecting itself from the sweat.

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    The headphone stays in its place no matter whether you are running laps or doing crunches.

    It has a battery backup of 14 hours, which means you don’t have to decide your workout duration according to the headphone’s battery life. Do as much as you want. The headphone is washable.

    Urbanears Hellas RushAll you need to do is disassemble the device and toss the headphone and ear cushion in the water. The headphone is button-free.

    You don’t have to press a single button to operate it. In fact, it has a built-in swipe option. This means you can select the playlist and take calls with a swipe on the headsets. The Hellas headphone socks up all the moisture from the ears and surrounding areas.

    #4 LG Tone Active +

    The LG Tone Active + has especially been designed for athletes. Wearing the wireless headphone one can jog and run while listening to one’s favourite track at the high-quality sound.

    The headphone is equipped with the latest Quad-layer speaker technology. It also has dual MEMS microphones that enhance the audio quality significantly.

    The LG Tone Active features Bluetooth 4.2 and weighs 2.1 oz. The headphone has called and play buttons at the incline on the side of the sets.

    LG Tone Active +It comes in three colour options. The device has been rated to be sweat and water-resistant. This is one of the amazing wireless earphones that one should have. It is also one of the best Bluetooth headphones for running, jogging and cycling.

    #5 Klipsch AS5i

    Planning for the toughest workout? Need a good quality of music?  Klipsch AS5i should be your call. The Klipsch AS5i is a wireless headphone that is light in weight and water and moisture resistant.

    A tough workout may make you sweat like it is raining. The Klipsch AS5i has secure and fit designing that stays on no matter what type of workout you are at. It has soft and flexible ear tips that make it comfortable to wear.Klipsch AS5i

    The headset comes in two colour option to choose from. The headset can be connected with iPhone, iPad and iPod.Its durability makes it one of the best running headphones available on the market.

    #6 66 Audio BTS Pro

    Looking for the Best Wireless Headphones for Running? Can you wear a heavyweight and dull-looking headphones to the gym?

    No. So, 66 Audio BTS Pro is one elegant yet classy headphone that goes really well with for body freak people. The headset is so classy in a look that wearing it may feel like on the top of the world.

    The device is also light in weight, which means you won’t feel any burden while wearing it. They are so easy and comfortable to wear that you can do cycling, boarding, lifting or running with 66 Audio BTS Pro on.

    The audio quality of this wireless device is unmatched. The headphone is equipped with Bluetooth 4.2, MotionControl iOS App, memory foam cushions and power back up 40 hours. 66 Audio BTS Pro is one of the best Bluetooth headphones for running.

    #7 NuForce BE6i

    BE6i comes with superior sound quality and a battery pack up of 8 hours. It is water-resistant and light in weight.

    NuForce BE6iWearing the headset you won’t feel even the slightest weight. It features comfortable earbuds that fit easily and stays intact throughout the workout. You can also make and take calls with its easy to operate remotely.

    #8 B&O Play H5

    This classy wireless earphone is for all those who like to keep moving. It has a power back up of more than 5 hours and it comes in 5 colour options to choose from. The headphone is durable, easy to wear and can be taken anywhere. However, it is not really sweat resistant.
    B&O Play H5

    #9 Trekz Titanium Wireless

    Trekz Titanium Wireless is one of the unique headphones that are worn on cheekbones rather than on ears.

    Yes! This amazing headphone’s special feature makes it a great wireless headphone. Wearing it is easy. It is worn with a frame that covers the ears just like a spectacle.

    Charging its battery for just once will let you listen and make calls for about 6 hours at a stretch. Wearing it for the first time you may feel a little discomfort, once you start wearing it regularly you will fall in love with the device.Trekz Titanium Wireless

    Its sound quality is average. Since it is worn on the cheekbone, you may be able to feel some vibration at high volume. The headphone is not really good for intensive workout such as biking.

    #10 Plantronics BackBeat FIT

    The Plantronics BackBeat FIT can be run for eight hours at a stretch. If you are someone gym freak you can use this amazing wireless sports headphone to enjoy music while sweating.

    The best part of using the headphone is that it sends voice alerts to the wearer about the battery status. Another feature that makes it worth buying is its recharge quality.

    A 15-min of recharge can make the headphone run for an hour. So, planning to hit a gym for an hour all you need to do is recharge the device for just 15 minutes.

    Plantronics BackBeat FITThe earbuds could cause a little discomfort but it can be overcome when compared with the sound quality that the headphone offers. The headphone is wireless yet its structure keeps it fit at the time of the workout.

    #11 Skullcandy Sport Method Wireless

    Looking for the Best Wireless Headphones for Running?. The Skullcandy Sport Method Wireless sports headphone can be connected through a wire and a neck collar.

    The headphones are water and sweat resistant. The wireless sports headphone can be run for 9 hours at a stretch on one charge.

    Skullcandy Sport Method WirelessControls of the headphone are located on the left side of the collar that makes it easier for the wearer to make changes.

    Wearing the headphones you can enjoy the great sound quality and play your favourite track will you perform push up, do jumping, jogging, and other rigorous physical activities.

    #12 JBL Reflect Aware

    Looking for distraction-free workout amid a noisy neighbourhood? Cancel or block all the noise from outside by plugging your ears to JBL Reflect Aware wireless headphone.

    Plugging the earbuds you can block the distracting voice and get completely involved in the workout. Looking for the best earbuds for running? Try JBL Reflect  Aware.
    JBL Reflect Aware

    #13 Bose SoundSport In-Ear

    Thinking of workout the first thing that strikes one’s mind is heavy sweating. Bose SoundSport is a workout wireless headphone that is designed to resist sweat.

    It doesn’t mean that you won’t sweat on the workout, but your headphone will stay safe even if you sweat like rain.

    The SoundSport stays on the place and fit even if your workout includes vigorous body movement. Wearing the Bose SoundSpirt In-Ear wireless headphone you can enjoy a clear audio sound, a musical workout in sweaty and raining climate, make and pick calls and much more.

    The headphone comes in three vibrant colours to select from. In short, is one of the amazing Bluetooth headphones for running.

    #14 Urbanears Stadion

    The UrbanEars headphones come with a large audio driver that help the headphone deliver a stellar audio quality. The workout headphone is equipped with reflective cable and is snug fit ideal for the late night and early morning runners.

    The headphones are extremely light in weight and easy to handle. It has EarClick technology that keeps a track of your pulse rate while working out.

    Wearing the headphones you can run, burst into laughter and move rapidly. You can even pick calls with the built-in microphone.Urbanears Stadion

    You can also skip tracks without touching the headset with a remote. The headphone comes in several color options to choose from. It won’t be wrong to say that Urbanears Stadion is one of the best wireless headphones for the gym.

    #15 Samsung Gear IconX

    This great workout musical instrument has high sound quality and it can even track on your workout regime. So, if you are planning to be a bit strict with your workout and want someone to keep a tab on your workout, the Samsung Gear IconX can prove really helpful.

    Best Wireless Headphones for RunningThis Best Wireless Headphones for Running is just like a diary that keeps the record and keeps it with you only. Try the headphone for your daily running and workout regime.

    The above mentioned 15 best wireless headphones for running can be purchased online by visiting the website of respective retailers. Music plays a greater role in motivating one to carry on the workout.

    And at the same time, it keeps the focused by eliminating any distraction coming from the outside.

    Wireless earbuds and Bluetooth enabled headphones not only allows one to enjoy break free music as well as make and receive calls while enjoying a great workout at the gym.

    These best wireless headphones for running can be work at the time of jogging in the morning and even at the time of exercise without fear of getting tangled in the wires.

    Wireless technology and Bluetooth has significantly changed the way one used to work out and carry out even the day to day activities. Do try the wireless headphone during your workout for the best results.

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