Top 10 Best Kodi Builds For Firestick, Android and Krypton Builds

    Kodi allows you to set up and create your entertainment world. Kodi is a vast platform where you can quickly build your system and preferences so that you will able to do work on the targeted devices.

    It also gives the experience to the next level streaming. There are many Best Kodi Builds Best Kodi Builds available in the market where you get unlimited sources of entertainment.

    Best Kodi Builds

    Build Name Build URL Build Size Build Compatibility
    Xanax 266 MB Kodi 18 & 17.6
    No Limits Magic 173-285 MB Kodi 18 & 17.6
    Titanium 179 MB Kodi 18 & 17.6
    MisFit Mods Lite 143 MB Kodi 18
    CellarDoor TV 215-275 MB Kodi 17.6
    Smokin 208 MB Kodi 18 & 17.6
    Slamious 256 MB Kodi 18 & 17.6
    Nova 266 MB Kodi 17.6
    Blue Magic 260 MB Kodi 18 & 17.6
    BK Links 288 MB Kodi 17.6
    Maze 92 MB Kodi 18 & 17.6
    Xontech 336 MB Kodi 18
    Streamline 219 MB Kodi 18 & 17.6
    Red Wizard 224 MB Kodi 18 & 17.6
    Tomb Raider 305 MB Kodi 18


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    #1. Titanium

    The list of Best Kodi Builds would not be completed without it. It offers various kinds of entertainment source such as Live Sports, Kid Zone, Music, Movies, Retrogaming, En Espanol, Paid Live TV, 24/7, Live TV, and so on.

    The build has many brand new add-ons like Exodus, cloud TV, Covenant, Neptune Rising, Cypher, Bennu, Gobble, Stream Hub, and Genesis Reborn etc. It is lightweight so that it is suitable for fire sticks and slower devices.


    #2. Misfit Mods Lite

    It offers different kinds of add-ons such as StreamHub, Dhamaka, Cartoon8, SkyNet, Uktvnow, Ind-Pak Sports, Swift Streams, Goodfellas 2.0, Mobdro etc.

    The interface of this Kodi build is mind-blowing and attractive; therefore, people love to spend their free time watching various TV Shows, Music, Sports, Live TV. You can stream your favourite TV Shows and Movies via its widgets that are placed on the front screen of this Kodi.

    Misfit Mods Lite

    #3. Cellar Door TV

    Will Martin is the developer of this one of the Best Kodi Builds. It is an open-source Kodi build. It covers various add-ons that are Phoenix, Covenant, Quantum, Bob Unleashed, Metalliq, Elysium etc.

    The Cellardoor Interface provides movie-related information and plot summaries. It has many categories, such as TV Shows, Sports, Music, Movies, Kids Zone, and so on. It does not charge any cost while using it.

    Cellar Door TV

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    #4. Spinz TV Fury Reloaded

    It is a fantastic Kodi build from the category of the Best Kodi Builds. The build smoothly works with the Firestick and Kodi. It contains various types of categories that are Movies, TV Shows, Comedy, Kids, Horror, Sports, and so on.

    It contains some popular add-ons like cCloud TV, Goodfellas 2.0, UK Turk Playlists, Exodus etc. This build offers quick selection category that is available on the bottom of this build’s screen where you can easily and quickly access the contents.

    It is a lightweight Kodi build and supported by multiple devices that are Firestick, Android, and Window PC etc. The size of this Kodi builds 160 MB.

    Spinz TV Fury Reloaded

    #5. Cosmic Saints 4KBest Kodi Builds

    It is supported by all types of devices like Firestick etc. Cosmic includes Elysium and Poseidon add-ons. It can install on every device so that it smoothly works with all devices.

    The library of this Kodi build huge that contains TV Shows Sports, 24/7, Kids Zone, Weather, Soccer, Live TV, Clean up, movies and much more without paying any amount. It uses Aeon Nox 5 Silvo layout skin.

    Cosmic Saints 4K

    #6. No Limits Magic

    The layout of this Kodi build is very attractive, and of course, it comes as one of the Best Kodi Builds. This build provides various versions, different server, and many more add-ons. It includes different kinds of sections such as Movies, TV Shows, and Live TV etc.

    The build is more compatible with the Kodi 17 Krypton. It has a massive collection of TV shows and movies so that you can browse the content as per your choices.

    You can also check the ratings and reviews of the media contents before installing in your system. The layout of this Kodi build is user-friendly and easy to use.

    No Limits Magic

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    #7. Durex

    It is compatible with both Firestick and Kodi. This build contains relevant widget and amazing navigation that provides help to find content quickly. It offers popular add-ons like The Pyramid, Covenant, Rebirth, Mobdina, and so on.

    It includes various kinds of contents in it, such as TV Shows, Movies, and Cartoons etc. You can get premium services through the premium section.

    You can also find the Durex Kodi build on social media sites such as Facebook, Twitter etc. and you get the latest news and updates quickly.


    #8. Kryptikz ZT

    The interface of this Kodi build includes various categories that are Sports, TV Shows, Cartoons, Explore, Recent, Kids, Movies, My Lists, Doc Zone, TV, and so on. It has a wide range of add-ons in it like Death Stream, Neptune Rising, Bollywood, Chinese, Tamil etc.

    You can download this Kodi build via the TeamZT Wizard. It uses the Aeon Nox Skin type. The size of this Kodi Build is 350 MB.

    It is compatible with various devices such as Nvidia Shield, Android TV Boxes, Windows PC, Amazon Fire TV, Amazon Fire TV Sticks and many more.

    Kryptikz ZT

    #9. Pulse CCM

    With the help of Ares Wizard, you can install this Kodi build. It includes various add-ons like Covenant, Bennu, Picasso, and Gurzil etc. The main menu of this build contains multiple categories like Movies, Music, Live TV, TV Shows, Sports, Live Streams and System etc.

    It has a fantastic navigation system and stunning design. You can easily search your favourite Music, TV Shows, Movies and many more. It also contains latest and trendy media content in it. It allows you to watch the videos online.

    Pulse CCM

    #10. The Beast

    It is one of the favourite Kodi build from Best Kodi Builds. The Beast site requires a verified email account for using it. It provides accurate information regarding the contents. The interface of this Kodi build is simple, complete, easy to use and up to date. It has an extensive collection of add-ons.

    The Beast


    These Best Kodi Builds are very useful for fun. These are almost compatible with all types of devices. It includes various kinds of add-ons that offer many facilities.

    Through this article, we have discussed accurate descriptions, and up to date guides of these Best Kodi Builds. You can easily stream or download your favourite media from any of them.

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