Best Earbuds Under $30: Top 15 Handpicked Cheap Earbuds 2017

    Best Earbuds under 30 : Earphones are the essential part of our day to day life. A smartphone or any other musical device is incomplete without earbuds.

    Earbuds have a lot of benefits as it provides you with the privacy on what you want to listen without disturbing anyone around you. It also gives you the real feel of the beats no matter where ever you are.

    Earbuds are small and Portable and can be carried anywhere in pockets. There are plenty of well-featured quality earbuds are available in the market. There are quite inexpensive and are very durable.

    Best Earbuds under 30 – Top List

    Here, in this article, we have compiled best headphones under $30.

    #1 LGYYL Wireless Sport

    Best Earbuds under 30
    It is one of the Best Earbuds under 30 with a microphone available for such a low price. The Wireless device flaunts a premium looking design and is very easy to use. You can even connect it with two phone simultaneously and never miss a call from both the phone with its voice prompt features.

    Some of its prominent feature that makes it the best earbuds under 30 dollars in 2017 are as following :

    • Smart earbuds with voice control system – Say yes or No to receive or decline a call respectively.Easy operation.
    • Completely wireless with Bluetooth connectivity enabled
    • Comfortable design with sweat proof design, ideal for running and jogging.
    • Extended battery life with 8 hours backup.
    • Connects with two phones simultaneously
    • High quality audio

    #2 JVC HAFX32V Marshmallow Earbuds

    This is the cheapest earbuds you’ll find in the market having an equal feature like any other device in this price section. It is even cheaper than $10 and is affordable even to the students and other low budget earbuds seekers. It is available in different colours i.e. Purple, Green, Blue, Pink and white.

    Although the design is quite basic the ear bud is durable and good for long term usage. As the brand is not very popular it does give any warranty when you buy it. Some if its features that make it gain a place in top earbuds in 2017 are as following :

    • Sleek and comfortable, light weight, portable
    • High-quality sound
    • Easy to use
    • Microphone available in one of its versions
    • Multiple colour options

    #3 Avantree Waterproof Earbuds

    Avantree is another reliable brand which gives you a quality product. The sound quality that you get from this device is absolutely awesome and ideal for all the music lovers out there.

    Avantree has gained a reputation over the year with its awesome performance and satisfied users. It is a Waterproof device which makes is useful for GYM workouts, running, jogging or swimming while listening to your favourite songs and feel the beats with its high-quality audio output.

    It features a 8mm treble control and a 5mm bass control mounted on it because of which it has a little bigger size than any other earbuds. Since it is Waterproof and covers many other top features in this section, it can be said that it is one of the best earbuds under 30 dollars.

    • Water resistant
    • Noise cancellation
    • Compatible design
    • Warranty is provided by the company

    #4 Panasonic ErgoFit Earbuds TCM 125

    It is rare to see a Panasonic device in such a low range device list but it is true that the brand has launched earbuds at this range with an extreme quality. The price is somewhere around $15.

    It has only one button on it which can be used to receive or decline a call or play or pause music by double clicking it. There is no volume control button on it. The product comes with a very cheap packaging but the sound quality is really good as expected from Panasonic brand.

    • Inexpensive, low range, budget friendly
    • Sound quality is appreciable
    • The product is lightweight and easy to carry.
    • Colourful design options
    • Comfortable earbuds

    #5 MEElectronics AF18

    MEElectronics AF18 is an awesome and unique piece of product with a high-quality output and a very funky design. It is Bluetooth enabled device and is priced very low i.e. within 30 dollars. It has a very sleek design and weighs around 3 ounces making it very easy to carry and use.

    You don’t feel any extra weight while using this device and yet feel the beat of rhythm in a high definition. The earbuds include Bluetooth 4.1 and supports aptX to give you a very high-quality sound experience. If you’re looking for a Bluetooth enabled best earbuds or,best inexpensive earbuds within 30 dollars, then this is your product. Just go for it.

    • Inexpensive, pocket-friendly
    • Light weight, portable, comfortable
    • Easy to use
    • Bluetooth version 4.1 with aptX support
    • Long lasting battery.

    #6 Anker Soundbuds Sports : Best Earbuds under 30

    Anker is a very renowned brand in the field of making mobile related products. The Soundbuds Sports earbud is an exceptional beauty of this brand. It has a very simple yet sporty design.

    This earbud can be made use in day to day life and can be used for a longer period of time. It is also a Bluetooth enabled earphone with a very high-quality audio output at the range with in 30 dollars.

    It is ideal for the sports person, daily runner’s joggers and for gym workouts. The earbud is a very light weight that you won’t even feel it while using it.

    • Good performance and active noise cancellation
    • Fits easily and feels comfortable.
    • Longer battery life
    • Sound quality lags sometimes and goes uneven but that is rare.

    #7 Sound Magic ES18

    Although the brand is not very popular it surely counts in the best selling products on online sites in the electronic section. It has a very high rating of 4.5/5 on Amazon and the reviews reveal how much it is loved by the users. The brand has gained the faith of the users with very satisfying products.

    Sound Magic ES18 comes packed with a carrying pouch and an earbud. The earpiece seems very weak at first but they are really durable and strong. It has a very light weight so that you feel any extra weight while using it.

    • It has a very powerful bass to give you an enriching experience
    • Great active noise cancellation.
    • Fits comfortably and is very easy to use.

    #8 Focus power F10

    Focus power F10 is a very compact and premium looking earbud which emits a very high definition sound and can be connected to your musical devices through the Bluetooth. The ear pieces are small and fit into your ears very easily and feel very light.

    It features a very vibrant tone with a very stable treble and a powerful bass which makes it very pleasing to listen to your favourite songs through it. It has gained a very high rating on online e-shopping websites and the user reviews boost its performance.

    Backed by an amazing bass it enhances the audio quality to give you a loving experience. It is completely cordless and wireless and is one of the best wireless earbuds under $30.

    • Completely cordless and multiple charging points
    • Small and light weight
    • Compact and high performance
    • Energy conservative
    • Magnetic induction charging

    #9 AELEC SE50 : Best Earbuds under 30

    The very enticing product AELEC SE50 attracts users at the very first sight. It is small, compact and portable thus making it very ideal for outdoor uses. It is also very light weight which makes it the first choice.

    On the right earbud, it features different buttons to control the device. You can change the current song being played or receive and decline a call by just clicking those buttons on it. Using its microphone you can even speak on calls without removing the earbuds.

    It is medium sized yet very comfortable and fits in your easily.It is basically made up of hard plastic covered with a rubber hook towards the ear which is really smooth.

    It is very durable product priced just under $30. The following features make it more reliable earbud under 30 dollars in 2017.

    • High definition sound
    • Sweat proof and water resistant
    • Lifetime warranty
    • Connects with multiple devices through Bluetooth
    • Volume and other control buttons
    • Long battery life.

    #10 Otium Wireless Sport

    Otium Wireless Sport is another giant product in this list of best wireless earbuds for listening music under 30 dollars. The product offers a wide range of features that are surely going to attract you.

    An Otium Wireless sport connects with your mobile phone through Bluetooth and gives a very high-quality sound. It can be connected to both Android and iOS as well, thus can be used for both.

    It is also completely sweating proof and water resistant to some extent. Once fully charged for 2 hours you can continuously listen to songs and other audios for eight long hours.

    • Sweatproof, ideal for jogging, running and gym workouts.
    • Bluetooth connectivity
    • High-quality sound
    • Longer battery backup
    • Awesome microphone quality
    • Buttons for Play, pause and seek.

    #11 Simptech Wireless Neckband : Best Earbuds under 30

    Simptech Wireless earbuds are just a premium looking devices which connects through Bluetooth and gives a very high-quality sound. It is because of these features that it makes a cut to the top list of Bluetooth earbuds in 2017. It is ideal for people to use while running, jogging and while working out at gyms.The compact design and the comfortable earpiece fits into your ears and feels very light. It is basically a neckband that you wear around and stays comfortable as it is very light and gives a powerful performance. Its battery life is the longest in the list under this price section.

    • Compatible design and premium look
    • Wireless with Bluetooth connectivity
    • High-quality microphone
    • Long battery backup- 12 hours on call or music playback. Up to 375 hours on standby.

    #12 SOWAK S3 Wireless 4.1 headset

    SOWAK S3 wireless headset comes with a very premium look and a very compact design featuring 6mm sound speakers and operates through Bluetooth. It connects to your phone with a 4.1 Bluetooth version and produces a high-quality sound.

    The noise cancellation is absolutely awesome as it cuts down all the external noise. It weighs around 0.4 Ounces and feels really light while using it. It also comes with a warranty card.

    • High-quality performance
    • Built in magnets help you keep the earpieces connected to each other while not in use.
    • Sweat proof, ideal for running, jogging, Gym workouts.
    • Warrantyupto18 from the date of purchase.

    #13 Allimity Bluetooth Headphones

    Allimity Bluetooth Headphones are powered by CVC 6.0 technology for noise reduction which helps you listen to your audios completely noise free. It features Voice prompt function through which you can control your device and never miss a call from anyone while using it.

    You can utilize the microphone to speak over calls hassle free. These earphones basically make your free from using the phone to control everything again and again since you can control everything using the voice prompt feature. Since it Waterproof, you can use it even while swimming and running or jogging.

    • Wireless, connects through Bluetooth
    • Microphone attached
    • Water resistant, sweat proof
    • Battery back up for 7 hours
    • Comfortable and easy to use.

    #14 SENBOWE MAGNETIC : Best Earbuds under 30

    This is the best Earbuds under 30 dollars in 2017 available in market. It has a very stable Bluetooth signal which makes the emitted sound a real classy and crystal clear.

    On top of the CVC technology for noise cancellation acts as an icing on the cake here, helping you listen to calls and music completely clear. It can stay up to.150 hours once it is fully charged for two hours. It can also connect to two devices simultaneously.

    • Completely wireless with Bluetooth connectivity
    • CVC technology for noise reduction
    • Volume controller and in built microphone
    • Sweat proof and water resistant.

    #15 SONY MDRXB50AP

    Sony is a big brand name with a multitude of satisfied customers all around the globe. It’s quite astonishing to see Sony in this price section but it does make one of the best earbuds under 30 dollars in 2017.

    Sony MDRXB50AP is wired earphones which give out a very powerful performance with a heavy bass and clear quality sound. The flat wires are tangle free which makes is comfortable for the users to use.

    The earbud is really cheap and affordable. It fits into your ears easily and feels very light. There is no warranty provided by the company on this product and also there are no service centers for Sony earbuds. The following features support this product to gain a place in best-selling earbuds in 2017.

    • High definition Sound quality
    • Powerful bass and treble
    • Fits easily and feels comfortable
    • Compact design, portable

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