15 Best CRM for Startups

    Way before the internet was popular, keeping track of information was hard but simple. When it came to business, tracking the customer’s data, news, and contacts was simple overall. Nowadays, with so much connectivity, customer data and contact management has become much more complicated. However, CRM for startups provides the best solutions in such situations. CRM apps allow startups to connect with their customers on a vast level.

    A business is not started in a day. Even established business firms had to start their business on a small scale. Nowadays the competition is even higher. Small business owners or startup owners need to be aware of multiple marketing and connectivity strategies.

    Especially for the retention of customers, there are numerous important factors that new business owners need to keep in mind. Nowadays, the primary strategy for the said factor is the presence in social media and marketing.

    However, other factors have also been proved to be equally important with time. CRM is one of them. Every day new CRM apps are launching. It may be quite challenging for starters to understand why you need CRM and what apps you should use to enhance your startup.

    Most people want a basic or simple CRM for startups. However, the demand for tools that are both easy to use and highly functional is high. Easily accessible tools that cover all the essential features are the best CRM for startups.

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    In the article given below, we will look at fifteen of the best CRM for startups. 

    CRM: What is it?

    Before we go to the best CRM apps available for startups, let us find out what CRM is. CRM, or Customer Relationship Management, is mainly how business owners can manage their relationship with the customers. This way, business owners can interact appropriately with their customers. This is also an excellent way to find potential customers in the future. The main reason why CRM is required for startups is to enhance the relationships in business.

    Also, CRMs are well known for their process of automation. This essentially means that the business owners will be able to save both money and time. Apart from helping to connect with the customers, CRMs also help in streamlining the workflow. As a result, the net profitability of any business increases. For a startup, growing quickly in the initial stages is very important.

    For startups that are looking for CRM applications, they mainly want the tool for improving their business. As CRMs enhance productivity, sales management, and contact management, it is vital for startups. As for the best CRM apps, business owners will get uninterrupted B2B relationships, supplier relationships, customer service, and customer relationships.

    With over a hundred different CRM apps available in the market, it can be utterly challenging to choose. The pricing of these apps varies a lot too. There are free CRM apps. Then there are CRMs, which cost over 1000 dollars. To make it a little easier for the startup owners, the best 15 CRM apps are listed below.

    Top 15 CRM for Startups

    Given below are 15 different apps of CRM startups. All types of startup owners will be able to find their preferred type of CRMs.

    1. Zoho CRM

    Initially, Zoho was a simple app that was used to offer different types of email services only. However, with time, Zoho has developed into a robust CRM tool that can assist the startups. At present, Zoho is quite well known that provides its CRM services all over the globe.

    Zoho CRM has developed its exclusive conversational Artificial Intelligence, which is named Zia. It has been seen that Zia is one of the best sales assistants for startups. Since Zia is AI-powered, most of its predictions and functions are on point. With Zia’s help, your CRM system can be easily managed with relevant information about your customers.

    Zoho CRM has multiple channels. Some of these channels include email services, live chat services, telephony services, and social media presence services. Apart from these things, Zoho CRM also has multiple other useful features. For example, users will get a report of every customer information on a blueprint. Zoho CRM also provides detailed analytics about customer information.

    Additionally, Zoho CRM comes with the option of integration with multiple apps for business. The sales CRM system of Zoho is specially designed for this. As a result, every single area related to the management of customers is covered by Zoho CRM. Try it out for free today.

    2. HubSpot

    Business owners who have already started researching CRM apps for startups will be sure to know about HubSpot CRM. Widely known for its supportive and management features, the HubSpot CRM is everything a startup can need. It specializes in tracking customer interaction and thus produces important customer leads.

    The attained customer leads are well tracked and organized by HubSpot. Another reason why this CRM tool is widely known and used is that it has no charges. HubSpot CRM offers its services completely free of cost. As a result, new startups that are a little tight on a budget will undoubtedly like HubSpot and its services.

    Most of the tasks in HubSpot are automated. This saves a lot of time for startup owners. There is less work for manual data entry. Hence, the owners will get much more time in their hands to spend on the leads instead. This app also allows for the tracking of the interactions in an automatic manner. All of the present deals are also visible on the dashboard. There is no need for any extra adding work.

    With HubSpot CRM, startup owners can have over 1,000,000 users, contacts, and other storing facilities. The best part about this is that there is no expiration date of this limit, and no charges are required. This a pretty reliable CRM tool for startups and is pretty simple to use as well. As an additional feature, startup owners will also get a useful tool for social media networking with HubSpot.

    3. Insightly

    When it comes to top CRM for startups, Insightly is, without a doubt, one of them. For small businesses and startups, Insightly has a very high recommendation, and it has been voted positively multiple times. The user interface of this tool is straightforward to understand and navigate. For new startup owners, there are lots of attractive features to try out. Apart from this, this CRM tool’s simple nature is the reason behind its popularity among startup owners.

    However, due to its fundamental nature, it lacks a few features. If any startup owner is looking for customizable dashboards and custom reports, Insightly is not for them. Ignoring these factors, this CRM tool is pretty good at doing its job. The great rankings and reviews of this tool explain its usefulness themselves.

    Most owners of startups will look for a CRM tool that is excellent in project management. Insightly is one such tool. Apart from this, it is also outstanding in maintaining customer relationships. The tool has multiple useful integrations as well. With so many valuable features, startup owners will benefit from using Insightly.

    4. Freshworks CRM

    Freshworks CRM is yet another popular CRM app for startup owners. The tool is focused on increasing small businesses’ productivity, and it has all the basic CRM features. This CRM tool comes with a powerful Artificial Intelligence system. As a result, a lot of activities in managing customers become more comfortable. Many processes are automated as well.

    The AI of Freshworks CRM helps in capturing the activity of the present and potential customers. Apart from this, their email services are also on point. The built-in phone services are also very beneficial for retaining the connectivity with the customers. Lead scoring is straightforward with the tools provides by this CRM application.

    As per official reports, there are over 40k customers of Freshworks CRM across the world. Hence, their user base is pretty solid, and interactions generally go very well. The reviews of their service are also quite good.

    Apart from the basic features like providing sales leads, email, and phone services, Freshworks CRM has much more to offer. With their intuitive sales pipeline and relevant conversions, retaining the customers doesn’t seem challenging.

    There are three different plans which the startup owners can choose. All of the plans are very much affordable and have been placed, keeping in mind the startup owners. With their services, any business can improve significantly in a short period.

    5. Agile CRM

    Agile CRM is another well-known CRM for startups and has many useful features. As per the service provider, they have a statement. It says any business owner having their services will have no problem in selling and marketing. Especially for startup owners, this is a significant issue to take care of.

    This CRM tool is also very professional in all of its functionalities. Hence, business owners can give a tremendous professional vibe to their customers. As for potential owners in the future, the signs of extreme professionalism are more like to attract them.

    Agile CRM provides its services through its app, which contains all the functional CRM tools they offer. These include services on sales, marketing management, service tips, and integration opportunities. There are multiple significant categories included in the app. Within each category, there are even more subtopics. For startup owners, these features are more than enough to boost their business and retain their customers.

    All of these useful features are the reason why many startups use agile CRM across the world. Apart from the premium paid version, users can also try the free version. Up to 10 different users can experience the free version of this CRM app.

    6. Salesforce

    Even if a business owner is entirely new in the market, they have probably heard about Salesforce. A little bit of familiarity with CRMs is enough to hear about this highly popular CRM tool. Globally, Salesforce is perhaps the most used CRM app, and it is highly recommended to every small business and startups out there.

    There are multiple strong points that this CRM tool has. One of the significant issues is its affordable pricing policy. In Salesforce, startup owners will be able to get all the solutions regarding their sales. These services are available at a starting price of 25 dollars a month only. If a business owner wants to drive their business correctly, then Salesforce is a great choice.

    This CRM tool also has excellent networking and connectivity features, which is essential for startups. In their dashboard, every single thing that is related to sales and marketing is present. The information about all of the existing customers is seen in a single place. Startup owners will also be able to take help on any process that they do not understand.

    The CRM app is excellent, and the in-app assistance is extraordinary. Users will be able to access all of the features. For better understanding, multiple guided tutorials and detailed setups are also available.

    Salesforce also comes with the ability to integrate with the various small apps for business easily. In the CRM field, there is no doubt that Salesforce holds one of the leading positions.

    7. Pipedrive

    Pipedrive is one of the CRM tools that have expertise in tracking and management services. Most of the owners of startups are highly satisfied with automation services. This CRM tool is designed to track the progress automatically, calls with customers, and email services. As a result, the users can see what other factors they can strengthen on their business.

    There are many other useful; features present in this CRM tool as well. For example, Pipedrive comes with a pipeline interface. This is beneficial for the users as it is easy to view the various sales processes in a streamlined solo fashion. It makes the selling situation much clear. As a result, the entire team can remain updated on the proceedings.

    In many well-known sites for software review, Pipedrive attained a good reputation. As per many users, it is one of the easily implementable sales CRM tools. Since this app is straightforward to understand and implement, it is a perfect fit for startup owners.

    Pipedrive also comes with the option of being integrated with over 100 different apps. Setting up and managing the clients’ dashboards is not an issue anymore with this CRM tool. For small business owners and startup owners, Pipedrive may be the perfect CRM tool.

    8. Dubsado

    Even for startup owners and small business owners, freelancing is a great deal. The current workforce in the world consists of a significant part of freelancing. With time, it has grown even more extensive. With the help of Dubsado, freelancers and consultants get the opportunity to manage their one-off jobs. The hourly billing can be easily collected as well.

    Apart from that, Dubsado offers everything a useful CRM tool will offer. For instance, users will be easily able to manage their projects without any hassle. The software is also designed for maintaining relationships with clients. This is highly useful for retaining customers. The appointments can be scheduled nicely with this app as well. Finally, it also helps in automatically creating the workflow.

    With Dubsado, any startup owner will enhance their small business while saving time and money.

    9. Capsule CRM

    With the use of Capsule CRM, startup owners can transform their business. This CRM for startups is considered extremely effective in boosting customer interaction and retention in a short period. 

    This CRM tool has its expertise in organizing sales. It also has some fantastic features that allow startups to collaborate and reach more of their target audience. This means that the entire business can be grown effectively. Making more sales for a new business does not seem so hard with the Capsule CRM.

    This tool is also beneficial to work together as a team. For instance, the startup owners and all of the teammates will stay updated about the customers. Since all of the customer interactions can be found in one place, it becomes relatively easy to review them. Hence, the customer retention strategies and sales management can both be done simultaneously. The dashboard contains all there is to be known about the customers.

    With the help of Capsule CRM, owners of startups will organize everything in their business correctly. Rolls and teams are also well taken care of since the business view is available in a single place. Additionally, sales pipeline management can also be done correctly. Creating reports is also very easy with this CRM tool.

    The software has been developed so that anyone will be able to understand and use it. The business capsule can be completely customized as per the startup owner. Users will also get proper guided steps for all functionalities.

    10. Streak

    Every top CRM app provides some of the necessary tools and functionalities related to business, sales, marketing, and management. Streak CRM is one of them. However, this CRM tool is unique in many different ways. For instance, users will be able to see and control the whole platform using their Gmail only. No additional media are required for management.

    Since it is perfectly compatible with Google apps, users can simply add Streak CRM’s extension in Google Chrome. Similar to Gmail, the functionality of this tool can be managed from Chrome as well. The CRM tool offered by Streak is customizable as per the needs of the startup owner.

    For new business owners, Streak CRM offers a free service tool. This contains all the basic CRM functionalities that are required in expanding a business. However, there is also an excellent Streak CRM tool, and the pricing is very reasonable. Compared with the free version, the premium tool allows even more customization and has more useful features.

    Other CRM tools may contain Google services and apps in an integrated format. However, with Streak CRM, Google apps are not considered as the third party anymore. Since everything is available right in Gmail, it becomes much more comfortable and convenient to manage the customers.

    11. Pipeline Deals (Previously Batchbook)

    Batchbook, Pipeline Deals is one of the current top CRM apps available in the market. For startups, this CRM tool contains multiple useful features. There are a huge number of options. Small business owners will find everything related to the expansion of the business.

    The main features present in the Pipeline Deals CRM tool includes the orderly tracking of the sales pipeline. Contact management related to the customers can also be quickly done with this app. This tool also supports multiple integrations with other small business applications.

    As an additional feature, startup owners will use unlimited dashboards while using this Pipeline Deals CRM tool. The provision to use complete reports is also available. A mobile app for this CRM tool is also available across all platforms, and custom fields can be easily set up.

    For already existing customers of Batchbook, it will be elementary to migrate into Pipeline Deals CRM. The migration process is simple, seamless, and secure. Startup owners will benefit a lot by using this CRM tool.

    12. Bitrix24

    For a single tool to deal with sales and management problems, Bitrix24 is one of the best CRM for startups. This CRM application is available in both free and paid versions. As for the free version, the scheme is available up to a total number of 12 users. There is a storage space of 5 gigs allotted as well.

    For the paid version of Bitrix24, the pricing plan is exceptionally reasonable and fair. Any small business owners can opt for the free version and then upgrade to the paid version if needed.

    This CRM tool is extremely versatile and has a large number of useful tools. It provides a lot of collaborative offers, along with handy tools for customer management. Simply opening an account will give the user access to multiple free tools. These tools can be used for e-commerce, internal communications, customer support, projects & tasks, and client management.

    When appropriately implemented, Bitrix24 is one of the best all-in-one CRM tools that startup owners can use.

    13. Vtiger

    This CRM tool comes with a very easy to use interface that can be understood by any startup owner easily. Apart from the standard CRM features, this CRM tool provides extreme levels of customization. As a result, this tool is beneficial in managing customer service teams. Apart from this, Vtiger CRM is also excellent in sales management and drive marketing.

    The tool is so designed that the teams can remain fully in sync and updated about the customer details. Setting up this CRM tool is also very easy. The customer support is pretty good, and the entire app is very flexible. With its numerous customization options, startups can find their CRM objectives fully taken care of.

    Vtiger CRM’s setup is relatively easy, and this tool also supports multiple integrations with other apps. This can help a lot in expanding small businesses and startups quickly without hassle.

    14. Zendesk Sell (Previously Base CRM)

    For owners of startups who mainly want tons of customization features for sales pipelines, Zendesk Sell CRM is a great choice. Formerly known as Base CRM, this is one of the best CRM for startups that prioritizes customization and management. Their features for finding leads and business opportunities are also one of the best in the market.

    The AI used in this CRM tool is powerful, and leads are segregated based on their creation. All of the available leads are evaluated firmly over and over. Once this process is over, the leads are categorized into essential and relevant leads. The most important ones are linked to the users before. As a result, the startup owners can give more focus on the crucial leads. The deals can be easily managed, and the automated process maps them as per the analytics of Sell’s full-funnel.

    Small business owners often need to expand their business as fast as possible. To do this, finalizing the important leads in time is crucial. Zendesk Sell CRM can help the startup owners to do exactly that.

    15. Nimble

    The final CRM tool present on this list is the Nimble CRM. This tool is straightforward and is beneficial for expanding the business of startups quickly. This CRM tool is mainly inbox oriented. Hence, it provides the users to deal with the issues in a much more convenient manner.

    The Nimble CRM tool has integrations with some of the best apps available in the market. These apps include G Suite and Office 365. Startup owners will be easily able to access contact insights and related companies. The workflows that are already existing can be taken into account, and the deals can be managed right from them.

    Apart from the normal CRM functionalities, Nimble CRM has a lot more to offer. These include building different relationships with the customers and nurturing them. The prospects can be carried out in a much faster and smarter way. As a result, more deals can be closed down.

    With everything from the inbox, Nimble CRM allows startup owners to experience stable and smooth features. All of these available features can help in the expansion of the startup quickly.


    CRM matters a lot for small businesses. In enterprise software, CRM is predicted to be the sole area of revenue for spending. CRM strategies are essential for future-proofing your business. Tracking the necessary and relevant data is the objective of CRM apps. Hence, CRM for startups is crucial, as these small businesses need to be expanded as fast as possible.

    Choosing any of the CRM tools mentioned on this list can help in bottom-line improvements. Customer support can be upgraded, referrals from customers will increase, and leads will be identified. The total cost will be decreased too. Both time and money will be saved. Moreover, the services and products will improve without a doubt.

    With the help of these CRM tools, manage your startup correctly, and enhance your customer relationship management. This way, the entire business will grow as required.

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