8 Best Bookshelf Speakers Under $200

    If you like bookshelf Speakers, we are providing a list of best bookshelf speakers under $200.


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    A good speaker is a must if you really want to enjoy your music or videos and usually one tends to go in the $400 range as they cannot afford above and consider any less than this will not be quality.

    Well, you might want to consider again. It’s no use of listening to music if the volume does not rock the floor or while watching a romantic scene you have to sit on the edge of your sofa to hear the hushed words of the shying heroine.

    So stop worrying about the budget and start to enjoy in as little as $200. Yes in a little as $200 you can get some really awesome best bookshelf speakers under $200.

    Below is a list of the best bookshelf speakers under $200 that guarantee to give you an extraordinary experience to remember. In fact, you can get the same experience that any $500 speaker would give in just $200.  So let’s jump right into the list below:

    8 Best Bookshelf Speakers under $200

    #1. JBL Arena 120

    JBL has its stand in the world of bookshelf speakers and with the Arena 120, the JBL stamp is clearly seen. The design is quite attractive and the audio quality is awesome. The placement option is dual: both on the wall or stand.

    The Arena 120 weighs much less compared to the rest of the list and it comes in finishes: black and white. The color options are good as they will easily blend in your room rather than adjust the room to go along with the speakers.

    For those who like listening to the original sound then this is the best bookshelf speakers under $200 available under budget.

    Even listening to Mozart, became an interestingly soothing feel, even if you are not the classical type. The size may be small but, when it comes to listening to modern tracks the sound really overcomes the size of the speakers.

    The sound is highly clear, you can hear every instrument being played in the song. The bass response is worth mentioning.

    Overall JBL gets 5 stars.
    JBL Arena 120

    #2. Folk Audio Tsi100

    Polk Audio’s TSi100 is definitely a strong contender in the best bookshelf speakers under $200 range. The visual flair is worth every penny even if the bass lacks a bit quality, nevertheless, you do get a crisp voice.

    The shape is quite compact and adjusts perfectly with the surrounding. The treble response is highly detailed.

    Many may not be familiar with Polk, even though they are based in Maryland, USA and are well known for surround sound quality and is available in two color variants: sleek black and wood cherry.

    The design is simple yet modern with a beautiful built. The well-braced solid MDF (3/4 inch baffles) offers crisp audio minus any background interference.

    The size makes it fit easily to your requirements. Polk Audio has included both high and low frequency that compliments the sound likewise.

    The silk dome tweeters maintain the sound level and stop the sound from getting distorted at high levels. The flared port venting system is also worth mentioning as it smoothes the airflow so you can blare the volume sky high.

    Overall Polk gets 4 ½ stars

    Folk Audio Tsi100

    #3. Klipsch RB-10

    The saying goes big things come in small sizes, well the next compact budget stereo speakers worth mentioning is the Klipsch RB-10. The sound quality is extremely high and amazes how it comes out from such a small speaker.

    The design is distinct and attractive. Another good point with the small size is it fits almost anywhere. The RB-10 is the smallest best budget bookshelf speaker probably available. The design is outstanding for being in this price frame.

    The speakers are definitely a change from the typical black speakers. The hallmark of Klipsch, copper-colored material is the eye candy of the design.

    The cone design is such the woofer neither flexes or resonates. The speaker also comes with a back keyhole so you can mount it on the wall if you cannot find a place to keep.

    Apart from the wall, you can mount it on the ceiling as well. But, again the size is so small you will probably set it as a bookshelf speaker. The transducer’s neutral voicing gives a great performance.

    Overall RB-10 gets 4.5 stars.

    Klipsch RB-10

    #4. Klipsch R-15 M

    If you are on the look for best budget bookshelf speakers then the Klipsch R-15 M is the ideal speaker for you. Once you play them you will hear the crispness you have bought.

    The first impression is the last impression, well RB-15 takes 10/10 in this. Whether you buy it online or from a shop the design will catch your eyes first most.

    RB-15 uses high-quality MDF covers with black vinyl and the baffle being small fits easily into the front cabinet. The woofer comes in a strong copper color that just enhances the black theme looks.

    Yes, it does get a highly modern look and perhaps you might feel your room looks outdated but, remember old and new go hand-in-hand. The core of the cabinet is none other than the speakers.

    It comes with a 1” aluminum liner travel tweeter suspension and 5.25” copper spun IMG woofer. The tweeter comfortably sits on a 90 x 90 Tractrix horn. The inputs come in a single binding post. They make ideal monitor speakers as well.

    Overall R-15 gets 4 stars.

    Klipsch R-15 M

    #5. PreSonus Ceres C3.5BT

    To say PreSonus Ceres C3 5BT is a proven choice to be the best budget bookshelf speakers is not an understatement. If you are looking for speakers that are convenient in your pocket yet provide high performance than the PreSonus is what you need.

    The design is the first trademark that defines the speakers. The design makes it a strong contender on the list. The dark grey look with the simple baffle compliment the subtle wave guides surrounding the tweeters.

    The grey illuminated PreSonus logo might look bulging but, it does not hinder the looks much. Most of the controls are placed in the front making the operation quite easy. While the rest area at the back of the complex i/o port.

    The speaker comes with 1/4” TRS balanced input and a set of RCA unbalanced inputs. The TRS sub output comes as a rather unexpected surprise.

    The treble and mids are properly structured and the lows are nice but, they have their limitations. With PreSonus, you are definitely bagging for some solid audio performance.

    Overall PreSonus gets 4 stars.

    PreSonus Ceres C3.5BT

    #6. Pioneer SP-BS 22-LR

    Andrew Jones is the designer behind the Pioneer SP- BS-22, so you do not have to wonder how it looks. The cab design gives it a unique look that actually enhances performance.

    The crossover is quite complex and the transducers are accurately selected. They definitely can be called the most capable speakers in the compact bookshelf speaker list. The transition between the lows, mids, and treble is worth mentioning.

    The clarity is awesome and worth each dolor spent. It might not be one of the most powerful speakers but, definitely is the best speaker under $200 available.

    The simplicity that Jones has tried to showcase is the eye candy of the design. But, more than the design Jones has kept the optimal performance on the first stand which you will see on the first view.

    The cabinets are made just as expected with MDF and yes, the baffle is not in the front but, each transducer comes with its very own sound performance. The speaker comes with a 4” woofer and a structured surface and big magnets.

    Overall Pioneer gets 3.8 stars. 

    Pioneer SP-BS 22-LR

    #7. Behringer  MS-40

    Behringer is definitely the best bookshelf speakers under $200 range that gives an ideal performance and that also at a great price. The larger than average tweeters provide sky-high audio experience.

    The full range drive might be limited but, the experience will not be limited. The frequency range is awesome. The cabinet design is very simple yet it suits all types of room surroundings.

    Behringer might not be the best but, it definitely delivers a strong performance. One point worth mentioning is all the controls are on the front side of the speaker including the EQ controls.

    The backside has a very attractive I/O cluster and comes with one digital and one standard analog input.

    The simple design gives it a very appealing look. The speaker’s performance can be justified by the fact that they deliver 40 watts of power, now 20 watts per speaker is definitely going to blast the room.

    The cab design is awesome and enhances performance.

    Overall Behringer gets 3.7 stars

    Behringer MS-40

     #8. Edifier R17ooBT

    If you want flexibility and performance and the best bookshelf speakers under $200 then look no further than Edifier R 1700BT. These compact bookshelf speakers are not just speakers but, refined audio sensation.

    Top it with its top performance, it’s like icing on the cake. The looks are awesome and the versatility is highly acclaimed.

    In the market of bookshelf speakers, Edifier has their own stand and are always above the rest as the speakers come with the ability to connect to Bluetooth as well.

    Yes in terms of looks it may come off but, Edifier has always worked towards the performance rather than looks so it’s worth a buy. The plastic parts are quite beautiful. The port is on the front of the speakers and makes worth the buy of $200.

    The speakers are capable of delivering 15 watts RMS. The 7.5” silk dome and single 4” drive are awesome. The active speakers are packed with a two-band EQ. The speakers offer a very well balanced performance.

    Yes, the bass could be better but, then Edifier always keeps improving so probably they will conquer this as well.

    Overall Edifier gets 3.5 stars.

    Behringer MS-40

    So this was our list of best bookshelf speakers under $200, Kindly let us know which one you like the most.

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