5 Benefits of Adding Live Chat to Your Company Website

    How much of your time do you spend answering the same questions for various customers? Do you find that you’re working later to accommodate clients while still maintaining other aspects of your company? Are your employees less productive because they spend so much time on the phones or answering emails from customers? What you might not realize is that you can automate many of your most common customer interactions. Live chat options are fast, affordable, and offer a range of benefits for the company and customers alike.

    1. Live Chat Provides Added Convenience for Your Customers

    How many times have you decided to browse your favorite online shops later in the evening? Chances are your customers also like to shop outside of traditional hours on occasion. Of course, you can’t be available 24 hours a day, but your live chat service can. Using a chatbot to answer basic questions about your company means a more convenient shopping experience for your customers. Automated chat services can provide shipping information, help customers find specific products, and even give them styling advice, not to mention handle basic customer issues. When your customers have someone to help them at all hours of the day or night, they are more likely to make a purchase during their internet window shopping endeavors.

    2. Live Chat Lets You Focus on Other Business Needs

    Using live chat to help your online customers allows you to “multitask.” Often, customers have the same basic questions. Spending much of your day answering emails, chat messages, or phone calls about your office hours, location, shipping methods, accepted payments, and so on becomes tedious, not to mention make it harder for you to get other work done in a timely fashion. Setting up an automated chat to answer these questions leaves you free to create new inventory, update advertising methods, bond with your employees to boost morale, and even just have some time outside of work to tend to your personal life. You can even set up chatbots to provide information for existing orders when customers have a tracking number.

    3. Live Chat Saves You Money

    Some business owners mistakenly think that investing in a live chat system will be too costly. The reality is that companies like VoiceNation provide chatbot services at affordable prices that will likely even save you money in the long run. First, using an automated chat feature has proven effective in terms of converting browsers to buyers. About 40% of shoppers say they are more likely to consistently buy from a website with a chat feature, but only 22% maintain a relationship with websites that don’t offer automated conversations. Chat systems also save money because you won’t need to use employees to answer customer questions as often. When you and your employees are free from answering as many emails, you can focus more time and energy on improving other aspects of your business.

    4. Live Chat Helps Your Company Stand Out

    Many companies have yet to implement live chat services on their websites. Adding it to yours shows that your company is technologically savvy and that you understand the need for a business that is reachable at any time, from anywhere. When customers don’t have to wait for responses to their questions, they are more likely to favorably remember your business. Because you’ll stand out from your competitors, these customers are also more likely to tell their friends, family members, and neighbors about your products or services.

    5. Live Chat Provides Data to Analyze

    Transcripts from live chat sessions provide another source of data for you to analyze and use to your benefit. First, you’ll be able to see which times your chatbot is most active, which can help you determine when people are shopping and which times will be best to release new inventory or promotions. In addition, the chat transcripts provide information as well. You’ll be able to identify what customers have issues with, which questions they ask most often, and how satisfied they are with the customer service overall. This will help you determine which information needs to be clearer, such as shipping times, and where you can further improve customer service to create an excellent experience.

    When choosing your automated chat services, research first. This way, you can be sure you choose a plan that works for your business and a company that offers competitive pricing and a variety of options. Chances are you’ll begin to see positive results within just a couple of weeks of rolling out your new service.

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