Before You Hire an SEO Agency, Do This First!

    More than anything else, you need customers to be able to find your site online, and optimising your website means taking advantage of that traffic. Search engine optimisation, or SEO, is the only way to make that happen, but it can’t happen overnight. In fact, it’s a fairly intricate process that, done poorly, could result in ensuring potential customers never see your website. That’s not a risk you want to take, which is why hiring an SEO agency to handle the task for you is the right solution. Simply landing on the perfect SEO services to meet your needs, though, can be tough. It’s a crowded market, and if you just want to get back to running your company, you don’t want to spend a lot of time shopping. If you’re planning to hire an SEO agency to handle the optimisation process for you, there’s one key move you need to make first: define your goals.

    Why Your Goals Matter in an SEO Campaign

    Optimisation is the process of changing facets of your site to drive organic traffic to your door. Searching the internet isn’t magic. Instead, it’s driven by algorithms that power Google, Bing, Yahoo, and the other search giants. While those algorithms certainly aren’t public, there are companies that have made a study and understand generally what they’re looking for. The problem, though, is that they’re constantly being modified to build a better user experience, and good SEO companies have a deeper understanding of how every search engine works and what those continual modifications look like so they can implement the necessary changes to your site to stay ahead.

    For many who want to head for the top of the rankings quickly, shortcuts like buying links can be tempting, but the reality is that they’re bad for your site in the long run. Instead, your safer bet is to choose the right SEO agency to help. Before you do that, though, you have to define your goals.

    Wondering what your goals have to do with anything? It’s simple. If you choose a company with SEO services and suggest your goal is something vague like increasing your traffic, you won’t get what you’re looking for. If you rank first for a keyword like “best London takeaway,” but you’re actually selling women’s clothing, you’re not going to help your business. Think hard about what you want an SEO agency to do for you. Do you want to boost some product sales? Get more potential customers through the door? Are you hoping people will spend more time on your website? Need a better social media following? All of those things can be achieved through SEO, but if you’re unclear on the results you want, you’ll never find an SEO agency that can meet your needs. Instead, you’ll find only individuals who talk the talk but can’t actually deliver real results for your company.

    Connecting with the Company

    So, once you’ve defined your goals, how do you actually connect with a company that can help? Start by talking to other companies who have used an SEO agency in the past. You could plug “Best SEO company” into a search engine, but the best SEO service professionals are probably busy helping business owners like you instead of optimising their own websites. Word-of-mouth advertising is the single best form of advertising available today, and if you connect with someone in your industry who has had some success with a particular agency, you’re absolutely going to want to take advantage of that.

    Beyond connecting via word-of-mouth advertising, make certain the SEO firm you choose has a clear method of showing you the progress made toward your goals. Get on the same page about what Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) they plan to improve and the hows and whens of reporting with this company. They should be able to show you not only a list of what they’ve done each month for your site, but also how your numbers are beginning to change, and they should be able to do so in one clear, concise monthly report.

    SEO is the key to moving your business forward, and it will continue to be. Choose the right SEO agency to help make that happen after you’ve taken the time to define your goals.

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