Top 9 Most Beautiful Female Programmers in the World

    Today women are in every field, at every topmost position in the entire world. In spite of this, there is a common assumption that programming can be done only by males and the females are quite poor at it.In this article, you will get to know about some of Top Most Beautiful Female Programmers.

    Another myth is that coders are dull at looks and are having big brown spectacles and will always be found hidden behind some computer.

    But the reality is far more different and better than this. Women are sharing an equal and important role in the programming world. If we look at the percentage ratio of men and women in an IT  company it will be clearly visible that no more domination of men folk is there.

    Meet Sexiest and beautiful female programmers

    Here is the list of the top 10 beautiful female programmers in the world. Have a look at them below:

    1. Sara Haider

    A beautiful example of the beauty along with a superb brain is set by one of the best programmers in the world and it is none other than Sara Haider. She is a hot and sexy programmer and is a very famous name of the IT world. She has completed her graduation from the Waterloo University.

    Sara Haider TechykeedayRight now she is working as a senior software engineer at Twitter. She has also worked in Google for a short time span and also in PA consulting Group. Sarah’s programming skills are very strong. She is brilliant at android programming and has been a part of the development team of vine android app.

    2. Jade Raymond

    Another beautiful lady on the list of best female programmers is Jade Raymond. She did her schooling from St George School at Montreal and from Marianopolis college. Jade completed her bachelor’s degree in the discipline of science from the university of McGill in the year 1998.

    Jade RaymondJade’s career in programming world started with Sony. Later she developed one of the successful game of the gaming world named as assassin’s creed. This game made her career more successful. Currently, she is working in Ubisoft Publisher as a managing director. She is one of most Beautiful Female Programmer.

    3. Amanda Wixted

    One of the most effective and a deserving candidate in the list of best programmers of the world is none other than the Amanda Wixted. She was born in the year 1981 and is famous as one of the powerful game programmer of the world.

    Amanda WixtedShe has developed the game named as Amanda Wixted itself which is a wonderful game. The meteor grove software is also developed by here. Initially, she started working in SkillJam as a game programmer. Now,

    she has her own company called as Turf geography club. She has her contribution in another interesting game known as Farmville.

    4. Corrine Yu

    Corrine Yu is a very famous programmer and comes at the topmost position in the list of best female programmers of the world.

    She is another Beautiful Female Programmer and along with it a wonderful coder. She has been a part of the development of many wonderful games like the unreal engine, brothers in arms, zombie, borderlands and many other games.

    Beautiful Female ProgrammersHalo 4 which is a very popular video game of the year 2012 has her great contribution in being developed. Corrine also won a national award in the year 2009 for her vulnerable research in nuclear physics.

    5. Tracy Chou

    Another successful name in the world of best programmers is Tracy Chou. She completed her bachelor’s degree in the discipline of electrical engineering. Her master’s degree was completed in the field of computer science from the university of Stanford.

    Tracy ChouTracy did her internship from many big associations like Rocket Fuel Inc, Facebook, and Google. Earlier she was working as a software engineer in Quora. Currently, she is working in Pinterest as the software engineer.

    6. Marissa Mayer

    In the bunch of Beautiful Female Programmers, the name of Marissa cannot be forgotten. Along with the bold and beautiful good look, she has been able to secure a very high ranking position in Google. She joined the company in the year 1999 as the first female programmer of the company.

    Marissa MayerCurrently, she is the vice president at Google. Along with coding, she is brilliant in designing and has her contribution in the designing and development of the search interface of Google. She has made the site internationalized in more than 100 languages.

    7. Hilary Mason

    A very passionate and a Beautiful Female Programmer is Hilary Mason. She is a brilliant coder and is the leader of programming community of New York.

    Hilary MasonHilary is the co-founder of HackNY which is very big non-profit organization. This organization gets the talented people from all around the world to get in touch with the best startups in the New York.

    8. Leah Culver

    Leah Culver is a brilliant and a beautiful hardcore programmer. She is a dedicated open source programmer.

    Beautiful Female Programmers

    She is a successful coder and focuses on the open specifications like OAurth and OEmbed. Always keen on trying to learn new languages, Leah is very considerate at innovations. She has developed a wonderful iPhone application for Pancast.

    9. Rebecca Heineman

    A very beautiful and gorgeous lady who has given a significant contribution in the computer world is Rebecca Ann Heineman.

    She is a popular video game programmer from America. She is a founding member of Interplay Productions, Contraband Entertainment, and Logicware.Rebecca Heineman beautiful programmer

    Many other big IT brands like Barking Lizards, Bloomberg, Microsoft, Ubisoft, MacPlay, Electronic arts and many other gaming brands. Currently, Rebecca is working as the CEO of Skuul situated in Seattle, Washington.

    This is the list of the topmost Beautiful Female Programmers of the world who are not only intelligent but are extremely beautiful as well.

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    Top 10 Programmers in the World of All Time ... Amanda Wixted is known all over the world as one of the most effective andTop 9 Most Beautiful Female Programmers in the World