Basic and non-obvious recommendations for playing Destiny 2 for beginners

    Destiny 2 is one of the most famous projects in the MMO RPG, which is presented in the shooter genre, in the space setting and the battle of people against the alien invasion and the exploration of other planets.

    You are waiting for three thoughtful game classes, many subclasses to give the hero situational benefits for the entire gaming community, a system of raids and strikes, many options for leveling the hero and earning glimmers – the main currency of the Destiny 2 world, a system of contracts and PVP mode.

    Game classes

    Destiny 2 implemented a system with a minimal number of classes, but developed the mechanics of subclasses by expanding the focus of each character, rather than an infinite number of heroes.

    Like every player can be literally anyone in a shooter setting.


    Defensive-type character, master of defense and steel guardian of surrounding allies, can fight with ranged weapons, set up a blocking shield that shields him and allies from damage in a straight line. Feels great in close combat and crushes surrounding enemies with steel fists.


    A character of an attacking or healing type – can go two ways of development and become either a full-fledged AoE attacking magician with the ability to use small arms, or a healer with the installation of special wells, on the territory of which all allies will receive healing.


    A combo character who is both a great sniper and close combat master. Has the ability to attack the enemy with steel blades. A master of traps and grenades, he moves in and out of combat with ease with camouflage and smoke bombs.

    Raids and strikes

    After passing the training stage and a number of quests, you will open a system of raids and strikes – combat exits and battles with bosses and their retinue to gain experience, glimmers and unique items of equipment and weapons.

    Strikes are a three-player activity that is a mini-raid. The task is to enter the playing area, destroy all the monsters and reach the boss. The zone is simple and is designed for three players, but if you wish, you can go it alone – you will have to tinker, but the result, all the drop and experience will go to you.

    Raids are an attack on the dungeon where the boss and his retinue live.

    The head of the dungeon is a monster with a lot of health and defense, a strong attack and a high casting speed of various skills.

    For defeating the boss, you can get weapons of various strengths and qualities, equipment items, glimmers and experience.

    There are three types of difficulty levels – normal, heroic and mythic. Each new stage will become available after winning the previous one.

    The usual raid format is a kind of introductory event, where players look at the main mechanics of the boss, his behavior, the role of the retinue, the weaknesses and strengths of the head of the dungeon and receive a reward equal to the strength required to enter the raid of the next difficulty level.

    The heroic format requires more players to complete successfully. The boss will be stronger and more resilient, use skills more often, but as a reward you will receive better equipment and weapons that will help you fight effectively with the latest and strongest level of difficulty in raids.

    Mythic is the most difficult and valuable raid type, requiring over 15 people to enter and has mechanics that many players will find very difficult. The boss will have many strengths and few weaknesses, deal lethal damage, and have a minimum cooldown on skills that force players to move closer or further away from the boss to avoid death.

    As a reward, you will be able to earn legendary weapons and equipment that are difficult to get in any other way.

    Raids are a complex activity that requires an ideal lineup of players with an understanding of what and how they do in order to defeat the boss, especially when it comes to the unforgiving mythical difficulty level.

    If you are constantly losing and cannot achieve stable victories, then you can ask for help and order destiny 2 raid carry SkyCoach. A professional service will help you to pass the raid and get the best types of weapons and equipment, and significantly strengthen your hero for other activities.

    You can get the execution of the service in two available ways:

    1. Transfer the account to the Skycoach service to perform the service – when choosing this format, you get a faster version of the task and do not risk your character, since the service provides security guarantees and you will not be required to directly participate, which can affect the speed and outcome of the raid. The status of the order can be tracked online on the Skycoach website and upon completion you will receive a notification and will be able to log into your account to check the list of trophies that you managed to get.
    2. You join a fireteam that will enter the raid and is guaranteed to win. You need to strictly follow all the instructions of the game leader so that everything goes well. The raid will take place in such a way that at the end you will be able to get all the experience and drop on your own, without sharing with other players.


    These are special ways to develop and strengthen the character that you have to choose and which will affect the overall direction of the class.

    There are 4 subclasses in total – Lightning, Void, Sun and Stand.

    Lightning is most suitable for a titan, as it allows you to deal magic damage to all enemies that come close to him. This is especially effective while holding a blocking shield.

    Void suits the attacking type of the warlock, allowing you to significantly increase all AoE skills by charging them with the power of the void.

    The sun will suit the hunter, allowing you to concentrate the power of a bright star to deal heavy damage that ignores armor from a long distance without much interference. Especially effective against tanks and during raids.

    The Stand is a new subclass that can enhance any of the classes if you are satisfied with its bonuses.

    For a titan, this is the ability to install blades directly on steel fists to increase physical damage and apply a bleeding effect.

    For a warlock, this is a shrapnel effect that offers another AoE attack option, where there is one main target and several secondary ones.

    For a hunter, this is a combination of knife and shot to deal universal damage.

    In general, the stand became interesting, and the first subclass added after how many years since the release of the updates.

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