Bar Exam: How to Study to Pass it?

    I try to guess what you are thinking: lawyer exam, how to study to pass it? I’m right?

    Well, if so, then today I give you 5 useful tips to make your preparation effective.

    Ok here we are, you have graduated, finished your internship, you can’t wait to start earning a lot of money – ok maybe for the money boat it is better to be a little more realistic – but you still lack a “little, tiny, insignificant detail “: pass the bar exam.

    A respectable challenge that requires extremely deep, careful, and complete preparation. Well, I wrote this article just to provide you with some tools applicable to everyday study suitable for facing and passing this test.

    But That Is Not All!

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    Bar Exam: How to Study with 5 Useful Tips

    Here are 5 tips that are the result of my personal experience gained during the hours of coaching. Yes, because you must know that there are many students, I accompany on the path of preparing for the lawyer exam, and thanks to them I have learned several things.

    Let’s see them!

    1. Attend a Prep School

    It has happened to me several times to confront students who have not given the right value to the preparatory school. But I assure you that this is the first essential step to take to prepare and pass the exam as a lawyer.

    Do not risk wasting time and find yourself close to the test to start studying, it is a mistake that many make! Preparation for the competition must begin at least six months before the competition.

    Sign up for the preparation course, take classes – which are usually Saturdays – do your homework and use the week to prepare for the next class. In this way, you will have a regular study that will allow you to manage time well by following the course program.

    You will benefit from other benefits.

    To begin with, a preparation course offers you a whole series of tools that you could hardly find on your own, such as the tracks for the exercises and their corrections to help you improve.

    Then remember that, as we said before, the test consists of the drafting of three texts. You need to write well-written, clear, correct writings to pass this stage of the exam and the preparation school makes you do all the exercises – so exercise – you need to succeed.

    2. Find your Study Team

    I always insist a lot on this point, for me it is an axiom (indisputable stuff basically): you don’t go anywhere if you don’t do things as a team.

    Studying in a group is one of the winning keys to academic success. You needed it to pass your exams at the university and all the more reason you need it now to take the test as a lawyer.

    Find a group of people with whom you can meet to prepare for the exam together, motivate you, help you with explanations that are not clear to you, discuss the codes and train your reasoning.

    3. Apply a Good Study Method

    First of all, you will have to manage your time well, because there are many things to study, not only for the written tests but also for the oral ones! In fact, once you have taken the paper, do not wait to know if you have passed it or not before going back to studying: the waiting times will be long and you risk finding yourself with water in your throat at the last minute.

    You will have to develop certain confidence and practicality with the codes and stay updated on the latest sentences to always be on the piece: who knows what the traces of the exam will be.

    Then there is a whole series of information that you will necessarily have to remember by heart, the kind of notions that you cannot simply deduce with reasoning. For this reason, memory techniques certainly come to your aid.

    Underrepresented college students benefit more from ‘active learning ...

    4. Reserve Time for Review

    Keep at least ten days to dedicate yourself to review.

    In your study time count, always try to overestimate: if calculating how much you have to study you are, for example, 40 pages, you try to study 45.

    By doing this, the time you will be able to save you can spend in the review, perhaps with your Study Team. Draw up a lineup, and ask yourself questions on general and more specific topics, thus filling together with the gaps in the group.

    5. Remember to Disconnect

    At the end of the preparation, it is important to reserve the right time to relax. Leave at least two or three days to completely detach. Even the best sportsmen before the race use the last few days to cool down: the training has now been done.

    You too have trained, you have struggled and now what you have to do is spend the last few days in peace, having fun, and possibly dedicating an hour a day to review the things you are less sure about. So yes, sometimes it is good to employ help from an essay helper just to get more breathing room in your student life.


    I hope this article has been useful to you and that it has given you a good foundation to tackle the preparation for the bar exam. If you liked it, like and share!


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