4 of the Best Alternatives to Airbnb You Should Know About

    Airbnb Alternatives: The sharing economy exploded in the late noughties, heralded by the conception and success of companies such as Uber and Lyft. Both ventures revolutionized and disrupted the taxi and cab industry, bringing down costs and creating jobs in one swift stroke. The car industry wasn’t the only one to benefit, however.

    The hotel industry shuddered when Airbnb appeared on the internet. It’s a concept, startling simple, allows anyone to rent out their room at a predetermined price to anyone else, essentially turning their space into a guest house.

    All you really is a smartphone with an internet connection and you’re ready to book. While the company has met some resistance in some regions – most notably Berlin, where widespread Airbnb usage was pushing up rents – its rise has been meteoric.

    While Airbnb is certainly the most popular of its ilk, it’s not the only accommodation sharing platform out there.

    List of 4 Best Airbnb Alternatives

    Below we’ll take a look at four worthwhile alternatives to Airbnb:

    1. 9flats

    9flats is a Europe-based competitor to Airbnb. Much like its US counterpart, the site enables people to lease short term lodging to others, acting as a broker between the two parties. Unlike Airbnb, whose choice of payment is limited to traditional banks and PayPal, those looking to rent accommodation on 9flats have the added option of being able to pay using the cryptocurrency Bitcoin. Given the amount of interest in investing in Bitcoin that has been roused in recent months, 9flats’ reputation is soaring due to its ability to adapt to new payment methods.

    2. Canopy&Stars

    For those who are looking for slightly more off-the-grid spots or simply looking for an unusual location to lay their heads, Canopy&Stars has the answer. The website features a large collection of “inspected and selected, quirky places of a glamping kind.” If you’ve ever wanted to sleep in a massive treehouse or in a tepee at the edge of a lake, Canopy&Stars is likely to have your dream destination in mind.

    3. VayStays

    VayStays is a similar rental service to AirBnb except that its focus is on luxury properties in Mexico, Central America, the Caribbean and the US rather the entire globe. The site is easy to use and let’s potential guests navigate the different properties available based on the region they’d like to stay in. VayStays main goal is to bring a high standard of quality and standardization to the vacation rental marketplace.

    4. OneFineStay

    For those with a taste for the finer things in life – accommodation included – this online platform sets you up with a number of private homes, villas, and other luxurious abodes in over 180 distinct destinations.

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