5 Gadgets to Take Your Video Skills Up a Level

    Making videos is easier than ever, and we don’t take a lot of persuading to start filming. Vacation videos, memes for Instagram, or even your own dedicated YouTube channel, more people are making and posting films than ever before.

    There’s a stark difference between a video filmed quickly on your phone and one that looks like something you’d be happy to watch in a cinema. Often the difference is nothing more than having the right accessories.

    If you want to feel more like Tarantino and less like You’ve Been Framed, then here are some of the best gadgets to invest in to take your video skills to the next level.

    Perfect Tripods

    You can have all of the image-stabilization software in the world, but it’s not going to beat the stability of taking the right footage in the first place. A tripod can add a very professional look to a film because it eradicates wobble or the risk of recording at a slight angle. There are thousands of tripods on the market, so choose the one that matches your budget and camera type.

    Amazing Audio

    Even the best cameras are going to struggle when it comes to capturing sound. Make sure that you invest in an external microphone for much better control over your audio. Like tripods, there is no end to your microphone options. You could go all out and get a boom mic, but you can often find that having a simple 4-track recorder will go a long way to making your videos sound crisp and clean.

    Better Camera

    If you’re still making videos using your phone, then you’re hindering the scope of what you can actually create. Think about the types of video that you normally make. If you want to try something a little different, then you will benefit from having a camera that is designed for the type of filmmaking you want to do. If you’re interested in making a series of time-lapse videos then make sure that you get a camera from so that your equipment matches your goals.

    The Right Lighting

    This is as important as your audio when it comes to taking your finished videos to a whole new level. While natural light is fantastic, if you’re usually filming indoors, then some external lighting will give you much more control over your finished product. The amount that you spend will depend on how serious you are about your video-making, but there are low-cost options available to suit most budgets.

    Fab Filters

    Every camera will take better video footage if it has the right filter attached. There are now filters to create any kind of look you’re picturing in your head. Filters also make it easier to shoot footage wherever you want and whatever the conditions. If you have to shoot on a cloudy day, then swap up your filters so that you get more light, and on sunny days, use a filter that will reduce glare.

    Even the worst video maker will find that their videos are better if they have the right gadgets. No matter your skill level or why you’re making your films, make sure that you have the gadgets that will make you look like you know what you’re doing. The end results might amaze and inspire you.

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