WPEngine Review: Superfast Managed Web Hosting

    Thre basic requirements of any user who is looking for a sound hosting plan are Security, Support, and Scalability. Well, everyone in the market provides all these three services.

    How to decide which one to go for?

    Here comes the significance of user-based reviews, where people share their experiences with the service provider. Today, I will try to help you with the WPEngine Review.

    WPEngine Review

    Certainly, the most famous brand regarding WordPress Hosting, you can not simply ignore them. I am using WP engine now from last two years for my various projects.

    The first thing which comes to my mind is the promise they make while closing the customer. I remember, Ted, who was a support guy from WP, said me, now you can relax, we will take care of it. It been two years now and I am still relaxing.

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    To start with, let us we talk about their customer support. When you speak to them, you can make out the level of knowledge they carry with themselves. They make sure your issue get sorted in a blink. Customer support is one of their strength, and they keep on evolving.

    Secondly, I would like to throw some light on their security. Let me share an incident, One of my projects were critical, and I was scared that if this gets hacked, my entire hard work will go off. I requested WP Engine to make sure my site did not get hacked

    Do you know what they did?

    They challenged their team members to hack the website and declared a handsome gratification for the one who would succeed. But no one was able to hack it.

    Obviously, there are Pros and Cons in every service to take. I had some glitches in the SEO for one of my Projects. WP Engine resolved it withing hours. The Second thing is , they are a little bit ahead in the price. Well, I feel there should be no compromises with your business.

    Value is what you seek for the price you pay. WP Engine knows how to give you that value.

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