Top 10+ Best WiFi Hacking Apps For Android

    Digitalization has changed the way we have been working so far. Technology advancement together with digitalization has given birth to various applications.In this guide, I’ll share Some of Best WiFi Hacking Apps for Android.

    Smartphones operating on Android and Linux are some of the best examples of technology advancement. For these smartphones, we have specially designed applications that can let us to anything such as hacking from the screen of the device.

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    We have applications and tools that help us complete our tasks on time. While there are tools that help us be a bit more productive, there are also certain tools and applications that can penetrate on other devices stealing information and data stored in the devices.

    Whatever we do online is possible because of internet or WiFi connections. We are able to access the sweb world because of the invention of WiFi or internet.

    Every house, area or person can have their own private internet connection to get in touch with the online world securely. While there are tools that protect us from the online mischievous world, there are also tools or applications that can allow us to be mischievous.

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    WiFi hacking apps isn’t a new thing for hackers. The hacking of WiFi network can provide the attacker with the information to penetrate into someone’s network connection and gaining access without any password.

    Do you know that there are wifi hacking apps that can help you hack WiFi with just a simple push button?. Below is a list of 15 Best WiFi Hacking apps.

    Top 10+ Best WiFi Hacking apps for Android

    1. WPS Connect : Wifi Hack Apps Android

    Using this Android WiFi hacking app one can disable the net connection of other Android users while being on the same network. This application allows reconnecting with any network by hacking password.

    [appbox googleplay com.ngb.wpsconnect]

    The app can be downloaded online. It is has a friendly navigation that allows users to hack any WiFi network through just a touch of the screen.

    2. Wifi WpsWpa Tester : Wifi Hacker

    This app works with rooted android and can crack into WiFi network with ease.Wifi Wps Wpa Testertargets the vulnerable network. It searches for the WiFi network that is vulnerable to hacking.

    [appbox googleplay com.tester.wpswpatester]

    As the name suggests the application kills the devices.WiFi Kill creates hindrances or obstacles to Android devices in connecting to the wifi network in the area.

    3. WiFi Inspect

    Top Hacking App for Android: This particular tool has been specifically designed by experts for computer security personnel. As the name suggests, the application monitors the network in the area.

    [appbox googleplay]

    The app was designed primarily as a security audit tool and not as a hacking tool. However, this app can also be used to hack WiFi networks.

    4. ZAnti Penetration: Wifi Hacker App

    Using this app, one can assess the risk of a network. It can access the vulnerable network with just a push of a button. This allows the users to gain access to the networks that have poor security and hack them easily.

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    [appbox googleplay com.zimperium.zshellshock]

    5. Network Discovery

    Using this cool app one can take out details of network and track the network activity. The data thus fetched can be used in cracking the password of WiFi network.

    [appbox googleplay]

    6. Fing Network tools

    The tools can be used for spying the networks. It is one of the professional android Wifi Hacking Apps tool. Using Fing Network tools one can spy network and scrutinize WiFi networks. The app uses simple penetration process and can also be used to guard against intruders.

    [appbox googleplay]


    This is a wifi password hacker application. The app allows one penetrate wifi network on connected devices. WIFI WPS WPA TESTER also allows its user to hack passwords of the networks. The features of the application can also help in recovering a lost.

    [appbox googleplay com.tester.wpswpatester]

    8. WiFi Password hacker free

    The app allows one to hack WiFi password for free. The application can be downloaded to one’s Android phone.

    [appbox googleplay com.droid.developer.wifipassword]

    9. WiFi password hacker Simulated

    One of the oldest WiFi password hacker tools allows one to hack WiFi network. It also provides network keys to break security levels. Using the app one can penetrate even the secure network and gain access without entering a password.

    [appbox googleplay com.nannygames.wifihackerpassword]

    10. Backtrack

    Backtrack also known as the Linux-based open source operating system is yet another application used by hackers to penetrate WiFi networks. Its unique features allow its user to spoof WiFi network by stealing the login information.

    [appbox googleplay appinventor.ai_jjmaritz.Backtrack]

    11. AndroRat

    AndroRat is a remote access tool. The app was originally designed to provide hackers access to the victim’s device. Using the tool, the hackers can control the device of the victim. Can get access to messages and phone calls simply through its own device’s control panel.

    [appbox googleplay com.shortstack.hackertracker]

    12. Hackode

    The app is used by professionals for conducting various functions such as reconnaissance, network scans and more. The app can generate security feed and can help penetrate the network.

    [appbox googleplay com.techfond.hackode]

    13. Droid Sheep

    One of the most popular hacking tools used by professionals. Droid sheep was originally developed for a good cause, but it can be used to perform evil acts as well such as network hacking. The tool is capable of scanning and identifying all unsecured networks and penetrating them.

    14. FaceNiff

    The app allows the attackers to hack web sessions with a few clicks. The tool is capable of accessing WPA, WPA-2 and WEP connections.The tool has just one drawback, it cannot access secured network areas. It works well on networks that have poor security levels.Android Tool

    The above-mentioned applications can let you penetrate to other networks gaining access to the passwords, security levels and more.

    While there are apps that allow one to hack Androids WiFi or networks, there are also apps that prevent hacking. The hacking apps are designed by professionals and tested by experts.

    These apps can also block users from a particular network to fetch information or data of other users. The latest technology can now allow us to hack anything from the screen of the mobile devices.

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    However, these Wifi hacking android apps tools should be used wisely. Misuse of technology can cause irredeemable loss.

    If you like this article that is Top 10+ Best WiFi Hacking Apps for Android, please share with your friends.We’ll be back with more tech tricks and news.

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