Why You Are Not On the First Page of Organic Search?

    There are many businesses that strive hard to come at the top of google rankings. However, instead of reaching the top, they aren’t even able to come on the first page. It can be heartbreaking for businesses and companies tend to fight hard with each other to gain top spot in rankings. You might be giving it all that you have and still wonder why you are not yet on the first page. Well, here are a few reasons to begin with.

    Your keywords are not right

    One of the biggest problems that people don’t even realize is that they don’t define the right keywords. You might be able to come up with a few good phrases but they are not necessarily good keywords. In fact, you need a lot of research and hardwork in order to determine the right set of words that you should be using in your website and content to rank your business. There are people who get ecommerce professional services just because they want a pro to define the keywords for their brand.

    You are not optimizing pages

    The next problem comes with the optimization of the page. People think that they are doing good with the content and everything so they’ll be good to go for search engines. However, there are hundreds of aspects that google consider before it ranks a page at the top in search results. One such factor is the page speed and load time. If your page is too crowded and has a lot of resources to load, you won’t be able to get on top. Moreover, the cross platform compatibility of your page also matters and you need a marketer who can assure that your website looks good on mobile devices as well as on computers.

    You are not focusing on content quality

    Another problem people face when they are dealing with the SEO is that they over optimize the content or focus too much on how search engine goes about the results and rankings. Consequently, they end up crafting a page where they compromise on the quality of the content. Do note that the ultimate goal is to get the users to engage with your website. It can only happen if your content is good. Therefore, you must focus on the quality of the content and in all the hassle of getting your website on the top page you should never compromise on it.

    You don’t pay attention to meta description and alt tags

    Another problem with the people who do SEO on their own is that they don’t pay heed to meta description and alt tags. Most of you may not even know what it is and if you don’t have any idea about these two we suggest you to not waste your time with experiments and get ecommerce professional services for digital marketing to rank your website. These two are critical elements which google considers to evaluate the content and its relevancy. So, you should come up with appropriate meta description and must adjust the image alt tags to match up with the content.

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