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    Whatsapp hacking Tricks : Whatsapp has changed the way we used to communicate. The communication app has access across the world and can be used to chat, video call, share files, location and a lot more.

    The popularity of the app has made it vulnerable to hacking. As the app has been around for quite some time now, hacks have found ways to hack in the app safely and securely. If you don’t believe me, a simple Google search of Whatsapp hacking tricks will clear the picture to you.

    You will be surprised to know about many methods available to hack someone’s Whatsapp account. Knowing these methods can help prevent one from falling into the traps of hackers.

    Whatsapp hacking Tricks Which you Don’t Know :

    So, here some Whatsapp hacking tricks, tips and insight on how they work.

    #1 Whatsapp Hacking Online

    Whatsapp Hacking Online is a hacking service that is available for free. The service can be availed online. Through simple download of the service. The service can be downloaded from the official website.

    whatsapp hacking tricksOnce Whatsapp Hacking Online app is downloaded and installed on your device, run it and enter the Whatsapp registered number that you would like to hack. This is one of the best Whatsapp hacking Tricks.

    #2 Whatsapp Spy

    Whatsapp Spy is one tool that can be used to read someone else’s Whatsapp messages without letting them know. The app works by hacking the network of the targeted Whatsapp user.

    whatsapp spyThere are many Whatsapp Spy software and apps available for free that can be tried for hacking.

    #3 MAC Address Spoofing

    MAC address denotes the address of a device. Whatsapp account can be hacked by spoofing the MAC address of the targeted. Here is how the MAC Address spoofing works:



    Step 1: Uninstall the Whatsapp

    As the first step, you will have to uninstall the Whatsapp from your device. The step is important because to be able to Spoof the MAC address you will have to reconfigure the app.

    Step 2: The Targeted Phone

    You will need to have the targeted phone with you to use this method of hacking. You will have to take out the MAC address information from the targeted device.

    To find the MAC address, go to the settings look for the option ‘About Phone’. Under the ‘About Phone’ look for Status where the Wi-Fi MAC address will be located.

    Step 3: Now as you have found the MAC address of the targeted phone, look for your own MAC address. Once you have located your device MAC address, you will need to carefully change it to the MAC address that of the targeted device.

    Follow the below steps to change your MAC address:

    1. Install BusyBox as well as Terminal Emulator.
    2. Type IP link in the emulator. A list of interfaces will be shown to you.Look for the interface that has your MAC address
    3. Now, in the emulator type in the interface.

    Step 4: Reinstall the Whatsapp. Your Whatsapp configuration has now been altered. It will now work as the targeted Whatsapp device.  To complete the process, enter the phone number of the targeted device. You will now be able to receive messages that are originally directed to the targeted number.

    Step 5: To be able to run Whatsapp you will have to verify the number first. You will need the targeted device to be able to verify the phone.

    This method is possible only if you are able to borrow or steal the targeted phone for a few minutes. The whole process of hacking through MAC address spoofing takes a while.

    The above mentioned are some most useful Whatsapp hacking Tricks with an easy process to carry out. Do try any one or all of them and surprise or shock your friends. Anyway, as a moral duty, it is important to state here that hacking is not at all cool.

    One should not hack anyone’s device as it may contain some private and sensitive information. Hacking is a serious crime unless and until you are doing it for the sake of fun, without jeopardizing the privacy of the victim.

    The above mentioned Whatsapp hacking tricks should be tried at one’s own risk. Any loss caused by the hacking cannot be redeemed. So, hack carefully. Any changes done in the setting may also not be irreversible.

    The Whatsapp hacking Tricks may sound adventurous, but they should be carried out judicially and carefully.

    Any wrong step may put your credibility at stake. MAC Address Spoofing is one of the most complicated Whatsapp hacking tricks to carry out. Special care should be taken while executing the steps of spoofing.

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