What You Need To Know About Smartphone VPNs

    Using smartphone VPNs is a good way of making sure you stay protected online. Your phone stores and sends a lot of personal information when you use it, and hackers are always after this data. Even if you are using WiFi or cellular connection, your smartphone leaves you vulnerable to identity theft and all other sorts of cyber attacks.

    To avoid falling into the hands of cybercriminals, learn how to use a VPN and the benefits they provide and stay safe. Every time you connect to the internet, you are exposed to all kinds of malicious cyber threats.

    Why VPNs Are Important

    Your internet traffic is protected from interception: Anyone on the network who wishes to see unencrypted data sent over the network can do so. VPN prevents cyber criminals and hackers from eavesdropping. They first need to get an encryption key to make it possible, and if they try with brute force attacks, it would take the computer billions of years to discover the code. With criminals kept at bay, you confidently hide your activity, even on public networks.

    Location privacy: When you use a VPN, all your data is routed through a different server in another country, hiding your actual location. Most VPN providers do not keep a record of the activities of their users, so anything you do is completely hidden and undiscoverable.

    Locking region-restricted content on the web: Some websites and servers tend to host content accessible by people from a specific location. Your default internet connection uses a server in your country to determine where you are. Meaning that if you travel, you will not be able to access what you could previously access. With a VPN, you can redirect your traffic to a server in the region where the content is accessible and be able to access it no matter where you are.

    Less risk of corporate data breaches during remote working: When you work for your company away from its premises on an external network, you may need to access some essential information. These files should be accessed through a secure connection for the company’s safety, and many organizations will prohibit you from accessing them through an unsecured connection. VPN services use private servers and encryption methods to prevent possible data leaks.

    When To Use A VPN

    VPNs provide different kinds of features to make your life a bit easier. Some of them are:

    Access region-blocked libraries on streaming services: Through VPN server switching, you can spoof your location and make streaming services believe you are in a different region than you are, allowing you to access TV content and movies not available in your actual region.

    View actual booking prices when traveling: Hotels and flights use cookies to track and identify your recommendations when you browse. When they have linked your interests to your identity, they artificially increase their prices. It is a trick they use to create a sense of urgency and make you buy faster for them to earn more money. When you use a VPN you remain anonymous, and price increases do not affect you.

    Blocking your ISP and other business from tracking you: Businesses tend to use demographic data to enhance their services and marketing. While it is not necessarily malicious, you may not always want your information to be out there. Some businesses collect and sell your information to third party-businesses that may not provide the best protection for your data. The more places have your information, the more you are vulnerable to data leaks. VPNs conceal your demographic data sent through your internet activity, protecting you from trackers.

    Smartphone VPNs

    These days, smartphones are the most commonly used devices to access the internet, especially on the go. Because of this, it is worth using a VPN on your smartphone, as well as your computer or laptop. Here are some of the benefits you will enjoy:

    Safety on public WiFi: People often use their smartphones to access the internet on public WiFi. Even if the WiFi is protected by a password, you are still visible to other users on the network. If a hacker can get the password and connect to the same network, you are left vulnerable. A VPN will keep you anonymous and encrypt all your data.

    Encryption of financial data: Mobile users tend to use online banking applications which send their sensitive information over the internet. The same happens when you make purchases through online shops like Amazon. As much as these apps use their encryption, a VPN will strengthen it even more.

    Encryption for video chat and voice data: All your chats on Skype, FaceTime, Google Hangouts, and even WiFi calls may have unwanted listeners. Encryption ensures hackers and other organizations can’t join in and acquire your chats without permission.

    How To Use Smartphone VPNs

    Whether you are using Android devices like Sprint or iOS devices like iPhones, finding VPN is only the first step. When you have found the best VPN for Sprint, Samsung, or iPhone, you must also learn how to use it. Luckily for mobile users, the steps are pretty straightforward:

    • Download the app from the Google Play Store or iOS App Store and get a paid subscription for better services.
    • Log in to your account and use the default settings, which are sufficient for average users.
    • Activate the VPN by turning on the switch. You will find the button on the home screen in most cases.
    • To switch to a different server and spoof your location, browse the menu and select the country you prefer.
    • For tech-savvy users, you can tweak the settings in the app as you wish and choose other encryption protocols. Make sure you research the kind of features available before you make a subscription. 

    Once you have gotten used to the app, make sure you turn it on whenever you are connected to the internet. Remember, VPN only encrypts data sent over the network, everything else such as standard text or voice calls are left out. Make sure you choose a trustworthy VPN service provider with safe policies that will not negatively affect your use.


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