The Web Designing Trends in 2020

    A good web design plays an important role in an online business, whether it is eCommerce site, a news site or a regular blog, web design should be catchy and trendy. With the change in time, web designs are improving a lot, it emphasizes more on speed, user experience and OfCourse, the minimalistic design approach which attracts the users.

    Those who seek a professional design for their website and convert visitors into a buyer and a potential customer should get a quote from the famous web design company in London, MagnifyWebDesign which is killing it with its flawless web designs.

    MagnifyWebDesign builds fully customized and responsive websites on various content management systems such as WordPress, Drupal, Joomla and others. Moreover, they make sure that the designs are compatible on all type of platforms and screen sizes. A detailed analysis of their projects helped me to realize that they use modern design approaches rather than the old traditional ways of building a website.

    Therefore, in this article, we will be discussing the modern trends in web designing that are improving our experience with the websites.

    Web designing Trends in 2020

    1. Full Page headers

    The first web designing trend in 2020 is the full-page headers in which designers can add variations in the header menu, a call to action button on the left side of the header along with the social media links. Main reason behind this trend is because the readers tend to focus on the left side more than the right side, this can help in increasing the conversion rates too. 

    One such example for full page header is Discord, which has a full-page header, and the premium plan details on the left side of the page. The elements are easy to read and are eye-catchy, usually the user will first focus on the left side first and check out the details of the premium plans.

    2. More Whitespace

    One would always choose a less cluttered design over a cluttered design, and the simple reason behind this is readability. It often becomes difficult to focus on text and images when they are placed close to each other.

    Therefore, designers use more whitespace in their designs to keep up with the web designing trends in 2020. Even though white space looks like its consuming a lot of space, but it actually lets the design breathe and let the elements have their own space.

    3. Playful cursors

    Playful cursors are an amazing way to increase the user time on site as it keeps the user busy in checking out what a cursor can do. Therefore, they spend time on hovering over various parts of the web page and usually gets impressed with the fascinating design, this would surely help to the designing companies to showcase their skills on their portfolio sites.

    Once such examples of a site that has a playful cursor is Craig Reynolds a photography-based website, which shows photos upon moving the cursor on the site. In this way, the site displays the photos taken by Craig Reynolds.

    4. Overlapping layers

    Another latest web design trend in 2020 is overlapping layers which is ideal for websites with featured video content. It particularly adds depth to the 2D designs and make it look more attractive that it actually is. The design can be achieved by using the whitespaces around the elements, in which one element is pile up on the other element and is smaller in size and ratio.

    5. Fluorescent 3D digital artwork

    3D digital artworks are a great way to impress the visitor on your portfolio site, or product site, as these are eye candy, and tend to get more attention on a page. These types of designs are becoming more famous among the designers and are traceable using 3D modeling programs.

    6. Solid Block Colors

    Some designers tend to split the design into blocks and add solid colors to some blocks to display information. In this way, the information can be displayed along with the images adjacent to each other.

    The text is usually of a few words which helps the visitor to understand the concept of site and inherit information in a stylish way.

    Wrap Up

    Web design is an integral part of a business to attract customers and make their experience worth it. Every year, designers try to do something new to keep up with the modern approaches of web designs without compromising with the user experience. In this article, we have discussed the latest web design trends in 2020 that most of the designing companies and freelancers have adapted.

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