Key Skills You Need to Become a Business IT Specialist

    In today’s world, no business can run without a bristling array of IT infrastructure – systems within systems of digital software that helps process the huge amount of data that each business contains. As such, there will always be roles for IT specialists within businesses – those people who can troubleshoot issues, repair broken hardware, and make sense of new software for the company. In this article, we’ll look at the key skills you should look to onboard in order to become an IT specialist that firms want to hire.

    Computer Science

    If you’re interested in coding apps and websites, then a degree in computer science is going to be your ticket to this area of expertise. It’s, of course, a long-term fix: you’re going to need to put aside three years to obtain a degree in computer science. But the skills you’re left with – being able to make an app from scratch – can be incredibly valuable. Indeed, these skills can earn you millions of dollars in the future if you deploy them on the right projects and with the right startups.

    Cloud Computing

    A slightly less labor-intensive set of skills – but nonetheless an important area of computing in the digital age – is knowing your way around the cloud. Of course, the cloud isn’t a physical space; it’s a place where your company can store and plug in data and software without having to use physical servers. The cloud is widely used in businesses today, but it’s also widely misunderstood. That’s why there are so many courses to help individuals learn about how the cloud works – and you can learn how Microsoft’s cloud works by enrolling in an Azure Fundamentals course. Cloud computing is the future – and learning more about how it works is regarded as crucial for IT specialists.


    Cybersecurity has already risen to become one of the chief concerns of CEOs and CTOs across the world. That’s following a number of different hacks and breaches of major companies that have cost firms billions of dollars in the past few years alone. For an IT specialist, being able to allay any fears your firm has over cybersecurity will be a huge boost to your employability – you’l be able to command the data that a company possesses, ensuring that there are no breaches in their digital backend.

    Web Design

    Finally, design skills are important for those IT experts who also want to express their creativity. While the digital world is often associated with high-tech solutions and problem-solving skills, there’s no reason why you shouldn’t also be able to express your creativity in a role as an IT specialist or advisor. Using your creativity and your skills in web development, you can build wonderful websites for the firms that you work for – websites that look great, function well, and are built to ensure the business flows perfectly through the firm that you work for.

    Use these four areas of expertise to build up your skillset and your employability in the eyes of firms across the world.

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