How to Use WhatsApp as Private Store for Your Documents and Notes

    WhatsApp is the perfect platform for connecting with the people, friends, and family. WhatsApp works on all types of phones.

    We use WhatsApp for messaging and for calling purposes but we can also use it for storing documents and notes.

    People can use WhatsApp as a private storehouse for documents and notes. Now, we will learn how WhatsApp can be used as a private store for documents and notes which are as mentioned below:-

    Steps to Use WhatsApp as a Private Store for your Documents and Notes:

    • Step 1: In the very first step, you have to create a new group using WhatsApp on your phone. With the help of given image, you can create a new Just add a name to your group and click on Next as given below:

    • Step 2: Now, add mobile numbers from address book to your new group. Name your group and save it.
    • Step 3: Visit your WhatsApp now, now tap on a subject to view your participants or friends. Just tap and hold on the participant to make them delete from the group.

    • Step 4: Your private store has been created now which is only visible to you. It is accessible from both devices; a Whatsapp web as well as from your mobile


    • Step 5: As your private store has been created, so now it is time to save and transfer your memo, voice note, links, and documents from mobile phone to PC or from PC to mobile phone. Open on PC browser and get barcode screen. Using your mobile phone open WhatsApp Web and scan barcode. Check when your connection got established, file transfer between mobile and PC will be quite easy.

    Advantages of using WhatsApp as Private Store for documents and stores

    • You can capture and store your thought, notes, docs and many more things in your personal space.
    • WhatsApp also provides you end to end encryption and two-factor authentication which is very important for the view of security.
    • Helps you in storing your data privately.
    • You will be the sole participant in the entire group.
    • You can add and remove any participant whenever you want to do that.
    • You can bookmark any web link in the group very easily.
    • Files can also send and store your files temporarily on cloud storage.
    • Your files are much safer than in Google Drive, Gmail, media fire,
    • Using QR technique file transfer can be faster than others.

    So, by following these above written simple guidelines you can use WhatsApp for private storage of documents and Notes and can save your workings at the right place and hence can keep for future use. So make a new group and keep your data privately in the separate folder.

    If you wish to transfer a document from computer to phone, open on the computer, send the file to this group and it will instantly become available on your phone. There’s search built-in so you can easily find messages by keyword later.

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