15 Best Time Management Worksheet for Managers

    A day may have 24 hours, but even a whole day may seem to be too lee of a time for managers. With so many things to look after, it almost becomes impossible to oversee everything in the scheduled period. Every manager faces the same thing. Their time is frequently in demand for some work activities. To effectively manage time, the use of a time management worksheet is needed for every manager. A manager has to fulfill their daily work responsibilities and social obligations and effective team management. Also, a manager has his/her own life, which they need to attend to.

    When a manager is too busy with a particular work, they forget or miss other pending work deadlines. Primarily, a manager is expected to be good at time management. However, sometimes time management skill alone is not enough. Hence, time management charts or worksheets are also equally crucial for a manager to handle everything and meet the deadlines.

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    Time Management Worksheet: How does it help?

    Even with the use of worksheets for time management, managing the time effectively should be focused on. These worksheets certainly help the managers to do so in a much better way.

    With a worksheet, a manager can keep track of mainly. Primarily, it will help in reminding the plans devised. Secondly, it will help organize the entire day to suit a short time to finish all the tasks.

    To do this effectively, managers need to be able to ass how they should use their current time. Creating a schedule that lists all the tasks arranged with their priority is very important. This is where these time management worksheets play their role. Once the managers are constantly reminded of their schedule, they need to follow it optimally.

    A time management worksheet must be used to note the higher priority commitment and activities.

    For this, the managers need to recognize for themselves what are the activity types. For example, fixed and flexible activities should be kept aside. The worksheets also help in estimating the duration required for finishing each of the tasks listed. These worksheets are useful time management tools, and it can help the managers to stay more organized.

    Worksheets for time management also helps in increasing the net productivity of a manager. Many beneficial techniques are beneficial for managers. The first one is the Pomodoro technique. This mainly helps in boosting productivity. Secondly, there is also the Pareto Principle, which helps achieve the maximum output possible in less time.

    However, the main one is the Eisenhower Matrix. All types of time management worksheets use this technique. With this, one can identify the most critical activities from the less important ones. Hence, managers can prioritize their works and get the important ones done on time.

    Top 15 Time Management Worksheet for Managers

    These time-saving techniques are all implemented optimally in the time management worksheets. For managers to work on, given below are 15 of the best worksheets for time management. These worksheets contain charts, templates, graphs, and spreadsheets as well. All of these worksheets are free and can be downloaded and printed as well. 

    1. Time Tracking Worksheet

    As the name suggests, this worksheet is an excellent tool for managers to track their valuable time. This worksheet has many useful features, and the most important of them is its ability to track all kinds of activities. The managers need to assign the tasks beforehand. After that, they need to list the jobs properly in the Time Tracking Worksheet. The rest of the work will be done by the worksheet itself.

    In this worksheet, a time tracking spreadsheet divides the listed tasks based on their completion time. There is a column present in the worksheet, which helps estimate each task’s required time. The tasks get grouped accordingly.

    To help the managers make a comparative study, it also offers a second column. In this column, the managers can record the actual time on completing each of the tasks. This way, a comparative study is possible. This helps the managers to be more effective in the future.

    Additionally, this worksheet also contains an extra space. This space is mainly used for recording and listing how frequently a work activity is coming up. For tracking the schedule every week, this is a handy feature.

    Also, a final column is present for differentiating the critical tasks from the unimportant ones. This can help the manager pinpoint their focus on completing the tasks with high importance. Thus, significant tasks are always completed before time.

    2. Time Management Wheel

    This is another of the worksheet, which is highly useful for the managers to manage their day to day activities. This tool’s appearance is very vibrant, and it quickly highlights the essential tasks or schedules that are marked on it. This tool mainly comes in the form of a wheel, and it can store a lot of tasks for the manager to evaluate.

    As the name suggests, this worksheet for time management comes in the shape of a wheel. Each wheel segment contains a different task, and the number of functions that can be set has no limits. The wheel is dynamic. This means that the wheel will be segmented into multiple pieces, each highlighting a different assigned task.

    The wheel is entirely editable, and it comes with the option of taking printouts. As an additional feature, the Time Management Wheel also comes with color-coding. This is extremely useful, as it can help in the visualization of the progress. The different tasks and activities are displayed in a different color as it is set on the index. With different actions in different sectors with different colors, one can easily see what tasks are left for the day. Also, the blocks in the wheel feature intervals of one hour each.

    For perfect working, the colors always specify the tasks according to their importance. Also, the activities suggest the shape and size of the wheel. These sectors are called slices, and the slices can be customized as well.

    3. 24-Hour Weekly Activity Log

    Even in highly accomplished firms, managers have a hard time dealing with all the daily tasks. However, by doing, one exhausts themselves completely. Also, it is not possible to be able to keep track of everything. In such situations, the 24-Hour Weekly Activity Log is one of the most pleasing worksheets for time management.

    This tool is a time management template, and it helps in the optimal tracking of the work activities. In project management, there are a vast number of tasks that need to be appropriately managed. With this tool, every work-related activity can be kept track of, precisely to the minute. This way, managers will be able to monitor their work activities much more accurately.

    With this tool, the assigned works are assigned as per their duration and priority in the hour list. Hence, managers can opt for choosing the activities which are at a higher priority. This way, works that are pending up to a week can be assigned. It has been seen that the working productivity of any person falls sharply after the 50 hours mark. Hence, it is essential to distribute the workload evenly among the week.

    This time management worksheet can help you to work smarter, not harder. With the understanding of the work schedule for a week, one can take care of the first things first. As a result, all activities can be completed within the scheduled time.

    4. Your Time Buttoned Up

    This is another worksheet for time management, which allows work assignments up to a week or so. In this worksheet, there is a handy feature. This allows the users to divide the work assignment into different small schedules. This time the blocking part is convenient and can create intervals of thirty minutes for each work assigned.

    Work activities can be assigned at all hours between 7 AM to 2 AM the next morning. The main feature of this tool is its ability to segregate the works in a distinctive visual manner. It shows different types of dots, which have different shapes. Apart from this, these shaped dots are also color-coded. This essentially means that the dots will display different colors for each of the work activities assigned. Also, the color is displayed with prioritizing the tasks assigned.

    If the colour is green, it means that the task assigned to it is of very high importance. The moderately essential tasks are displayed with the colour orange. As for the low importance work activities, they are indicated with the color red. It is advisable to go for the green tasks before anything else, as they might have pending deadlines. This way, the project management activities can be appropriately dealt with.

    5. Where Does My Time Go?

    This time scheduling template works perfectly fine for managing tasks that are quite time-consuming. There are multiple strategies used in this particular tool, and users will benefit a lot by saving up time. As a result, all the scheduled works of the day can be dealt with without any worries.

    There are multiple customizable intervals present on this worksheet. The essential time interval is the 30 minute or half an hour mark. Every activity assigned to it is sorted based on its duration. The sorting order can also be set as per the priority of the tasks. Also, the estimated time to finish each assigned work is displayed. The activities can be sorted in this parameter as well.

    The main feature of this worksheet is its use of the Eisenhower Matrix. This is a unique matrix that can be used to determine what the importance of a task is automatic. Using this matrix, a user can decide what tasks they should handle first and which tasks can be completed later.

    There are multiple templates available; all of them help keep track of the progress. The daily schedules can be updated as well, and weekly plans can be compared later. This way, the future schedules of similar activities are assigned automatically or is suggested to the user. There is a separate space for the remarks of the user as well. Here, users can specify which activities may need much more time in real life and sortenedshortened ones.

    For future reference of the users, this tool also provides a space for assigning initial plans for upcoming days.

    6. Time Manager

    Managing life at big institutions can be quite hectic. When it comes to schedule, the managers are the worst hit, and it takes everything to handle all the tasks and deadlines. Therefore, strategic planning for working all day is very important. This saves both time and effort, and productivity is maintained for a much more extended period. In this context, tools such as Time Manager can prove to be very valuable for managers.

    With this worksheet for time management, users can easily keep track of the tasks they need to complete. Tasks can be prioritized accordingly, and constant reminders ensure that the assigned tasks won’t be forgotten. Hence, the managers using this tool will never miss any important events and work-related activities. Thus, the deadlines for important pending tasks can be easily maintained.

    This worksheet is also extremely flexible according to the needs of the users. There is the provision of noting down or writing down the tasks. These to-do items can be assigned as per their timelines, and schedules can be set for a week.

    Another feature of Time Manager is the use of time block intervals. All of the tasks that are assigned to this worksheet can be subdivided into intervals of 1 hour each. As the tool is more work-oriented, weekends and weekdays have different slots of time block intervals.

    7. Project Schedule Template

    When one has to undertake the various aspects of project management, many responsibilities also come uninvited. It can be too hectic for a manager o deal with all of these tasks and activities alone without help. Hence, tools like Project Schedule Template can help a manager to schedule their project activities properly.

    This template looks much similar to Microsoft Excel and has identical working features. For instance, the tasks can be stored in similar tabs. However, since this is a worksheet for time management, there are multiple additional useful features.

    Users of this template will plan and schedule the tasks to help manage and oversee the team’s progress. When properly logged, the specific outcomes of each of the functions assigned to it can also be attained. Managers will be able to streamline their process of planning while using this tool. Also, since this tool’s working nature is detailed, it is possible to track all project stages with the Project Schedule Template.

    Users also have the option to create Gantt charts. These charts help in better visualization of the assigned tasks and their related dependencies. As a result, the detailed timeline of the project and its assigned readings can be viewed. This is exceptionally beneficial when one wants to track their progress, whether yearly, quarterly, monthly, weekly, or daily.

    8. Time Management Log

    For users who miss deadlines a lot, this is one of the perfect tools to combat it. This tool’s name suggests users with time management issues will be helpful with its use. Even though the fundamental importance is the management of time, it is a skill that no one learns correctly on the very first day itself. Hence, taking the help of such tools for time management can help a lot.

    With this Time Management Log, users will be able to control and complete the tasks within the stipulated time. As long as the users log the functions and keep track of their progress, they will have a clear idea about which work.

    Much like the other worksheets for time management, this worksheet contains all the basic features of time management. One of the essential tools present in this tool is the Eisenhower Matrix. As discussed earlier, using this matrix optimises the working schedule and gives priority to the most needed tasks. The tasks that need more time to finish and the tasks that need to be completed early are automatically prioritized.

    Also, the tasks are tipped to be completed in as short a time as possible. This allows much more time for the work activities left behind. Hence, maintaining the deadline for all the assigned tasks of the day is possible.

    In Time Management Log, the assigned work activities are coded. This helps the user to determine which tasks need to be completed early. However, instead of color-coding in conventional time management tools, this tool uses letter coding. Here, the symbol ‘*’ (asterisk) means work is urgent. Similarly, ‘A’ stands for meaningful work, ‘B’ stands for somewhat necessary, and ‘C’ stands for not so important work activities.

    9. Weekly Time Management Tracker

    The Weekly Time Management Tracker is yet another app that is useful for managers for project time management. This tool has been specially designed, keeping in mind the busy schedule of managers. It specializes in customization and provides optimal control of work-related activities. Users also have the provision to take printouts of the optimal schedule after it is set. When printed out, it provides a clear cut view as to what activities one should focus on for the day.

    This tool also specializes in setting aside activities that take up a lot of time. With the activities sorted in accordance with their estimated completion time, it becomes easier for choosing tasks to complete. When managers can determine which particular activities are taking longer than usual, it is advisable to change work strategies to shorten the time. Hence, users can save time on essential activities and give spare time to finishing more extended activities. That way, all of the required daily and weekly deadlines can be met without any hassle.

    This tool also comes with multiple categories based on the type of activity. As soon as any task is assigned, it gets segregated into either work-related activities or spare activities. This tracker also recommended self-care activities, which can help the users remain refreshed and rejuvenated over the week.

    10. Daily Time Log

    For managers, keeping a detailed track of their daily activities is extremely important. With this worksheet Daily Time Log, users can log all of their work-related activities in one place. Saving time on multiple tasks can prove extremely beneficial, and the daily tasks can be quickly dealt with. With the various activities lined up and under scrutinized observation, users will hardly miss anything regarding their daily tasks.

    There are multiple advantages of having a time management chart, and the Daily Time Log sure acts like one. This tool acts as a precise tracker, and users can review their daily activities. When compared daily, managers can find out exactly what their strong points are. This will help them to identify where they need to improve to save even more time daily.

    When users can see how they are spending their precious time doing work-related activities, management will become much more comfortable. As a result, the work priorities can easily be adjusted, and the adequate working time can be made much more efficient.

    11. Time Log Sheet

    This time management worksheet is extremely capable when it comes to managing time for project-related activities. More than a worksheet, this tool acts more like a specific tracker of time for work-related activities. Time Log Sheet comes with multiple columns. These columns can be used as storage spaces for logging the pending tasks with their respective time records.

    Every kind of activity can be recorded with ease. Users can even list their daily activities and get the tracking records simultaneously for the previously recorded ones. This versatile tool comes with multiple forms, and users have to fill the required columns with relevant data. After that, the device itself will suggest the optimal solutions for management.

    For example, users will be aware of when they need to start working on a particular task. They will also be mindful of which task to attend sooner and which task to follow later. Moreover, the estimated time required to complete the task against the actual timer necessary to complete the task will also be available. There are multiple templates to work on, and the tool recommends different tasks and how to deal with them appropriately.

    12. Daily Time Blocking Worksheet

    For those who undergo a super hectic schedule, worksheets such as Daily Time Blocking Worksheet are handy. With the help of this tool, all of the work-related activities can be optimally organized. This helps the users to deal with each work more efficiently. As a result, the total time required to finish all the tasks assigned for a day is reduced.

    This worksheet has time blocking intervals, and this system breaks the already assigned works into subgroups. For more benefit of the users, the tool uses fun elements for segregating tasks. The timetable is color-coded, and visualization is available in stickers, charts, and printed materials. Hence, the schedules can be tracked and categorized in a much better way.

    13. Bullet Journal Time Tracker Printable

    The Bullet Journal Time Tracker Printable is a useful tool that helps keep track of the assigned works. Users have the option to log their work-related tasks in both weekly format and daily format as well.

    For the easy understanding of the users, the work-related activities are stored in a unique fashion. There is a heart symbol, and it is present at the starting of each line on the log. This symbol represents the different categories in which the other activities are categorized. 

    Colour coding is also present, and users have the freedom to choose it as per their choice. For the easy navigation of the worksheet, the color code key is current. It is visible in the top right corner of the worksheet, and the tracker is well optimized for further necessary edits.

    Apart from this, there are multiple spaces assigned to the tool. Here, the users can write down reminders, notes, and schedules for a glance.

    14. 31-Day Time Tracker

    As the name suggests, this is a straightforward time management worksheet tool for managers. The interface is quite simple, and the device itself is specific to use. There is a logbook, which can be filled for 31 days. After that, the log gets reset. In these 31 days, every little detail about the work-related activities can all be taken into observation.

    Every single day of the allotted 31 days is further divided into 24 hours. The pending tasks can be assigned to each hour within these 31 days. Users have the full freedom to assign their month-long project-related functions in this tool.

    For better understanding, this 31-Day Time Tracker comes with an inbuilt color coding feature. With this method, the assigned tasks are set with different colors, as per their priority level. The tasks can also be segregated for their time of completion. For better visualization, graphs are presented with the assigned tasks.

    15. The Fringe Hours’ Time Log

    This tool for time management is an extremely compact tool that allows time block intervals. There are time intervals available of half an hour duration, and it is helpful for managers to streamline their workflow productivity.

    With proper use, this tool can make a busy, hectic day feel normal. Users who can remain productive the entire day will feel less tired completing a whole day’s work. Also, time will be saved on effective working.

    Using this tool, it is possible to take mini work schedules to compress the work schedule. The term ‘Fringe’ basically stands for an enjoyable and meaningful time. Like its name, the tool emphasizes making daily work-related activities much quicker and more enjoyable.


    In the above list of the useful worksheet, no single time management worksheet will be ideal for every type of manager out there. However, with so many varieties, every user will find a tool that best suits their needs.

    When chosen rightly, users can not only be better at managing their work, but they will improve overall. With practical work productivity, physical and mental health states will also improve. Thus, choosing a proper worksheet for time management is very important. 

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