Third-Party Tools for CS:GO: Dos & Don’ts

    Counter-Strike Global Offensive is still one of the most popular FPS games even though it was released nine years ago. When the game was made, it was based on the original Source Engine, which is very outdated according to current practices. Many hackers used the original code to create cheats that ruined the game for many players all over the world.

    No matter how hard the developers tried to prevent cheating, hackers always found new ways to break the game. That’s why CS:GO introduced the “Trusted mode” by reverse-engineering the same practices used by cheaters.

    Third-party software rules from Valve

    Valve, the company behind CS:GO has decided that it’s time to indicate cheaters for good. The company finally introduced the “Trusted Mode” that works as a filter for third-party software. Players can now use only third-party software solutions allowed by game developers. In other words, cheaters won’t be able to use the most popular cheat engines. By using this new mode, players are matched with other people who don’t use any third-party software whatsoever.

    While some cheats stopped working, many of them are still operational. However, with the introduction of the Trusted mode, developers can now identify cheaters more easily. The mode works as an alarm system and identifies all players using third-party software while playing. Players that do that will significantly damage their Trust points and are put on the blacklist.

    The entire community welcomes the original idea, but most players agree that the move is a few years late, as many pros switched to Warzone and other competitive shooters. It’s still too early to say if this new mode helped the community, but everyone expects to see cheaters banned for good.

    The trusted mode

    As we already mentioned, the Trusted Mode is a new in-game system designed to block all third-party files from interacting with the game. The problem is that not all third-party files are cheats. The system still can’t recognize the difference between cheats and so-called injections. Their approach is that all CS:GO players should use only the provided files, and all other unofficial files will result in a VAC ban.

    It doesn’t prevent third-party cheat software from working, but it creates a barrier that automatically activates a ban. Cheaters can still use their cheats freely in normal mode, but the presence of third-party software will have a negative effect on their Trust Factor. The Trust Factor is affected in a negative way, even outside the Trusted mode. If they keep using third-party software, their Trust Factor will go down, and they will be banned in the end.

    It’s safe to assume that most cheaters will keep playing the game in normal mode, while regular players will switch to the Trusted mode instead. The number of players in the normal mode is drastically reduced, making it harder for cheaters to find a full server. If you, however, use third-party software that doesn’t have anything to do with cheats, you have to add the launch option and manually allow the software to make changes to the game.

    Make sure you don’t get banned for cheating

    Cheating has ruined many multiplayer games in the past decade. Even newer titles struggle to create a full-proof system that prevents cheaters from ever entering a match. Warzone, for example, has banned over 600,000 accounts in the past year. The situation with cheaters is almost under control now because of well-designed anti-cheat community features that allow players to report cheaters in real-time directly.

    The Trusted Mode in CS:GO is a similar solution, but it might result in a ban even if you’re not using any cheats. With that said, it’s essential to know that this new tool is still under development, and it should soon be able to tell who cheats and who uses other third-party software. The Trust mode will keep a close eye on all game files, and players using third-party apps are risking getting banned for good.

    Of course, if you’re using cheats in CS:GO, now is the time to stop doing so. Cheats have been ruining public servers for years, and if you didn’t have enough time to cheat, maybe you should move to another game altogether. You can still play the game in normal mode, but that will have a negative effect on your trust score. In other words, all players are advised to switch to the new mode to prevent getting banned.

    Also, players with a low trust score will be matched with other players with similar scores. Sadly, according to some reports, hackers have already found a way to bypass this newly implemented system. We can only hope that it becomes more effective over time.

    What can you do with third-party tools in CS:GO

    Using third-party software in CS:GO doesn’t have to be a bad thing at all. For example, features such as the Game Capture mode are recognized as third-party software as well. Players now have to run the game in a window and use a Window Capture tool to record their games. Other players can’t launch their game since the introduction of the new mode, even though they don’t have any third-party software installed.

    Some other third-party tools allowed players to sell their skins directly on csgo skins trading sites in between matches. If you still want to use any third-party software to get the most out of the game, you will have to manually turn off the Trusted Mode, which can lead to a bad Trust score and potentially a ban. However, that doesn’t happen all too often, and most players reported that things didn’t really change at all.


    It seems like the CS:GO Trusted system didn’t do much when it comes to blocking cheaters from playing the game. However, at least regular players can now use the Trusted mode to find servers without any cheaters. According to the latest rumors, cheaters have found a workaround that still allows them to get away with cheating without a ban. We can only hope that things will improve in the future.

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