13 Things You Should Never, Ever Google

    Things to Never Google Ever since the Google was launched as the internet browser it has changed the way people used to grasp in knowledge. These days, the internet users are using Google for looking up for anything from a local restaurant to the engineering behind the making of a car.

    With so many things being looked up on the internet, there are a few things to never Google. Google is the huge pool of information, but make sure you use it wisely enough by avoiding few things.

    Things to Never Google : Freaky Things

    Here are the 13 things never to Google:

    #1 Your Symptoms

    Google is not a doctor and nor are you. You may have a headache for a few days, looking up for the cause of a such headache may give you various reasons to be in pain including cancer.

    symptomsSo, the first of the things not to look up on Google is your symptoms. It will only make you feel sick or sad without any concrete reason.

    #2 Skin Problems

    It is natural for our skin to get irritant and reddish as the weather changes. Skin problems should one of the things not to look up on Google as it will leave you with a search result of awful skin images.

    #3 Death Clock

    There are weird websites online that can predict your future and even the date when you will die. Never Google for death clock to know how much time you are left with in this world because no one can actually guess it.

    #4 You or Your Partner

    If you have the urge to Google your name or that of your spouse partner is prepared to be disappointed as either you will find nothing or something that will open the gates of mistrust and disturbance.

    #5 Bed Bugs

    If you think there is something in your mattress causing you itchy skin, don’t look up for it rather clean your bed. Looking up for things that can infect your mattress will leave you with thousands of ugly thoughts.

    #6 Porn

    If you are virgin or someone who never had sex doesn’t look up for porn sites online as they will only scare you. These sites have violent vulgar stuff to scare you off.

    #7 Spiders and Cockroaches

    No one wants to have a look at spiders and cockroaches. If you have never had the chance to get interacted with them consider yourself lucky.

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    They heinous creatures never Google them or you will be scared of going to the bathroom alone throughout your life.

    #8 Half Name

    When looking for someone online make sure you enter the full name or you will get disturbing results just like searching for Fournier a famous basketball player instead of his full name Evan Fournier.

    #9 Tub girl

    You might be in a mood to relax online and may feel like surfing for the adult clicks. Be careful as the term ‘tub girl’ will get you nudity at its worst. Never Google Tub girl to appease your fantasy.

    # 10 Phobia Search

    Okay! You may be interested in learning about phobias. Just never Google it as you may catch a new kind of phobia.

    #11 Blue Waffle

    Somebody may trick you to Google Blue Waffle. Don’t get tricked and never Google it as well because of it a hoax of sexual disease that turns women blue downstairs.

    #12 Diet Help

    What’s the point is seeking online help for diet. There are millions there to fool you.

    #13 Relationship Help

    Ups and downs are part of life especially when you are in love. Don’t seek online help to solve a small issue of your love life.

    So, these are a few things to never Google. Spread the word and let everyone know the list of things never to Google.

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