The Best Novel Writing and Document Creation Software Today

    Trying to become a successful writer is not easy, and writer’s block is a very real thing. Thankfully, there are a number of Novel Writing Software applications that have been created to ensure you can get over your writer’s block in no time and find the right words to express yourself accurately and eloquently. These software applications can help you with everything from correcting your spelling to checking your grammar to even finding you the right phrases to use to write a crisp novel.

    These software applications use complex algorithms to recognize the language you are trying to use and provide you with suggestions and inputs to enhance your writing skills. These tools are used by writers across the globe to come up with bestsellers and win Pulitzers. Writing novels is no joke, these are time-consuming activities and even a single error in a novel can make a writer lose credibility and cause their novel to flop. A novel not launching well can be one of the most frustrating things a writer can go through because of the time and effort the writer puts into creating it. So if you’re a novel writer or thinking of penning down your first novel these are some Novel Writing Software applications you should have a look at.


    Grammarly was released in July 2009 and has gained massive popularity among writers and editors for its easy to use interface and its suggestions. This novel writing software leverages artificial intelligence and natural language processing to give its users an unparalleled writing experience. Grammarly’s features include real-time grammar and spell checks as well as plagiarism checking to ensure you don’t make any mistakes while drafting your novel. This software is perfect for creating the first draft of your novel, as it will take care of all the minor errors that can occur.

    The paid version of Grammarly comes packed with features that will customize the language according to the audience you want to appeal to, it will give you word choice and formatting options to make sure your material is clear, it will also check the consistency of active and passive voice throughout your document. For a small additional fee, Grammarly will also send your document to be proofread by a team of experts. So, if you’re looking for an easy-to-use novel writing software Grammarly might be a good choice.


    Squibler is one of the most dynamic and powerful novel writing software applications available today. This novel writing software has preloaded templates so that you can find the right one for the novel you are writing. The templates are designed for General Novel Writing, 30 Chapter novels, Non-fiction novels, Romance novels and Fantasy Novels. Squibler’s editor and newfeed can help you ideate and come up with some great material for your next bestseller. The software also automatically backs up and saves all your material and allows you to drag and drop chapters and scenes with an ergonomic workflow. Squibler also supports formats for Kindle, PDF, and print, ensuring that you get the widest reach possible. So if you’re looking to take your writing game to the next level Squibler is the application you’re looking for.


    If you use a Mac or iOS device to write Ulysses might be the software you are looking for. Unlike MS Word, Pages, Notes and other software, Ulysses is a complete writing environment. This software can take you step-by-step from drafting to publishing and comes packed with features. The software claims to be “the ultimate writing app for Mac, iPad and iPhone” and it very well could be. This powerful writing environment gives you a distraction-free workspace, the tools you need to boost productivity, a library to neatly organize your content, a good search engine to help you find what you need when you need it and a great export option to publish your work.

    All these tools together will ensure you see a marked improvement in your writing as you use this software. The only drawback is that Ulysses is not a free application like the other, it comes with a 14-day trial period after which you can subscribe for either $4.99 per month or $39.99 per year. So if you want a clean writing environment that provides you all the information in one place Ulysses might be just what you need.

    SR&ED Tax Credit

    The Scientific Research and Experimental Development Tax Credit (SR&ED Tax Credit) is a tax incentive provided by the Canadian government to encourage companies to improve and discover new efficiencies in their processes. SR&ED Tax Credit requires companies to document their SR&ED work as it happens, retroactively documenting this work is discouraged. The above-mentioned software applications are the perfect tools to help with documentation so that there are no errors present in your proof of work documents. To contemporaneous documentation required to record you SR&ED work is;

    • Experimentation plan
    • Design of Experiments documentation
    • Documents for the project plan
    • Project meeting minutes
    • Records of the project/Lab notes
    • Records documenting the trial runs
    • Progress reports
    • Data, results, analysis and conclusions
    • Final project report and publication
    • Contracts, lease agreements
    • Purchase invoices and receipts
    • Records of accounts


    There are a plethora of tools available for aspiring or experienced writers on the internet today. These tools come packed with features that will make writing and documentation an absolute breeze for anyone. The software you choose will depend on what you want to use it for and the writing environment you enjoy. So if you’re thinking of starting a career in writing now is the best time and these novel writing software applications are here to help you all along the way from your first draft to final publishing.

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