iGMS Vacation Rental Software Review: Automate Your Vacation Rental Business

    iGMS is one vacation rental software that is designed for hosts for managing various channels in a single platform. Hosts, as well as managers of vacation rentals, will be able to run their Vrbo, HomeAway, and Airbnb accounts in one interface to simplify their day-to-day or short term processes of rental management. And as the solution is based on the web, therefore, it can be operated or used on the screen of any size. So, managers and owners can manage all their listings at any time and from any location. In addition to this, they will be able to do with the same functionality on their mobile application as well.

    Communication with guests is optimized with the help of automated messaging. On the other hand, tools, reviews, and templates are available to manage the team and prices easily. This software is available for free to list a maximum of 4 properties. For a free 14 day trial period, a credit card is not required for those who need to manage properties more than 5.

    So we have thoroughly stated what exactly is iGMS, and now we will have an overview of the benefits that this vacation rental software renders to its hosts and users.

    Benefits of using iGMS:

    • The tasks of Rental Management are Automated-

    All the tasks associated with the management of vacation rentals daily are taken care of by iGMS. Being the host, it enables you to sync that data of your calendars and thus automate the prices of all the rental properties you own. So you could boost the occupancy rate without any increase in your headcount.

    • Simplified Responses-

    With the help of iGMS, you can quickly and promptly reply to messages from guests which would further help you to advance guest satisfaction. Also, replying on time is not enough; your response should be effective as well. And iGMS makes sure of that for you. Further, you can adjust the automated messages according to the time and date. Plus, different messages will be sent as per the circumstances, for instance, when the guests check-in or check out of the vacation rentals.

    • Acquire Feedback from the Guests

    The very first thing that a visitor checks for is the reviews. Also, having a lot of reviews will help you to rank your listing high on websites like Airbnb. And good reviews will induce the customers to choose your rental space in comparison to others who do not have much feedback on theirs’. And this is why iGMS provides management of guest reviews. You can automate your guest reviews and get more reviews in return.

    • Manage numerous properties with your team

    iGMS allows you to connect several listings and eliminate the hassle of signing in and out of the accounts. Invite your property owners, cleaners and even accountants to iGMS to facilitate multiple properties team management.

    Features of iGMS

    Now we will enlist some features of the iGMS vacation rental software in brief.

    • Multi-platform synchronization
    • Pricing automation
    • Financial reports
    • Channel manager
    • Multi-calendar
    • Automated reviews
    • Key management
    • Multiple account management
    • Team management
    • Email notifications
    • In-app notifications
    • Unified automated Inbox
    • Operational tasks
    • Cleaning management

    Issues addressed by iGMS

    • Management of multiple accounts-

    iGMS vacation rental software helps you to manage all your accounts with one single interface. Therefore, if you have numerous accounts or whether you are managing several places for the property owners of vacation rentals, you will be able to manage each and every one of them easily at once. Moreover, they may track their properties’ availability and revenue on iGMS themselves.

    • A multi-calendar dashboard-

    With iGMS multi-calendar dashboard, you can easily look after the daily hosting activities. You can select reservations from this multi-calendar dashboard and send courtesy messages to Vrbo, Airbnb, and HomeAway guests. Your guests may be arriving at the vacation rentals or might be departing from there. This can help you to boost your host ratings by establishing a healthy relationship with the customers.

    iGMS Multi-calendar displays the most recent and constantly updated data on all of your listings’ availability and rates. In the same manner, set up pricing and properties occupancy are immediately synced to the respective channel calendar on the source platform. Another bonus is an option to create manual reservation and synchronize any 3rd party platform iCal events.

    You will be able to see the daily record of check-ins and check-outs. And then, you can timely send the cleaning team to the required premises or perform any other significant tasks associated with every guest visit.

    Automated Communication-

    iGMS software allows you to generate automated messages. These messages will be sent on preset time and dates. Such types of messages are used to send either during checkouts, check-ins, or in a particular situation. This feature helps you to maintain flawless communication with short-term rental guests.

    Technical Details:

    Let’s cite some technical details of iGMS vacation rental software as well. These areas mentioned below:

    1. Supports devices on:
      1. Android
      2. Web-based
      3. iOS
    2. Deployment of iGMS
      1. Hosted through cloud
    3. Languages that it supports
      1. English
    4. Pricing models offered by iGMS
      1. Free
      2. Monthly payment
    5. The types of customers for whom it is useful or beneficial
      1. Small-scale businesses
      2. Medium-scale businesses
      3. Large-scale businesses

    Through the above-mentioned data, we can see that iGMS is quite useful for a larger sector of vacation rental property owners.

    Summing it up

    We understand that when you settle on a choice to purchase Vacation Rental Management Software, it’s significant not exclusively to perceive how specialists assess it in their audits, yet in addition to seeing whether the genuine individuals and organizations that get it are really happy with the item or not. So when you are making your final decision, make sure to consider all the requirements. And then check whether or not your choice fulfills those requirements. This is important as you will be investing a lot of your money along with your trust. So choose wisely!

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