The Algorithms that Determine your Instagram Feed

    Since Instagram swept into the social media market, it took over the scene with over one billion active users monthly. Therefore if you are an Instagram user then you should continue reading this article.

    Before 2016, Instagram used to appear chronologically. This meant that you used to miss out about 70% of the most important Instagram feeds.  Then in July 2016 Instagram marketers went ahead to introduce us to the Instagram algorithm. One thing that we garnered was that the algorithm was to help you get the most important content in your Instagram feed.

    However, one thing that has puzzled so many people is how the algorithm works. This article is going to look into how it works and some of the factors that determine the content in your feed.

    How does the Instagram algorithm work?

    This year, Instagram marketers went ahead to put an end to the rumours about their algorithm. So, what do you need to know about the algorithms that determine your Instagram feed?

    The Facebook-owned company relies on a machine learning to create a unique feed for you based on your past experiences.  This means that even if you follow the same accounts as your best friend you will still get a personalized Instagram feed.

    There are three factors which determine what you see on your Instagram feed:

    • Interest.
    • Timeliness/ Recency.
    • Relationship.

    The Three Things You Need to Know When it Comes to Your Insta Feed.The three core factors which determine what is shown in your Instagram feed.

    #1 Interest

    Which content in Instagram interests you the most? The algorithmic timeline shows you the content which you are likely to have more interest in depending on your relationship with the person posting and your history with them.

    Instagram will, therefore, predict the content you are interested depending with the ranking of various genres. Therefore the higher the rank the higher the chances you will be interested in the content.

    #2 Timeliness

    Let’s are straightforward a post which was made about a week ago and one which was made an hour which would interest you more? Am guessing the later one. The algorithm is likely to read new posts on your feed.

    #3 Relationship

    The Instagram algorithm is likely to study the relationship between the people whom you interact with. Thus they might be:

    1. People whose content you share and like regularly.
    2. People who you DM frequently.
    3. People you have detached for.
    4. People you actually know in reality.

    However, beyond these three core factors, there are another additional three factors which influence the rankings on your Instagram feed.

    1. Frequency.

    The algorithm will determine the post you read depending on how much you use Instagram.

    1. Following.

    If you follow a lot of people on Instagram then the algorithm will show you less post compared to when you follow fewer people.

    1. Usage.

    The amount of time which you spend on Instagram determines what the algorithm will show.


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