How best to send a fax for free Via Google (Updated May 2020)

    If you mostly deal with conspiratorial information and transmit sensitive data, you must know the value of secrecy. People who send and receive confidential information now and then cannot risk data privacy at any cost. That’s the place when a fax comes into play. From the past few years, it has been a preferred communication mode for sharing private data.

    Even after much advancement in communication devices, fax is still a reliable mode of conveying sensitive data. However, many discerning people know that modern technology has also given rise to online scammers. If there are not any proper encryptions algorithms during the transmission process, it is most probable that anyone can easily divulge the information.  

    Traditional faxing is not as common as it used to be in earlier times but some professionals are still using it as a trustworthy communication mode. However, email is a better way of sharing information nowadays. If you are still an old technology lover and use fax, here is a brief detail about how to fax with Google email services.

    Does Google support fax?

    No, there are not any built-in features of Google that allow direct faxing. Google is a product of the latest technology whereas fax is based on analog signals. Therefore, these are indifferent apparatuses that cannot interact with each other by default.

    However, third-party services are there to hold your back. Install a third-party fax service to connect analog and digital devices with each other. These free Google fax services made faxing a cup of tea even for people without any technical knowledge. Sending online fax has come to life with the help of these third-party fax services.

    Everyone is shifting for traditional fax mechanisms to digital faxing. The reason behind the indistinctness of conventional fax is the inconvenience of hardware tools. With online fax, you can practically send a fax from any device without managing phone lines or fax machines.

    CocoFax, a free Google Fax Service Provider

    As Google Fax Free suggests, the best google fax service provider should go to CocoFax. Google Fax Free is a famous faxing blog site that has got all the info about the best free fax softwares. For more detailed knowledge, you can also visit Google Fax Free and get started with CocoFax right away.  

    As is indicated in this blog site, CocoFax has been leading amid online fax service providers for a long time. It has established a reliable image in the market of online fax service providers. CocoFax is the best choice to send a fax for free via Google according to Google Fax Free without any technical expertise. The friendly interface of CocoFax makes it desirable among millions of world users. 


    CocoFax comes up with a free trial for a certain period of time so that you can access the available package as per your requirements. Now, you don’t have to call the phone company for a landline connection and fax number. CocoFax has made sending and receiving fax an entirely paperless procedure.

     CocoFax converts analog signals into digital and broadcasts the bit sequence over the internet. To send a fax, these signals are converted in reverse order and transmitted over telephone lines so that the fax is printed in a readable format.

    Why choose CocoFax for Google free fax?

     The portability and ease of use provided by CocoFax are the reason behind its popularity. CocoFax has been featured by BuzzFeed, The Huffington Post, Forbes, CNET and many other international media channels. 

    By using CocoFax, you don’t have to keep your device on all over the day to make sure that no fax is missed. CocoFax provides 24/7 services to fax online without any fax machine. All the faxes are encrypted between the transmission periods so that privacy is guaranteed.

    Moreover, you can use CocoFax free for a month and get an international fax number without pay additional cost. After getting subscription packages, you can continue with the previous fax number and pay a few charges for economical purchase plans. Instant free Google fax by CocoFax allows exchanging fax from all over the world.

    CocoFax, web-based solution for Google free fax 

    CocoFax offers faxing through the internet without managing any hardware tools. You can use any handheld device or laptop to send and receive Google free fax. All Google products including Google Drive and Gmail are supported by CocoFax for transmitting fax online.

    Follow this step-by-step guide to send a fax with any web-browser

    Step 1:    Register your CocoFax account

    To get started with Google fax via CocoFax, you should sign up for your account with a valid email address. You can use a Gmail account or Yahoo to send a fax with CocoFax. Make sure that you enter the correct information in the online form for registering with CocoFax.

    For new customers, CocoFax offers a free trial of 30 days. You can get a subscription package either monthly or premium at the end of the trial period. You can also choose a fax number which does not cost any extra charges.

    Step 2:    Compose a New Fax

    After logging in to your CocoFax account from any web browser, click on the New Fax button. This will open the fax wizard with all the mandatory and optional fields to enter information. Entering accurate data in the mandatory fields is necessary as sending halts if the information is incorrect.

    To add the receiver fax number, amend it with at the end. For example, if the recipient’s fax number is 12345, then you should enter it as to make it a complete fax address. Subject and Body fields are there to provide notes and cover pages for the fax document respectively. It is not compulsory to fill in these fields.

    Step 3:    Attach Files

    For sending a fax with CocoFax, you have the option to add multiple files as an attachment. File formats supported by CocoFax include jpg, png, doc, xls, and pdf. CocoFax combines the multiple attachments as one fax document so you don’t have to send them one by one. 

    Step 4: Send Fax 

    After entering the required details, double-check to make sure that you have entered all the information accurately. Hit the send button and CocoFax will ring the receiver’s fax machine. In the meantime, your files will be transformed into a Tiff format so that the recipient can receive documents in a readable format. You will get confirmation messages on the successful delivery of documents. 

    CocoFax, Send Google Free fax via email 

    CocoFax has also provided the ease of sending a fax from your Google Account. The difference lies in the receiver’s address only. Suffix the recipient’s fax number with to send a fax via Gmail.

    Login to your email address form any email client application or web browser and compose a new email. Enter the details just like a casual email and attach documents. Make sure that the file name does not contain any special character as it causes errors in the sending process. 

    Send the email and the files will be delivered to the receiver as a fax document. CocoFax sends messages alerts for successful and failed delivery of your fax documents so that you can check the error details and resend them. All sent faxes could be tracked from your email account using any device.

    Receive online Google Free fax with CocoFax

    Receiving fax files with CocoFax is a cup of tea for everyone. All you have to do is Open CocoFax dashboard or your email account and all the faxes sent to your fax number will pop up in the inbox. CocoFax transfers received faxes to your account even if your devices are turned off or not connected to an active internet connection.

    You can save these fax documents for later using the cloud-based storage of CocoFax. It does not charge any extra money to use the CocoFax storage for keeping a record of sent and received faxes.

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