Want to buy a new iPhone 12? Don’t forget to safely transfer your data from your old phone!

    The year still has important releases and you know, the more expected, the more rumors there are. One of them is that of the shipment of Apple smartphones and therefore it is not a bad time to gather everything we know and all the rumors about the iPhone 12.

    How much will the iPhone 12 cost?

    Obviously, it is something that is not yet known officially and with absolute certainty, but the price is not an issue that escapes rumors and leaks. In MacRumors they talk about something that would be quite striking because the most basic iPhone of all would start at $ 649, which would be the lowest starting price for an iPhone with an OLED screen, but there is also talk of $ 749 (the iPhone 11 started $ 699, a price already comparatively cheaper than the iPhone XR, which came in for $ 749).

    But whatever the price, iPhone 12 will always be eagerly awaited by all iPhone fans. If you are one of them and intend to buy the latest generation iPhone, you have to think about the security of your data, especially when migrating your data to your new iPhone 12! If you are an Android user who will be migrating data from your old phone to your new iPhone, it can be very difficult.

    But dont worry, there are tools for transferring data from your Android smartphone to an iPhone running iOS seamlessly, like AnyTrans.

    The AnyTrans iOS Content Manager is indeed equipped with a new free feature that facilitates data transfers from Android to iOS devices. A clear and intuitive interface allows you to migrate contacts, SMS as well as attachments, photos, music, call logs etc. You can even select the files you want to recover while the transfer process is in progress! No worries either about video or music formats that are not natively recognized by iOS: AnyTrans automatically converts to the “right” formats. Finally, Android data can be transferred directly to an iOS device or to an iCloud / iTunes account.

    The transfer constraints are low since all Android devices are recognized by the software as long as they are running Android 4.0 and later (and to iOS 5 and later). Once the data is transferred, you will then take advantage of the powerful iOS data management functions, including the possibility of dispensing with the mandatory iTunes or iCloud synchronization.

    How to transfer data from iPhone to new iPhone?And since we are talking about iOS data management, those who already have an iPhone and want to switch to iPhone 12 must, of course, suspect that the same data transfer solutions already exist for everyone. AnyTrans, therefore, supports up to 30 file types and also allows to “merge” the contents of two iOS devices (the data is cumulative) without erasing the data of the target device. It is also quite possible to transfer data from a computer. In short, whether you are an Android or iOS user, AnyTrans will do “the job” so that you can make the most of your new iPhone 12!

    Need other features? Don’t worry!

    AnyTrans provides other features such as:

    – You can customize the ringtones on your new iPhone.
    – You can easily download online videos, songs and apps
    – You can screen mirror your iPhone 12 screen to PC screen without difficulty
    – You can rebuild the iTunes library
    – You can convert videos on the Fly
    – And much more!

    This may not have much to do with the above information but would you like to get the iPhone 12 for free?

    AnyTrans is organizing a campaign with the hashtag #BackupwithAnyTrans where anyone can join this campaign and share their first iPhone story. The lucky winner is entitled to a new iPhone 12. Interested? Just share your first iPhone story!

    AnyTrans is the single solution for everything data management on your new iPhone 12. This is a must have tool for any iPhone user!

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