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    The digital age has changed a lot of things for a lot of industries. Communication, shopping, and even entertainment have changed for viewers and creators both. The Internet has made things easier and the World closer. With the invention of various social media networking sites, marketing aspects have completely changed.

    Social media channels were introduced for networking with friends and family. However, the apps evolved and now, the same channels are used for business purposes as well. All the brands are striving to have a social media presence over the internet. Thus, pictures and videos are playing a major role on the internet today.

    Also, more than pictures, people prefer to see videos on the internet. They are quick and entertaining both. This is because not everyone likes reading. However, watching an informative video also seems like entertainment.

    This has also given rise to social media influencers. They are people who review products and share their expertise on a certain topic. With influencers, videos definitely work the best.

    At the same time, not everyone is a photographer or video editor. It can really be difficult for a normal person to create videos. Thus, Renderforest comes to rescue.

    Different templates from Renderforest

    Renderforest helps you create amazing video content easily. It contains various video templates. Thus, you can choose one as per your needs. Also, for your different marketing goals and campaigns on social media, you can create different videos for each. The video template consists of various animated templates as well.

    We also offer special logo branding templates. Apart from that, we have ready-made templates for company presentation as well. With these templates, it is possible for you to talk about your company and also its services. You can explain your target audience about your company in a better way. We also have a basic template of the flipping slideshow.

    You can use the slideshow template for various things. It is possible to create videos for your friends on their birthday as well. If you are an influencer, you can create a video with your various looks or product recommendations.

    The slideshow can be used professionally as well. If you are selling certain products or services, you can make a slideshow of that as well. The templates contain a lot of different scenes as well. You will have to edit and customize video based on that.

    How Renderforest makes it easy to make a Video?

    Renderforest comes with a complete tool kit for creating videos. The templates have a professional introduction, animation effects, slideshows, and even musical visualizations. Any video performs better if it is combined with proper music.

    Renderforest understands that factor and thus, has created a complete tool kit. You literally require zero to no technical skills to make a video with us.

    We literally have more than 500 different video templates and so, create videos for your YouTube channel as a brand or influencer. At the same time, it is possible to create a mobile app visualization videos to music visualizations.

    You can also create promotional videos and advertisements for your brand or products. You can make your videos unique by taking help of different animated scenes. These videos can be explainer videos as well.

    Apart from that, it is definitely possible to create professional company explanation videos.

    How it Actually works

    Well, you can create a video in literally three simple steps. It is as easy as that.

    Browse through various templates available on our platform. Decide on a template for your video.

    Customize the template as per your needs. You will have to edit the whole project online.

    Download your video and then, publish it on your desired platform.

    Isn’t it easy?

    Features of Renderforest

    • Transform your scripts

    The whole tool is integrated with artificial intelligence and machine learning algorithms. These algorithms can literally convert your scripts into animation within minutes. There is no need to have a technical background or videography skills.

    At the same time, our tool integrates high-quality videos for you. You can actually create animated videos and even alter or edit them after the final result. The interface is efficient and easy to understand.

    • Readymade storyboards

    At Renderforest, we value your time. We have readymade storyboards and so, you will only have edit and export. We continuously developing solutions that can save your time yet help you make great videos for your innovative marketing strategies.

    All you need to do is just pick up the desired field which can sync in with your narrative. Just edit the video accordingly.

    • Voiceover trimmer tool

    You can make your audience feel receptive and comfortable for your message. With this voice-over trimmer tool, it is possible for you to record your voice online separately for each line. This can come really handy when creating informative video content.

    • Ready to use video editor

    With this tool, it is possible for you to upload video files from your gallery as well. Then, you can edit the video based on your needs. Apart from that, you can actually use the library of commercial video templates available.

    Please note that it is possible to edit these templates as well. There are no complicated menus and interface issues. It is actually the simplest and sorted video maker.

    • Rich sound library

    Our video editor comes with an amazingly rich sound library. You can find dozens of royalty-free music tracks in the sound library. They are composed keeping in mind the different video templates.

    There are so many sounds available that you will surely find tracks that sync with your video project. These tracks will be only available on Renderforest.

    Apart from that, everything is so easy. Nothing is fixed with Renderforest. This is because you can actually upload music files from your folder as well. Thus, if you do not like the music tracks available with our tool, you can always upload your track.

    • Variations and choices

    You actually have access to HD quality free stock footages for your video projects. Also, you can combine various commercial templates and sync it in a single video. It is simple and efficient. Also, the whole process does not require much time.

    The process

    • Step 1: Select your preferred template from your gallery.
    • Step 2: All you have to do is upload or drag your desired video file or logo file in the logo holder. Edit the animation tagline and text accordingly.
    • Step 3: Choose the available styling colors and introduction animation.
    • Step 4: Select your desired music and add that in your video.
    • Step 5: Click on the preview option and we will show you your video within minutes. If you actually like it, then you can export and save the file immediately.

    Apart from a wonderful video tool kit, Renderforest actually has various other services which can equally help you in your marketing needs. The tools include a website maker and logo maker.

    Website Maker

    Renderforest completely believes in simplicity and thus, they have added that feature in their website maker as well. It is possible to create professional and responsive websites with this particular tool.

    You do not require any coding skills for creating a website or any kind of landing page. It is that simplified.

    We have more than hundred different templates available. Choose one that goes the closest with your business. We have one template for each business. Apart from that, it is possible to edit content easily after choosing a template.

    All the templates are crafted by professionals from our team who understand the various marketing needs.

    Also, the editing is simplified with the simple editor tool. You will get a quality website without spending hours on the editing process. It is also possible to make SEO friendly and mobile responsive websites.

    Logo Maker

    You can create various logo design as creatively as possible with Renderforest. The interesting part is that all the logos are saved on Renderforest dashboard so that you can always visit them and edit them later.

    The platform has more than 50,000 different artworks. It is easily possible to find an artwork which matches with the aesthetics of your brand.

    Apart from that, you will actually get 20 different professional mock-ups while creating a logo with us. So, you can use those design for your brochures, social media posts, flyers, and other designs.

    Thus, a lot of your work will be done simultaneously. Besides that, our tool is so efficient that it delivers your brand guidelines and official design requirements as well.

    The tool works on Artificial intelligence and thus, it learns different things on its own. This is the reason that it can actually give you various suggestions. The artwork has professional design and the tool strives to work with efficiency in creating your logo.


    The toll is simple and fascinating both. With Renderforest, all your marketing needs can be taken care of. It has a premium and free plan both. You can try the free version and once you like it, you can opt for the premium one.

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