PDFBear Review: A Simple Way To Convert Pdf To Word For Free

    Suppose you are at your college and about to submit your assignment, which you copied from your friend but forgot to remove his name, roll number, and some unnecessary pages. The amount of pressure must be high, but what if I tell you that you can edit your PDFs easily and convert it into any format such as .docx, .xls, .html, and a lot more extensions.

    One can waste his entire day to find a tool that can do all of this, but here I will be reviewing one such tool that is probably the best PDF converter tool I have ever used, it helped me to edit documents that are in PDF and has no other formats.

    The tool is called PDFBear, an online PDF converter that can convert PDFs to various other file formats such as excel, word, HTML, and can ever do vice versa. So, in this article, I will discuss the features, pricing, and more about PDFBear.

    What is PDFBear?

    PDFBear is an online PDF converter tool that is capable of converting pdf into multiple file formats and can convert files into PDFs also. It also has a PDF editing tool that can edit PDFs, merge pdfs, delete and insert new pages in, encrypting pdfs, and removing password protection from pdfs too.

    One can rely upon PDFBear for pdf editing, merging, and anything that involves pdfs. Let us have a look at the features it offers.

    PDFBear Features

    PDFbear offers a plethora of features; we will be focusing on those features that are unique and useful for everyone.

    1. PDF Converter

    The primary feature of the PDFbear tool is to convert pdf into word, PowerPoint, or excel sheets. Moreover, the tool can also convert the following file formats into PDFs. Furthermore, you can also convert HTML pages into pdfs, jpg images to pdf, and vice versa.

    2. Merge PDFs

    If you wish to combine two or more than two pdf files into one single pdf file, the merge pdf tool will help you out. You can merge pdf files in the desired order using this tool.

    3. Split PDFs

    Accidentally merged the wrong pdf files? The split pdf tool will help you to separate the wrong files easily in just a few clicks.

    4. Delete PDF pages

    Another fantastic tool which allows you to get rid of the unwanted pages in a pdf file, it is simple and convenient to use.

    5. Compress PDFs

    Another reliable feature that allows you to reduce the size of your pdf files without compromising with the quality.

    6. Repair pdf files

    This feature is a lifesaver and can help you to get back your hard work in case your pdf corrupts the moment before your final presentation.

    7. Encryption & Decryption

    Encryption can help you to safeguard your private information even when the pdf file is with someone else. The person will be asked to enter a password to unlock the pdf. Similarly, the decryption tool of PDFBear will help you remove the encryption in case you wish to remove the encryption.

    PDFBear Pricing

    PDFBear has two plans, Anonymous and Pro plan, both of the plans have their features, we will first have a look at them and also list down the pricing. Both of the plans give you full access to all of the tools of PDFBear.

    In the pro version, you have unlimited task conversion feature whereas, in the anonymous plan, the limit of tasks per day is 20. The security of the files you upload on their server is not compromised at all, and all of the files are uploaded and downloaded securely.

    The free version does not allow any storage space, whereas the pro version provides you unlimited storage space. Furthermore, the PDFs you have uploaded will stay on the server for just 60 minutes, but in the pro plan, it stays until you delete the file on your own.

    You will also have to deal with the advertisements in the anonymous version, but there are no ads in the pro plan.

    Pro membership cost:

    1. Yearly: USD 99.99
    2. Monthly: USD 9.99

    You can try the pro plan free for one day.

    Wrapping Up

    So that’s all we wanted to share about PDFBear, which is a fantastic and helpful pdf converter. It is more than a pdf converter and can help you to edit, merge, delete pages from pdf, add proper numbering to the pages, share it via email, encrypt and decrypt the pdf too.

    It is a feature-packed tool that helps you convert your pdf files into various formats and keep it secure in its database. You can either use the free version with limitations or choose the premium plan with unlimited converting processes, uploading limit and other features for $99.99 dollars a year or $9.99 per month if you choose the yearly plan.

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