Top 15 Movies About Hackers You Must Watch Immediately

    In the modern era, hacking has become a trendy profession. Some hackers learn various tricks to handle hacking attacks that can be carried by other hackers. On the other hand, some hackers learn to hack for fun or want to take revenge. There are many incredible Movies about Hackers.

    These hacking movies not only teach the hacking but also make the interest and curiosity of people.

    These are Top 15 Movies about Hackers

    #1. Blackhat

     This movie is about a nuclear reaction power plant. The hackers hack the Chinese nuclear power plant to begin the nuclear In this movie, the hackers also hack the system of the stock exchange and take millions of dollars from the bank. It is one of the fantastic movies from the current list of Movies about Hackers.

    #2. Who Am I – No System Is Safe

     This movie is based on the German Hacker, who is the young computer whiz. He joins an underground hacker group and its aim to get global fame. In this movie, the interview is set with the hacker which held in the interrogation room, and the hacker tells his whole journey.

    This movie includes many things like subway, IRC windows, unexpected plot twists, darknet etc.

    #3. Live Free or Die Hard

    It is an action film, and the entire story depends on the transfer trillions of dollars from the Federal Reverse to its account by hacking U.S. infrastructure entirely. You must watch this Movie about Hackers at least once.

    #4. Algorithm: Movies about Hackers

    The travails of Will play the role of a freelancer computer hacker. He organizes to divide into a top-secret government contractor and then download all its currently developed programs. He faces one situation where he can choose the lives of his friends or his curiosity.

    #5. Takedown

    It is the best hacking movie from the fantastic list of Movies about Hackers. The set up of this movie is about a well-known computer hacker in the United States, and his name is Kevin David Mitnick.

    The takedown is also called as Trackdown. Mitnick worked as a hacker in the 1980s and 90s, but ultimately he went to prison for some years. Now, he has become a highly paid I.T. consultant, a writer, and a speaker.


    #6. Eagle Eye

     In this movie, two people trapped by a strange woman who calls them from a private number. She assigns a task to them on the phone, and if they will not do the job, then they would die. To do so, they hack the network system and military network system of the supercomputer.

    Eagle Eye


    #7. WarGames

    This movie gives the best opinion tricks of hackers, and it gets the real tag of Movies about Hackers. It leaves a profound impact on people’s mind. The David Lightman (Broderick) plays the role of a young hacker who hacks the supercomputer of a military department, and responsible to begins the countdown of World War 3.



    #8. Untraceable

    The plotting of this movie is based on the serial killer. The serial killer kills the people according to the hits that occurred on the website. This movie belongs to a live streaming video of the victims.



    #9. Swordfish

     The primary role is played by Hugh Jackman, who is a retired elite hacker. He has been discharged from prison after a couple of years. Now, he is working in an oil He is living in the trailer, but then he forced by John Travolta to accept the hacking job against his will.

    #10. Hackers

     This movie is considered as a mind-blowing hacker movie from the Movies about Hackers. Jonny Lee Miller and Angelina Jolie play the roles of youthful hip hackers. At the age of 11, miller hacks thousands of computers and crashes them. Unfortunately, he caught and legally banned to access the computer until his 18th



    #11. Reboot

     This movie was released in 2012. The role of hacker plays by a young woman who excites from a horrible event which she remembers hardly. Then she observes her iPhone and watches the countdown that is ticking away to zero. So what will be happened at zero? What is the mysterious story against the countdown zero?


    #12. The Matrix

     The list of Movies about Hackers would not be completed without this movie. The Keanu Reevas lives a double life as a programmer of average computer and a hacker alias. He is always questioning about everything regarding the simulated reality that occurred around him.

    Then he learns many things from reality and drawn into the revolution against the machines. He also looks for a strange hacker, and his name is Morpheus. This movie is considered as an action movie and includes various special & amazing effects.

    The Matrix


    #13. Fifth Estate

    Julian Assange and WikiLeaks have an unauthorized account of the Fifth Estate. Cumberbatch is an idealist and egotistical believable Assange that can change the world. He is also a famous hacker of its native country Australia.

    He broke various well-known organizations such as Citibank, Stanford University, Pentagon, NASA and so on before being caught.

    #14. Sneakers

     This movie includes a cheerful thriller and includes many things like cryptography, surveillance, frauds, mysteries story, disloyalty, government involvement, computers and many more things. The storyline of this movie contains a large group of security system experts, and they are called the Sneakers.

    They blackmailed by the agents who worked in the government sector. The agents want to steal the advanced decryption device from those security system experts. The sneakers concentrate on the administration of the CIA, FBI, and NSA during its runtime.



    #15. Cybergeddon

     The plotting of this movie depends on computer hacking. In this movie, the hackers hack the computers to steal the money from various banks. This is a TV series which mainly creates the concept of computer hacking. The cybercrime occurs at an extreme level, and the police force will be unable to control these hacker attacks.


    So, we have discussed the best Movies about Hackers. These movies contain mysterious stories, action, suspense, thriller, and many more things. We learn various kinds of tricks from them. It is an excellent source to pass our leisure time.

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