Reliance Jio SIM Activation Issues: Here are 8 Fixes to Activate it Quickly

    Looking for Jio Sim Activation..?? Keep Reading

    Everyone needs internet, services providers are rushing in with new schemes and good Data Plan. Most of them are giving unlimited packs with average speed.

    The game changed when the Network Companies came into play, with their super-speed internet services and big data packs priced at lower rates.

    Everyone was opting for these as they were easy to get and access also because today almost everyone single one of us is carrying a smartphone.

    Then came a revolution with the launch of RELIANCE JIO and its great schemes. If the launch was not shocking enough the plans were definitely.

    The company was giving away free sim cards by only taking the customers Aadhar ID. The plan which the user was getting was a 1 Year free subscription to all of Reliance Jio Services.

    Without paying a penny people were getting free unlimited internet, free calls, and free SMS. People were turning up on the stores of Reliance Jio in huge numbers.                                           jio sim activation

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    People all over India went crazy about the offer that Reliance Jio was giving. In order to get the sim card, they waited outside the store all night in the chilling winters.

    Seeing such huge number of customers, the company was not able to deal with the crowd. And, in order to give users the services company was offering, the sim needed to be activated.

    Because of a large number of customers, jio sim activation process got slow and faced many problems.

    Here, we will discuss some of the problems and will also talk about their resolution.

    Some simple Tips and Tricks to fix jio sim activation issues.

    #1.e-KYC : Jio Sim Activation

    e-KYC is an automated process for the verification of the customer through their Aadhaar ID.

    The process is fast and reliable and it takes only 3-4 hours for the activation to be completed. You just need to carry your Aadhaar ID to the nearest store.

    There you will be verified through a biometric process. After the verification, you will receive a message about the order confirmation.

    After this, your number will be activated within 3-4 hours. In case you don’t want to go through all the pain of standing in a queue, purchase it from any Local Retailer.

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    #2.Jio Sim Activation Delay Time

    Once the form is filled and done all the requisites, the sim card will get activated. But for some users even after going through the verification process, their sim still do not get activated.

    If after the verification you haven’t received any message regarding validation of verification then check with the Jio Store you got verified. There is a possibility your form got rejected for some reason.

    These can be fixed by checking your alternate number given is correct. The given Aadhaar ID is not from outside the region or the photograph is not clear for identification.

    #3.Sim Activation Status

    The whole of the activation will take a minimum of 3-4 days time or maximum 20 days.

    Once your number got through the Tele-verification process then you are good to go. But there is no proper way of tracking the process.

    The activation problem can be solved by the online activation process. This can be completed by calling 1977 from your number for the completion of the process.

    #4.Jio Sim Activation for iPhone users

    Initially, it was not possible for the iPhone user to use the facilities and services of Reliance Jio.

    This was due to the reason that the sim worked only on phones supporting VoLTE, which was not available on iPhone. This came out as a major problem because many users were having the same device.

    But the issue got resolved by some simple steps. After the Tele-verification process, you just need to go to the data settings and turn on the VoLTE option.

    Many iPhone doesn’t support the VoLTE function and the resolution comes by installing the Jio4G voice calling application and enjoy unlimited calling.

    But some iPhone user can only enjoy unlimited data usage with no calls.

    #5.Incoming and Outgoing calls Not Working

    Being a smartphone user or having 4G/LTE on your device is not the only requirement you need to fulfill. For availing the free unlimited call facility of Reliance Jio your device needs to be VoLTE (Voice over Long Term Evolution) enabled.

    The company came well prepared for this thing and launched its own line of devices enabled with VoLTE support.

    Many users faced this issue, but you don’t need to worry if you have 4G/LTE on your device.

    If the device is 4G enabled you just need to install the Jio4G Calling App from MyJio Store or Play store. This application will resolve the issue.

    Many companies are also rolling out updates for enabling VoLTE over their phones.

    #6.Unlimited Data Usage

    The unlimited data usage is a part of Preview Offer by Reliance Jio. To avail this offer you just need to download MyJio App from your PlayStore.

    Sign-in with the same number you have registered with and a pop-up will appear confirming your subscription. And now you can enjoy 4G speed with unlimited data for 90 days.

    #7.After Passing the 2GB-cap Data Limit

    People think that they have unlimited usage of 4G, but unfortunately, that is not true. After exhausting 2GB of data which is 4G enabled, the speed reduces drastically to 128kBps.

    For enabling this unlimited data feature on your sim just open MyJio App and just click on Welcome Offer and enjoy. It is a bit slow but still works fine for small usage like Chatting or calling.

    #8.Default APN settings

    When you are in the range of signals just switch on your data. If you are not able to access the internet then there is a problem in your device’s settings.

    There is a simple solution to this problem just go to settings>mobile networks>access point names and choose Jio 4G. Now do the manual setting as follows

    • APN: jionet
    • APN type: Default
    • Proxy: Not set
    • Port: Not set
    • Username: Not set
    • Password: Not set
      Now you will be able to access the internet.

    So, this was detailed guide about jio sim activation. Please let us know in comments if you need any other information.

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