Best iPhone Hacking Apps and Tools on the Internet Ever [Updated 2019]

    There are existing iPhone hacking apps and tools on the internet which people can use freely and can perform illegal activities and can hack some illegal stuff on their mobile phones.

    You can use these apps for penetration testing, forensics and reverse engineering services. We are here not to promote these hackers tools but people must aware of using these tools and apps too.

    People who use Android or iOS are not aware of these apps and tools, but you can easily find them by simply searching on the internet free of cost. So now we are here to discuss best iPhone Apps which are as given below

    Best iPhone Hacking Apps: Edition 2019

    #1 iRET – iOS Reverse Engineering Toolkit

    — iRET GitHub link

    iphone hacking apps

    iRET or iOS Reverse Engineering Toolkit is like a pen tester which is used to repeat the tasks to increase their efficiency.

    Tasks can be varied in any form like typing commands to running different iPhone hacking commands. So to overcome this problem Veracode has created iOS Reverse Engineering this static Toolkit needs python to be installed on your device.

    It performs the following functions:

    • SQLite uses in it to read database content
    • Using Keychain Dumper, keychain analysis can be done.
    • Can work with those

    #2 iWep Pro

    [appbox appstore id578135585]

    It is handy for wireless utility in iOS for various purposes. This app is used for hacking Wi-Fi passwords. Sometimes encrypted passwords can be broken in very less time.

    Nearby Wi-Fi networks can be scanned and can be directly connected from your Wi-Fi settings Window.

    It has the following features:-

    • Can choose robots to calculate your passwords
    • Able to see and share Wi-Fi using Collaborative Wi-Fi Map.
    • Using wood spots, you can manage and share your internet access.

    #3 netKillUIbeta

    — netKillUIbeta Cydia link

    netKillUIbeta iOS Hacking AppsThis tool has been created to stop those devices which you are not using bandwidth. You can add this to the repo with Cydia.

    You have to remember your MAC address in case if you are using it for malicious purposes. You will get the app on the springboard. Just like in other apps downloads all IP’s on the local

    #4 Myriam iOS Security App

    — Myriam GitHub link

    iPhone Hacking Tools

    This iPhone tool is considered as very useful for beginner iOS hacker. Discovering, experimenting with ad exploiting can be done with this app.

    It has few challenges in an app like In-App Data modification, App Activation Bypass, and Jailbreak Detection. It also has UIKit Manipulation which is installed to your preferred website. This app is a challenge for those who want to become iOS hackers.

    #5 Burp

    — Using Burp on iOS

    iOS Hacking Apps

    Whenever you work with the security of the application, network traffic analysis is a vital part of that process.

    For analysis, HTTP sniffer program is needed. You have to configure your Burp Proxy listener to test the web applications by using the iOS hacking and security app. 

    #6 iSpy

    — iSpy GitHub Link

    It is the reverse engineering app which can be used for one stop solution for the dynamic analysis for iOS apps.

    It has excellent Graphical User Interface that can be used for class dumps, instance tracking, jailbreak-detection bypass, SSL certificate pinning bypass, etc. it has a current release that was known as developer view, whose code can be changed.

    Following are the features of iSpy are as given below:-

    • Dumping of class
    • Tracking of instances can be done
    • Soft breakpoints that can be easily used
    • Function calls tracking can be done
    • Jailbreak detection bypass is automatic

    #7 Hopper App

    — Hopper for iOS

    Hopper iPhone Hacking Apps

    It is also one of the reverse engineering tools which iOS users, uses to disassemble debug applications. Reassembling and modifying of code can be done through Hopper’s App. Great app for starting reverse engineering and to earn big bounties in iOS apps.

    It has the following features:-

    • It is the native app and can adapt perfectly to the environment
    • Most extensible and can write your file format.
    • Analyses function’s prologs to extract info such as local variables
    • Has the control flow graph.

    #8 Cycript

    — Cycript

    This app is used for analysing the apps which we run on our iPhone, iPad, or other devices. JavaScript interpreter can understand Objective-C. Cycript can be proved useful to examine iOS apps for runtime while working with iOS security and app analysis.

    It has some following features:-

    • Messages are Objective-C
    • Have JavaScript extensions.
    • Model is object bridged
    • Exploration is effortless
    • Processes are injected

    So the above-written information was about best iPhone Hacking Apps and Tools on the internet Ever of 2019. So chooses wisely among the best iPhone app and avoids illegal activities on your iOS devices and iPhone.

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